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  1. Not sure I understand exactly what you are implying. Don't get the comp? BATFE letter is worthless? And why / what other charges? Are you saying they would charge me with possession of a assault weapon and pile on charges because of the comp? A little more clarification would be much appreciated.
  2. Once again, thanks for all the help and advice. I plan on just having a copy of the BATFE letter in the bag just in case I ever need proof. I'll purchase the comp today. Anyone use one? Do you like the mini comp for what it is?
  3. Ever hear stories of individuals getting harassed by a range officer, police officer, or some other jerk claiming the muzzle device didn't seem compliant? My fear isn't proving I am innocent, it's just the fear of having to go through the legal procedures, court cases, lawyer fees, proving I am innocent.
  4. Glad I finally registered on this forum. Thanks for all the advice. I want a Carlson Mini Comp but am too chicken shit to pin one on my gun as it seems to be open for debate. I am trying to find a way to know for certain it is compliant. @Krdshrk and @Scorpio64 led me to believe it is perfectly legal and other members here have them. I am sure they are annoyed with me clouding the forums with this damn question lol. Manufacturer website says the Carlson Mini acts and feels like an A2 flash hider which adds concern to me. But then again it says post ban compliant. Website here doesn't say it acts like an A2 just looks like an A2. I also emailed DoubleStar and got a emailed copy of the BATFE letter claiming it's not a flash hider. Letter found here. Gun store commando said the Comp is absolutely a flash hider and is illegal & letter doesn't mean shit in NJ as we follow our own set of rules? Use your pinky. (What a twat) So at this point I would like %100 solid assurance it is NJ compliant...but I do not know if it's worth risking a felony charge. Why I want this comp so bad? After countless hours of research it seems to be a muzzle device that slightly helps muzzle rise (its a .223 so who cares) but is not as loud and annoying as any other comps / brakes. And it's friggen $31.
  5. We all know NJ gun laws can be very vague and are open to all level of interpretation, especially in the realm of muzzle devices. My question is, who would you confidently ask/contact in order to get reliable answers to ambiguous questions such as the infamous "is this muzzle device legal"? My first inclination would be to ask a lawyer, so let's start there. Anyone know / use a good one that you would be able to bounce questions off of and get solid info? Gunsmiths, shop owners, local PD, State PD, all come across my mind as well, but after searching the web, even these individuals seem contradict each other. Are they reliable sources? For instance, I went to my local shop to ask if a certain comp was legal and he flat out said no even with a letter from the BATF stating it was not a flash hider. He gave me the ol' "pinky test" and claimed the muzzle must not be able to fit your pink inside it so it is a flash hider. I read this test is total bullshit... So is there someone you absolutely trust to get a clear answers to questions like muzzle device legality? Or is it pointless trying to get reliable answer here in the great state of New Jersey because of the way the law is written?
  6. Tough for me to pull the trigger on this one...SO many different pieces of advice I am tempted to just buy a thread protector, have it pinned and call it a day lol. This is what I gathered so far. Muzzle Brakes are not needed for an AR15 UNLESS you plan on making fast follow up shots which I do not foresee myself doing. (The Cage seems to work but I have read it does not prevent side blast as much as you would think) Comps are a better option as they prevent muzzle flip (some would argue this is not needed on a 556 either) but are still loud and produce a blast. Linear comps produce the blast down range but do not seem to have any advantage. I just can't make up my mind here...
  7. I bailed on getting the Carlson Mini. Even though I obtained the BATF letter, NJ's vague laws still made me nervous so I decided it's better not to risk it. I'm preparing to order the VG6 Gamma along with the VG6 Cage. Found some for sale, $90 shipped for the pair. Anyone have this combination? How do you like it?
  8. Any experience using these products? Seems similar to what @Zeke mentioned, the SureFire Warden. Only issue for me is the price. $80 for the combo and $65 to get it pinned on by the local gun shop. I'd still hop on the Carlson Comp Mini if I was confident it wouldn't be considered a flash hider.
  9. Since my arsenal currently consists of a Walther PPQ, Lee Enflield Bolt Action (Thanks Dad), and a battle ready Katana (My HD weapon), I figured why not branch out into the black rifle world. My thought was a nice mid range like a Sport 2, but then decided it would be better to build an AR than spend $700 on a Sport 2 that I would change out the stock & hanguard for anyway. My only hiccup is the muzzle device. Thread protector, compensator, or linear comp?
  10. Interesting, just watched some videos. I take it it's legal in NJ? Pardon my ignorance, but would the primary function be to mitigate muzzle blast away from the shooter? Or are there any other benefits using this system such as decreased muzzle flip?
  11. I am looking forward to it...back to the topic. What about linear compensators? Their function is to direct blast forward correct? How does it benefit the shooter and does the blast come back at the shooters face even though its projected forward? @Zeke mentioned the Warden, too expensive for my current build but would that be considered a linear comp?
  12. My 16'' upper is already on the way...screw him he can try and take it....anyway back on topic. Assuming muzzle breaks will not become illegal... Anyone know if a pinned thread protector could be taken off and replaced with a muzzle break? I would assume no but I wonder if it's been done.
  13. This state is...shouldn't take me hours of research to find a muzzle attachment that may or may not be considered legal...
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