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  1. I don't have the statute in front of me, but I thought that a New Jersey carry permit cancelled the need for the "exemptions" for both handguns and hollow point ammunition. Sorry about double posting the post!
  2. I vaguely recall reading somewhere that the guns one is allowed to carry are actually on the New York carry permit.
  3. In my previous Pennsylvania life, I would often pocket carry. In 2020 I spent 2 weeks vacation in Mississippi and Tennessee and pretty much carried everywhere. It was great. If you felt the ground shake in August of that year, it was because New Jersey residents visited Jefferson Davis' home in Biloxi. Back to reality.... I will assume that it would be difficult to qualify with a pocket pistol that has a 10 yard range on a good day. But I have back up plans...
  4. I believe these restrictions can be addressed by legal action (s), assuming that there will be several. It is extremely frustrating that democrats appear to purposefully disregard laws in favor of unconstitutional restrictions they think they can at least temporarily get away with due to the lengthy times it takes for these things to move through the courts. The Pittsburgh mayor and city council did the same thing passing legislation limiting/banning certain rifles, that gwent against preemption laws in Pennsylvania.
  5. I'm going to have to look up the Republicans (I am assuming) who abstained from voting at least twice.
  6. I agree. I suspect that the state will fight, or at least complicate things as much as they can. However, it would be nice to get a Pennsylvania license to carry before I move back there!
  7. Since these changes are happening, can we have a "pinned" section, preferably at the top of the main page here with that information? I know I will be looking and that seems like a good place to start. I realize that New Jersey will fight as much as possible to avoid a permit/license system like Pennsylvania has, so I assume there will be lots of details...to try to confuse and scare away us ordinary citizens.
  8. I take it that the state, or at least the attorney general, will need to be sued to address the strict scrutiny that will likely happen, correct? That will probably take more time, but today is still a huge win. It's nice to hear good news!
  9. Senator Doherty seems to be a stand-up guy and may be one of the true few conservatives in Trenton.
  10. If the bill passes as written, you can "register" it, assuming that the attorney general approves you need it, if it is not one of the approved listed jobs (guess what they are...!). New stuff would require a permit to purchase. New Jersey would become a "may issue" body armor state.
  11. I hope I don't have to store my body armor next to my 15 and 30 round magazines in Pennsylvania.
  12. I know I disliked it when Trump's quotes were frequently chopped up and purposefully taken out of context. Please quote my entire sentence next time. I'm not quite sure why you had to dig to take me out of context. Sorry, but love him or hate him, he's an smart and cunning guy who has screwed over gun owners including you and me many times. Previous laws, pending bills, and permits not being processed in 2020... these are not accidents by an incompetant fool, even though it may feel good to call him names sometimes. We'll see if a Supreme Court decision slows him down or stops him.
  13. I, too, would love to see New Jersey anti gun democrats who proudly, no... arrogantly, wear their feelings on their sleeve for all to see, be ideologically brought to their knees by a conservative Supreme Court Ruling. I think Murphy is a cunning guy who knows he has the majority of the New Jersey government on his side to mold and interpret rulings as he sees fit. As much as I hate saying this, there will likely be a whole new bunch of second amendment workaround tactics if we get a pro 2A ruling. This is the state that has banned plastic bags. Yes, New Jersey government needs to comply with whatever is decided, I just don't see them quietly agreeng. This is a group of people whom I believe are pretty much known for disregarding laws they disagree with.
  14. What would be the consequences if they did disregard a Supreme Court ruling and how long would it take for those consequences to be executed? Yes, this is the highest level of the court, but it could be similar to the mayor and city council of Pittsburgh purposefully disregarding state law and intentionally passing unlawful ordinances that were eventually overturned, but it was not a quick process. The answer will likely be to enact what DC was forced to do, but I don't see New Jersey complying that quickly.
  15. Yes. Calling DC "shall issue" is still a bit of a stretch in my opinion. It's an improvement over New Jersey, but not much.
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