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  1. I vaguely recall a few years back, a large amount of M1 rifles that were in South Korea that the Obama administration do not want back in the country. it is nice to see some make it back.
  2. Hello from the northern shore of the Musconetcong!
  3. I spent significantly more in my last year or so as a Pennsylvania resident. As a New Jersey resident, not so much.
  4. I agree that the "State of emergency" negatively affects a very small percentage of non-Pennsylvania gun owners carrying in Pennsylvania which makes me think that there is another reason other than firearms restrictions. However, I can not help but to think the reasons for the nonresident carry permit restrictions over the past few years leads me to believe, or at least suspect that some politicians ARE willing to place restrictions on what appears to be a very small percentage of the population for their own political agenda.
  5. Pennsylvania has made the mistake of electing two democrat attorney generals in a row. The first was Kane, who started this mess of cancelling and adjusting reciprocity agreements. Somehow the current democrat AG won in 2016 when Trump won Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania still has a republican majority, but sadly most people don't vote for an ag for improved reciprocity agreements. I am hoping a republican governor win in November will improve this. That silly "State of emergency" for opiates has to go too!
  6. I found a similar training in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania that does Utah, and additionally Florida. When I got my Arizona permit 6 years ago, I had a lot of difficulty finding someone to do fingerprints. I was grateful to have a PA trooper fingerprint me on his own time through someone from pafoa.org. For the price the place I found in PA charges, the price is better than what I had to do to for my Arizona permit. It will be my third carry permit, but I actually want the Florida permit just for Florida, and it lasts for 7 years.
  7. Thank you HB. I had feeling based on what I was reading...
  8. Does anyone know if Florida now accepts New Jersey's "Identogo" electronic fingerprints, or do they still need to be done on paper and ink by law enforcement? The Florida website appeared vague and made no sigificant mention of differing nonresident requirements. If I missed the link on their page about this...I apologize in advance.
  9. Somehow ANOTHER democrat funded by Bloomberg got elected as Pennsylvania's attorney general in 2016 after Pennsylvania finally went red in a Presidential election (not since 1992). Open carry is now the name of the game for carry in Pennsylvania.
  10. What about a marlin model 60? However i read in the original bill that tube fed rifles were exempt from the 10 round limit restriction.
  11. Vermont is in the process of passing 10 round limit anti gun legislation. The reps from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are trying (again!) to push a so called assault weapons ban. Fortunately Pennsylvania is still a small town state.
  12. We all have different limits and standards. Although my old commute was not during rush hour, which helped, it was actually a few miles longer than the Dingmans Ferry guy. And I would do it again to get my Pennsylvania ltcf. I loved living in the Poconos!
  13. Which benefits are you referring to? I just moved to New Jersey and I would move back to Pennsylvania in a heartbeat. I have worked in New Jersey for many years, but was willing to make a long communte to stay in Pennsylvania. Just curious...
  14. I have had my New Hampshire permit about 6 months and feel like i got my money's worth out of it already. I remember when they raised the price from $25 to $100, but now that I'm living in new jersey it is worth it for me. I'm considering a Florida permit because i think i may be making a Florida trip in the few years.