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  1. Sadly, New Jersey has no intention of compromise. They are going to try to keep things as close to their original gun control laws as possible, and they will likely be successful.
  2. Pretty much what New York did. This isn't much better than the "exemptions" New Jersey originally had....and they know it.
  3. I don't think Bruen addresses reciprocity between states, but I like a little optimism. The article overlooks unlawful posession in Maryland, something we know well in New Jersey. He's basically volunteering to be a test case by disregarding reciprocity or lack thereof. I honestly wish him well.
  4. Maybe the western parts of the country were growing food, but that's probably too optimistic.
  5. How much food does Ukraine usually export (with the understanding that it probably didnt happen this year)? I recall decades ago that Ukraine was sometimes called the breadbasket of the soviet union.
  6. Many states, even free states, have restrictions, but they tend to be literally few and far between. The New York and New Jersey governments appear to be doing this solely as a second amendment workaround, because they can.
  7. How does title 44 currently deal with a revoked license regarding inventory?
  8. Is it paper like the firearms id card?
  9. I got gas for $3.29 today. I'm trying to figure out if this is more of decreased demand or more of the emptying of the strategic oil reserves. There was an article posted a page back about gas consumption pretty much decreasing since 2020. However, it has been rather obvious that gas prices have not followed that pattern.
  10. As Ammo Inc. drops even farther..... (and Vista outdoors continues to level out at low numbers)
  11. Sadly, the left heavily idolizes Australia for this. The bill kind of sounds like a red flag law for gun manufacturers and importers.
  12. Sadly, there's three more years until Murphy's term is up. Four if he wants to be extra-antagonistic and ram through stuff in January 2026.
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