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  1. Given the cartridges in the "1" category, i am quite curious what is in the "other" category.
  2. It is no surprise that both New Jersey senators, Casey from Pennsylvania, and I think all senators from Connectcut and New York cosponsored Feinstein's so called awb bill.
  3. They are not the biggest pro gun states, but even Maine and New Hampshire have become Constitutional carry states, and they are in the blue/purple northeast. At least there are a few other states close by that value their law abiding citizens more than New Jersey.
  4. That's a lot of interesting information that will be ignored by the government of New Jersey. I was not aware of it and I thank you for sharing it. I think New York considered microstamping too a few years back. Gun rights are only going to get more restrictive here. That's a major sticking point for me, but there are multiple sticking points in the garden state. My real estate taxes also went up $1500 for the year and I have...relatively speaking... lower taxes than many in my area of the state. Moving to Pennsylvania and paying half of what I pay here is another "pro." I will predict that in the coming year or two after Murphy is re-elected, New Jersey will no longer have cheaper gas than Pennsylvania. The freedon to move is yet another freedom that isn't free, so I can see where that choice can be more difficult for some more than others.
  5. I believe the stimulus money they are taking from the new so-called millionaire tax will be distributed a few months before election day. Chances of his reelection are probably high.
  6. I have done the same in Pennsylvania with ammo purchases recently, but to a much lesser extent than in the past. I can see New Jersey adopting the same flawed system California is stuck with.
  7. Man o man o man... I am sure the gangs are going to be up all night, losing weeks and weeks and weeks of sleep, pondering the effects of this legislation, and deciding if they want their gang related activity to remain in New Jersey. Oh yeah....I forgot....the law abiding citizens are the bad guys in this state.
  8. My guess, theoretically, is yes. Other federal laws include the gun free school zone act and prohibition of carrying a firearm in post offices. My assumption is that the federal government would rely on state/local governments to enforce similar laws on that level to avoid the whole probably-costly federal prison thing.....unless it was some high profile case, which posession of an 11 round magazine by itself is certainly not.
  9. I am curious as to how it would prohibit federal law from being enforced. It is, or can be, quite stand to take, much like the 2A sanctuary city/county/municipality concept in that if it taken seriously, there would likely be serious repercussions.
  10. It's not a guarantee, but make calls to elected officials (I know, it's more of a lost cause in this state with senators) and donate to pro 2A groups.
  11. Yeah... I had a 2000 outback that needed a new head gasket. It made the temperature gage needle move quite a bit! If the engine has no oil leaks, that's always a good sign too. I had a subaru legacy with a rear engine leak that would drip on the exhaust system and make it look like the engine was smoking. My last one was a 2002 outback h6 that lasted 334, 000 miles. Ironically I never got the air conditioner fixed because I assumed I would only have it for 2 years, as I used to drive 70 miles to work. My coworkers used to call that car "The toaster oven." My kids weren't very fond of it in the summer.
  12. There are some higher valued rookie cards from that time period.... names like Ozzie Smith and Rickey Henderson come to mind. I have a Tony Gwynn rookie card, and a few of his autographs, which impressed my wife's family who lives in San Diego.
  13. I find it puzzling that Firearms owners against crime (FOAC) in Pennsylania is advocating that Pennsylvania switch over from PICS (their own check system) to NICS. It was prior to 2020, but I think the longest PICS has taken me was 30 minutes. Unless something has changed, NICS does not appear to be the better deal. I find it troubling and hypocritical that firearm transactions have to take longer than bank transactions.
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