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  1. I think both guys with guns were out of line for different reasons. Dimitri may not have broke the law, but he came across as overly antagonistic, even to the criticism of gun owners. We often cringe at the legal costs of being a "test case," and Dimitri may have got what he wanted with his second amendment test. Missouri appears to be a pretty gun friendly state and I hope the best for him. I think the "off duty firefighter" got off easy and he got to pretend to be a law enforcement officer. I am pretty that if I did what he did, I would be charged with unlawful use of a handgun or maybe even a terroristic threats charge, even in a state other than New Jersey.
  2. I criticized the firefighter's action on another forum too. The "off duty firefighter" was not even in the Walmart and had even less justification to unholster his firearm. He made a huge assumption and I theorize that he may have had an "out" if he knew the law enforcement officer(s)...just a theory.... I was taught by many that as a civilian, if one has the justification to unholster a firearm for fear of death or bodily injury, one has the justification to use that firearm. I doubt he would be perceived as a hero if he shot the guy.
  3. That is near Temple university hospital, which sadly, does not surprise me.
  4. I am pretty sure that if reducing the percentages of deaths is the democrat "endgame," we are there already. It appears that the side that defines the terms like "warfare" and "weapons of war" tends to have the advantage in debate. We need to question the out of context terms that these people use.
  5. A "compromise" would be including national reciprocity and the repeal of parts, if not all of the gun control act of 1986. Unfortunately no elected officials, that I have heard, are considering options like this.
  6. Is she from California? There's some good ideas here. Nothing really new though, except for her power company justifying turning everything off. I could see a "brown out" happen in a heat wave or maybe a big tropical storm, but storms happen all the time. I have had several power outages where I live, but that is more due to the fewer electrical lines. I think...
  7. Yahoo news kept repeatedly blocking me from reading the article after 8 seconds or so, but I think I got a basic understanding. It sounds like the state government perceives that shooters in New Jersey have poor aim, in that at least one of these bills has to do with protecting prople who have already been shot at. At least that is my interpretation of people who are in fear of so called gun violence retaliation. I really wish they would call this what it is....gang violence, but they won't. The best hospital defense plan is useless against a shooter if the hospital is a gun free zone. I know......preaching to the choir....
  8. ...Or a valid Pennsylvania hunting license(s).
  9. There is a state game land range in the Tobyhanna area off of PA 823, a mile or two off of I380. It will require the purchase of $30 range permits.
  10. I sold my house in the poconos last year due to a divorce, but I would move back to the same area in a heartbeat. It was a great feeling seeing and contributing to Pennsylvania being a red state in 2016 after 24 years of blueness in Presidential elections.
  11. Hmmm... I had a very short thought of Murphy trying to split the gun owners in New Jersey by offering a concealed carry permit to anyone who purchases a smart gun. However, they passed so many redundant laws on the carry permit issue that it would be hard for this blue state to change or repeal. Second however, Murply knows he has the supermajority already without tempting gun owners. Short thought over.
  12. Sold.... for $300. Not quite a $500 trade-in, but the cash has covered a few extra July expenses i had, so it's a win for me. I almost forgot that I had 20 rounds of 7.62x54r on stripper clips hidden away in it! And I kept the spare tire.
  13. I had a private seller who declined to sell me 7.62x39 mags AND ammo a few months back. I told him i would be keeping the mags at my parents house (with the others!) and he wanted me to have my 75 year old father make the purchase. I'm glad I bought what i did before i sacrificed my Pennsylvania driver's license.
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