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  1. I am pretty sure that lead, through the "authority" of the federal office of the environmental protection agency, has been occasionally used as a back door attempt to restrict firearms/second amendment rights over the years.....usually by Democrats. I am pretty sure that a post-dated lead ban was one of Obama's final executive orders, which was revoked and changed by the current president.
  2. 6 days ?!? Is that common in New Jersey?
  3. I think i paid around. $200 for mine. Other then tweaking the sights, they are functional for me, even with steel ammo. It was also an inexpensive way for me to pick up a decent shooter in a caliber i already have stocked.
  4. They are going to a hand recount now.
  5. I had a feeling that carry permits could be affected by this. If I don't move back to Pennsylvania soon I was considering getting one for a future trip to Florida. The problem is that most people (non gun owners) do not understand the repercussions, much like most people not understanding that the Pennsylvania attorney general controls the commonwealth's reciprocity aggreements.
  6. Which section of 2c 39 dicusses long gun transport with a purchaser ID card?
  7. Cliffhanger! 1 vs 10 is a big challenge even with sufficient ammo.
  8. I had a feeling that this would be the way Facebook will deal with their self perceived "misinformation" with the upcoming election.
  9. Unfortunatly the term "at all costs" is being literally interpreted by he current administration.
  10. I would love to interpret involvment with mental health outreaches and commitments as being justifiable need. Dr Silverman over in Pennsylvania is one of my heros. But this is New Jersey and i don't see it changing any time soon.
  11. I often raise this issue of quick and reliable electronic service because people often praise and have faith in their systems of choice like bank accounts and data plans, but then are quick to use false logic to claim that criminal check systems somehow can not be as quick, speedy, and accurate as the other things they approve of. I say what works quickly and well for one medium, works quickly and well for others, regardless of one's bias.
  12. Hi. #5 here...... and interested to hear what you have to sell!
  13. The days of cheaper new jersey gas are over and i expect new jersey will be competing with California prices soon. In 2011 all of the southern states i drove through to get to the Florida panhandle had higher gas prices. This year i was able to get gas in Tennessee for $2.43.
  14. I agree in the context that a similar occurrance would cause the state to have to address their urban crime problem. That's why I phrased it with can and not will.
  15. Just did some reading on the house to house search for the 66 stolen m1 carbines. It happened before....it can happen again.