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  1. Whew! I'm sloooowly adjusting to this ride. Quite the polar opposite of today's "savings" accounts!
  2. Does Florida law allow a firearm to be kept in a vehicle at any/all times without a permit after the owner's destination has been reached (beyond what FOPA allows)?
  3. Sounds like sarcasm, which can mean two things...
  4. I was going to respond earler, but you beat yourself to that one, seeing the recent drop. Crypto definitely has pingpong like characteristics.
  5. I was in Maine in 2019 and carried. I think it's the closest Constitutional carry state, at least the only one I have been to so far.
  6. Question: I have a coinbase account and some bitcoin purchased through paypal. I did both for more of investment than purchasing with it. PayPal seems like more of just for investing. Does it make sense to keep both?
  7. I need to get better at thinking in the short term with this stuff. No time like the present to live and learn.
  8. True. NH is more convenient in that regard. The good thing is that Arizona, Virginia, and Florida will accept the Pennsylvania hunter safety course as training and probably the New Jersey equivilent. Florida amd Virginia require fingerprints on each renewal, whereas Arizona does not. Arizona has a low renewal cost. I think around $35.
  9. Yeah... Arizona, Utah, Virginia, and Florida have better reciprocity and include Delaware. And Open carry without an accepted permit isn't going to happen in Pennsylvania until a reasonable Republican governor is elected...hopefully in 2022.
  10. A Nonresident New Hampshire permit will allow you to carry firearms in your vehicle in Pennsylvania. It's exception 11 on PA6106.
  11. Good question. I applied in 2017 and I don't think it took a real long time. Maybe a month? I had one back in 2009 when I was a Pennsylvania resident and they were a only $25!
  12. I bought (an extremely small amount of) bitcoin, probably more for giggles than anything else, but I like to think I can be curious for the small amounts I put in.
  13. This is specifically the state income tax. It made me cringe to wonder how high it would have been with my last pay's hours. I am assuming that the unemployment tax will go up as well, given 2020. But yes, my payroll guy at work said those other tax amounts are usually met midway through the year.
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