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  1. Yes it does. I think it was the first time i went to get my LTCF and I had to come back the next day. After that, I just called the sheriff's office before leaving to make sure. Live and learn. However, that was the only delay I had with them and they were contacted multiple times on my behalf.
  2. I never used NICS and hope to move back to Pennsylvania sooner than later to keep that promise!
  3. If you live close to the free side of the Delaware river, just about any brand at a Walmart would be just fine!
  4. Thank you. I know there is some emotion in my response, but I view the militia at the Battle of Lexington as some of the bravest men in the world.
  5. It is frustrating that the cathedral survived a Nazi occupation, but not survive whatever happened today.
  6. I am actually into season 2 watching Stargate Atlantis. Each Stargate show had some good plotlines. I ended up being a fan after the shows aired, so i have like a dozen and a half dvd sets now!!
  7. Ahh.... that makes sense now...hopefully...
  8. I need to do a little "pre-planting" and tilling soon too. And sunflowers are popular with kids!! Ironically, my car battery did not survive those few cold weeks this past winter, but my riding mower battery did!
  9. The mayor's office thanked all of the special interest groups he claimed should not be involved in the writing of laws.... And he appears to believe that it is lawful to go around the legislature to write laws.
  10. I have a p3at with a very sensitive mag release button that would release a mag with a pinky extension with the slightest touch/bump of my thumb through the recoil. This situation actually worked to my benefit with lots of practice to be able to shoot the p3at effectively without a pinky extension.
  11. I used to have pinky problems when I first started shooting.
  12. Many years ago, I used a staple gun to remove a squirrel from my attic. I applied heavy wire screen to the vent that I could hear the squirrel unsuccessfully try to chew through for the next week or so.
  13. Maybe just a small cash purchase for practice that would not require a large boating accident I have a few dollars for that.
  14. The chair of the House judiciary committee is already fired up due to the wording "not exonerated." I am sure there is context to it that Democrats will ignore.
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