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  1. With the first person, no, but the second one was a mess. For some reason, he showed the video clip of the DEA officer who shot himself in the foot. He didn't explain correctly how the negligent discharge occurred. When I attempted to explain how it happened, he ignored me and kept on talking. I gave the presenter a bad review. He also had inaccurate video clips where a New Jersey news station claimed that a gang member had a so called assault weapon, which was actually an SKS! Sigh....
  2. Correct, and hopefully if there is change/improvement in this law it will positively affect everyone, not like the magazine capacity law change for law enforcement only.
  3. I mentioned this on another thread, but this new duty to warn law affects law enforcement as well, and the consequences for them are just as serious.
  4. Yep. Beware of Rutgers. I have to do ongoing behavioral health trainings there for licensure and recertifications. The last two trainings that I went to, the presenters went out of their way from their presented topic to mention their anti-gun position.
  5. It appears that there is little or no consequence for those who make false or out of context accusations. Eastern Arms, a nice store in the Poconos (and Quakertown now) has had their facebook account either warned or temporarily frozen by mysterious accusers multiple times. I fear that this behavior will worsen. I Pennsylvania, one can have their firearms transferred to a friend, so when a protection from abuse order is inappropriately filed, the falsely accused is not a firearms owner at that time. Even in PA, it is VERY difficult to get firearms back after a false PFA is filed. It happens in other states, but this new law makes it easier here.
  6. Thanks. Pennsylvania "PICS" prices have come down a little over the years and seem to be a little lower in comparison.
  7. On a side note, is $35 the on the low side for a transfer fee in New Jersey?
  8. I have said this on other threads... democrats and republicans have voted for this. Reps Demaio and Petersen, both of whom claim to be pro second amendment, conveniently abstained from voting on this bill. At least senator Doherty had the guts to be one of five senators to vote no. Objectively speaking (as hard as that is.....) there are many laws that get taken out of context and manipulated, even in pro guns states. However, this new jersey law makes it easier than most. I hate to say this, but gun owners have to be extra careful in many ways to stay in the clear on this one. On a side note, this law applies equally for law enforcement, and one of a law enforcement officer's greatest fears is losing his or her weapon. If we are looking for change, it may start here.
  9. Unfortunately crazy isn't the best term to use, not so much do its perjorative meaning, but because is just too vague. Even "mentally ill" is vague. There is a small percentage of people with what can be described as chronic mental illness, with an even smaller percentage of those who are considered dangerous due to treatment noncompliance at a given time. There are also groups of people who fit better into categories including developmentally disabled, orsubstance users. Yes, not everyone fits neatly into a category. And then there's a category that may be best described as "They must have been mentally ill because they just did/killed....." and that vague category can include just about anybody, including gun owners. This category just got more pronounced thanks to the legislature voting to expand ithe state's duty to warn law, which as you can imagine or plainly see can easily take circumstances way out of context, to the point of having ones firearms confiscated even if they are not the identified patient. Now that mental illness (including depression ) as become more mainstream in society, it seems to call for a change in how it is dealt with and how the terms are defined. So far I am not a fan of the New Jersey changes.
  10. My 15 and 13 round magazines have joined my 17 and 30 round magazines, all of whom are eagerly awaiting my return and reunification in Pennaylvania
  11. In my opinion, the changes that the legislature made to the state duty to warn law have far worse implications the a 10 round magazine limit. "Duty to warn" now exists for suicidality as well as homicidality, even if the person is voluntary for treatment. This includes police checking for and possibly revoking a firearms id card of anyone in the household as well as removing firearms from the house, even if they are not owned by the identified patient. This is what happened to that kid in the middle school in Monmouth county. And by the way..... it wasn't just democrats that voted for this one. My senator (Doherty) was one of only 5 senators who voted no on this one. Even my republican supposedly 2a assemblymen Peterson and Demaio didn't vote no and conveniently abstained from voting. What this means in real life terms is that any public comment or joke about firearms, violence, suicide, or depression, can result in you having guns confiscated, whether by honest statements or being taken out of context by someone like a school employee. The video made reference to things needing to be "black and white." This is a very gray area and institutions like schools are going to be more scared with reporting concerns that will now have more far reaching implications. I have always been against making jokes about guns and violence, and now the stakes are much higher. The sad irony is that this law equally applies to law enforcement. The legislature has basically amended a law that will encourage people NOT to talk about depression likely creating more bad situations that will be devoid of "warning signs."
  12. Private sale or through an FFL?
  13. I usually pocket carry a 380 and sometimes a 9mm.
  14. That's a long German word on that mauser!