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  1. It saddens me to say this, but it must be pretty bad if a Democrat is being indicted in 2023. Or... I can't help to think that indicating a Democrat or two is a way for the legal system to claim they are being fair with indicting Trump.
  2. I heard that it has been appealed to the federal circuit level almost immediately. Sadly, Illinois is trying to catch up to New Jersey.
  3. Most of the inexpensive guns I purchased (say, between $100 and $250) in Pennsylvania before moving to New Jersey would, for me, be pretty impractical purchases in New Jersey. I would expect they would be hard for me to sell here too. Most transfer fees I saw 5 years ago were still higher than what I paid in Pennsylvania. Sadly, the New Jersey government has been successful in their efforts.
  4. $3.65 is the cheapest i have seen it in southern Warren County.
  5. Are fingerprints needed every time for new purchase permits and carry permits (and changes of address for id cards?)?
  6. I dont think there is any legislative details on how close or far the ammo can be from the longarm.
  7. I have had some cfl bulbs in my basement for several years. The squiggly look is kind of cool. I have had an led bulb outside on my garage exposed to the weather for at least 5 years. Led bulbs do often get an annoying stobe flash when they get old. Yes, cfls and leds last longer, but im pretty sure incandescent bulbs are not anywhere near the top of the so-called climate change no-no list. That slippery slope of is getting darker now due to a light bulb ban.
  8. A speculative article about speculation of firearms ownership. So-called gun violence government money at work to educate the people. Sigh.
  9. It is a bit of a shame that an article about hospital expansion has to be "political" but i guess it is what it is...
  10. My friend in Harmony Township had some trees down and she heard that creepy tornado train sound. The Delaware River was higher than usual today as well.
  11. I take it that they are significantly larger than the firearms id card which is on the larger side itself?(credit card size would have been great)
  12. I haven't seen any yet this year. However, they have killed about 6 tree of heaven trees (I thought they were sumac trees) just outside the border of my yard. They literally suck the life (sap) out of those trees. I sprayed those trees for the past 2-3 years with no success. Even wrapping duct tape around the trunks was ineffective.
  13. Any scam sale is profit for them. If they are like the "sale" posts on Facebook, it's to get your money, even if it is 30 or 40 dollars. If you dont pay with something like paypal credit where one is pretty much guaranteed money back, they get away with the money and usually deliver no product. I had one facebook scam sale that even had a supposedly separate company track an item that didn't exist!
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