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  1. Philadelphia influence has branched out a bit. Scranton and Allentown are the other eastern "blues," and Monroe county has been a New York City suburb for the past 20 years. It felt really good to help make Pennsylvania a red state in the 2016 election.
  2. I stand by my proposal to trade Warren county for Philadelphia county. Since there is already a Warren county in Pa, the county can be renamed Musconetcong county. The county already has 5 or 6 bridges, so Pennsylvania could easily be on both sides of the Delaware!
  3. About 15 years ago there was a guy who crashed his truck I to a gun store in Brodheadsville PA, and used the guns he acquired to rob some stores down the road. Not cool.
  4. Oh well. It seemed a little too good to be true.
  5. I recall a few TD banks that have them, but I dont know if you need an account.
  6. I recall some recent discussions on this forum abort how some individuals in New Jersey get the mandatory minimum and some don't. I cant go into details for confidentiality reasons, but i know of an individual who illegally purchased a gun in......gulp....yes....New Jersey and was caught. I am pretty sure he met the criteria for unlawful posession of a firearm with intent to use for unlawful purposes, which i believe is a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison. This happened about 3 years ago and i cant find him on the department of corrections website. He is also not in the county jail the last time i looked, so, it appears that equal treatment under the law is a joke in this state.
  7. I'm still pretty new to New Jersey details and folks, but I am glad they were there.
  8. I like the (mostly) silver coins too. Yes they're not worth as much, but they do feel good in my hand! If something really bad happens, the other valuable precious metals are copper, brass and lead, in cartridge form, of course!
  9. Ground estimates from some PA folks who were there say 22 to 25 thousand. I think it was mentioned that 10 thousand were allowed on/in the capital grounds. I also heard that there were many people who were unfortunately stuck in traffic and couldn't get close.
  10. There are lots of photos on pafoa.org. The turnout looked great!
  11. Yep. I'm looking to move back to Pennsylvania in 2021 if all goes well.
  12. A VCDL membership is $25 and quite easy to do through paypal. I can't go on Monday but I did join. These guys are the front line.
  13. What are you referring to with regards to "run of the mill state issued ccp's that equate with out of state driver's licenses" ?
  14. I think this one was in Philadelphia in 2019... cell-phone-store-employee-fatally-shoots-armed-robber.mp4
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