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  1. My 40mm cans are on the heavy side, but they store well.
  2. I saw a picture of several dozens of people on the property outside of the Washington DMV office, as they were only allowing 10 people in the building at a time.
  3. Yes. Thanks for the fine introduction. It's more fun than shooting paper, though I do like shooting paper too!
  4. Yep. No clays at either the Phillipsburg walmart nor the Allentown Walmart.
  5. This actually came up on a Pennsylvania gun forum a few years ago regarding the Delaware river. Apparently some 200 years ago Pennsylvania and New Jersey created an agreement that either state can police the waters of the Delaware River. Can one probably safely carry as a Pennsylvania is resident on the Pennsylvania side?...... probably. Keep in mind that different states have different definitions for "abode." In some states RVs are considered residencies. I am not sure if this can be applied to a house boat.
  6. I may come. All my long guns are rifles, so I'm OK with being a happy observer.
  7. A hunter safety course will also qualify for an Arizona amd Virginia permit. I do not recall if the same can be done for Florida(I think so). Only one initial set of fingerprints is needed for an Arizona permit, whereas Virginia requires a new set with every renewal.
  8. Hopefully the lack of avalable ammo will be a short lived thing. However back in 2009-2010 finding/buying ammo was difficult. I was able to find some 9mm, but 380 was really difficult to get back then.
  9. Even in states that respect freedom and liberty, asking police is not a good way to obtain accurate information on this subject.
  10. The pepper spray gun that has a price tag similar to a firearm! Does the 3/4 ounce New Jersey rule apply?
  11. Not a guarantee, but I would rather have Trump pick the next Justice than Biden. That's a better chance to take the swing vote away from Roberts.
  12. I think my Dad has an 1898 too. I bought him a box of ammo a few years ago and I thought the ammo was pricey back then!
  13. I will sadly say it is about their priorities. One could theorize that the effects of one may have encouraged the other, but that is a theory that would need to be proven.
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