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  1. Sadly, the bigger organizations get, the chance for complication, let one corruption, gets bigger too. I don't think I would want to see them disappear though. Vacuums aren't always filled by better entities.
  2. Yep. Even my "non-dog" stocks looked a little meager today.
  3. The numbers appear to speeding towards where they were back in July...maybe lower.
  4. Thanks for the info. I saw that last night and had another "someone must have said something" moments.
  5. She's not the first person to be stereotyped and demonized by the media and I am sure she won't be the last.
  6. It seems to be stuck at $3000-ish... I think it sunk to $2000 last July.
  7. Does 90% junk silver reach (or even come close to) precious metal status?
  8. There was that recent bagged salad recall, but I have also seen intermittent gaps in some foods for several weeks now. The setback with Aldi is that when they don't have one of their two food options,, their shelves look really bare. One of the local milk,/dairy suppliers at my local Shop Rite had a notice on the cooler about having less size variety on milk due to staffing issues. I have been buying extra non-perishables to prep for a potential shortage.
  9. I'm slowly building up that stash of cash.
  10. The hospital I work at is trying to work around the no-longer standard 10 days off after a positive corona virus test, due to the high number of employees out. It is now 5 days if they are not symptomatic.
  11. This state makes my eyes roll. Not only do democrats here write highly restrictive and unconstitutional gun control bills, but they are ignorant along with their arrogance and forget to write in exceptions for their chosen few (law enforcement) they believe are worthy of carrying a firearm. People under LEOSA would probably have been screwed too on this one. Sadly, this bill will pass eventually, probably sooner than later. As nice as it would be, I dont see a red wave hitting this state to change the majority any time soon.
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