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  1. Yes. Pennsylvania is $20 for 5 years. Even Arizona is a decent deal at $36. As happy as I am for New Jersey becoming shall issue, almost $1000 for a 2 year permit/license is pretty intense, and the politicians here know it
  2. Wow. That would raise the total cost of getting a permit to carry to around $950 every 2 years. That's criminal, at least in my opinion. Given that the last time I checked, New Jersey has about 3 million people less than Pennsylvania, but has a significantly larger state budget. With that in mind, the "x" million that the governor claims this will add to revenue is basically small change. It is truly just another way to screw over law abiding citizens
  3. It sucks and it's shortsighted, but expected, since they prematurely passed the law 2 years ago.
  4. Sadly, the current administration will find a way to spin it as domestic terrorism.
  5. It's just like Murphy's so-called gun violence "round table," a bunch of people on the same side debating nothing.
  6. Scary stuff. Having twice gained entry through house windows after being locked out, I am glad I have a better backup system now. Shooting back? Sadly, even in Texas it was ugly.
  7. Cool! I wonder if those Romanian AK's are the fully automatic variety.
  8. There's a post on this on another thread here about how this guy may be a 90 year old with dementia who no longer lives in his house , but had the necessary tax stamps for all the items that the media found scary.
  9. Yes. Handgunlaw.us is a good resource for info like this.
  10. As difficult as it is to get a SC permit, they do allow you to keep a loaded handgun in a car glove box and allow you to carry it loaded from the car/glove box to the place where you are staying.
  11. I second the watch YouTube option for various objects to shoot.
  12. https://legalheat.com/blog/concealed-carry-police-encounters-a-state-by-state-legal-guide/ I found a few articles about duty to inform, with this one being the most accurate. Ironically neither artcle i saw listed New Jersey on the duty to inform list.
  13. I will quietly expect this to change in the future, since the "old rules" were in the may issue/basically no issue era.
  14. Thanks. The articles I read yesterday did not know who shot the kid, nor did they know who the kid belonged to.
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