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  1. father-of-three

    Turning in Assault Rifle and Ammo

  2. father-of-three

    Pelosi makes veiled threat to gun rights

    I think the Dems will do whatever they want when they get the chance, but it will excite them to say they did it because Trump did it.
  3. father-of-three

    Electric cars as the norm vs the exception

    Rechargeable lithium batteries have reached their technological limit. Until a more efficient battery is created or used, electric cars will continue to fall short of their "fossil fuel" counterparts. I say choose what you want, but the other side does not have that level of objectivity. Even Obama gave some pie-in-the-sky speech last year about how there will be this great, but currently unknown energy source that will exist in about 50 years that will make gas engines obsolete. If there is another energy source that can replace gas engines efficiently without having to be financially propped up by our government, then go for it....when it actually exists. Until that happens, Mr Obama and the rest of the "Green New Deal" backers (I am talking to you, Senator Spartacus !!) need to disengage from magical thinking.
  4. father-of-three

    My first Law enforcement encounter while CC

    Very good to hear. That is the way it should be.... a society that respects its law abiding citizens.
  5. father-of-three

    Walking Dead...things that annoy me

    Being a gun owner does make it more difficult to watch television when they do inaccurate things with firearms. It was difficult listening to brass being ejecting from a revolver when Andrea was mercy killed at the end of season 3. If it were my show, I probably would have done a few things differently. Overall, I like the show better than the remakes of Star Trek and Doctor who, two shows that have been my favorites for decades. It is a little hard for me to believe that seasons 1 to 8 took place over a 2 year time period, but I can overlook some inconsistencies, although it does sometimes appear to be quite easy to crush a skull.
  6. father-of-three

    History of the 2nd Amendment

    Nicely and factually done. Thank you.
  7. father-of-three

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    The lehigh valley forecast has "wintery mix" tonight into tomorrow, with rain and a high of 45 Sunday. Monday will apparently be sunny with a high of 16.
  8. And my extra guitar case just got a new lease on life!!!
  9. You are the one who made the vague statement about Patriots pushing back, not me. You also made the assumption in your response that I am the one rolling over. If I am wrong about that assumption, then that is good for both of us. I'm pretty sure we probably see eye to eye on this thread issue before it started. I don't think my original post was complacent, so I am a little puzzled why there is this hard "draw the line" response. I am trying to be supportive in a state where I doubt we are yet at that three percent. I hope I'm wrong about that.
  10. Are you asking me because you do not know or are you asking the question to have newer, less experienced people get into legal trouble on a public forum for wanting to overthrow the government? The same people that maybe Ms Peel was referring to, to try to educate and train them in the hope' of one day actually having a larger voting bloc of gun owners in this state? I get your question, I just dont want to see unsuspecting gun owners or maybe just people on this forum get set up. In a state where I feel like we are the smallest minority, this thread has been rather negative.
  11. I ask myself that question in this situation as well as many other situations.
  12. It is situations and discussion threads like this one that help us decide what is really important in our lives. Yes, laws like this one basically serve no purpose except to spank law abiding citizens, some of which are more fearful of the government than others. There does appear to be a very fine line between being fearful and being responsible, which I think individuals get a better understanding of when we get put in difficult situations. It is frustrating to have to turn in, destroy, modify, or even store things in another state for a unknown period of time. It is frustrating to be in a state where if change in our favor is possible, it will probably take a long time. I think venting and sharing is good and appropriate, but it is my hope that we can gain a better understanding of ourselves through this stuff.
  13. I am pretty sure that there are very few states if any (Pennsylvania also not included!) where one can lawfully discharge a firearm at a fleeing /retreating bad guy. I am curious if the rifle really met the definition of a so called "assault rifle" given the numerous charges against him.

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