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  1. Ugh! They're not as cheap as they used to be! With that in mind, I got several off of ebay in the past, although I usually saw 7 round or 10 round mags there. I have found that the "promag" mags worked for me too.
  2. They are one of the more gun friendly countries, however most of the European countries have a national registry/licensing system similar to Canada.
  3. Yes. New Jersey likes to follow in California's footsteps. The so called delta variant is reportedly on the prowl.
  4. Good question. I would assume that in 2020 especially, that the states with democrat governors that had shutdown fever and destroyed a lot of business, have higher unemployment numbers than those that didn't. I was in Mississippi and Tennessee in summer 2020. I had to have a mask but those states were fully open. There were some limitations on the number of customers, but I was able to go into every store and restaurant I wanted.
  5. father-of-three

    Drum Kit

    It's a shame that i just saw this and have been looking for one....
  6. I like to try to take the positive side myself. We need the votes, if not in New Jersey, then at least in states where they may be at risk for going the route Virginia did. Sadly, there was at least one gun owner who "went to the dark side" and helped keep the so-called Seattle autonomous zone in place for its very short tenure. And there there was the gun owner/possessor that Kyle Rittenhouse had to escape from. I hope the glass remains half full.
  7. Possibly the longest yahoo article I have seen in a while. Let's see what we can do to help the 2A voting block increase.
  8. I finally broke 700 after several years of clean-up. Ironically, Wells Fargo increased my credit amount once following their getting caught in that previous credit debacle.
  9. Interesting. I did cringe a little when he cut it in half.
  10. Interesting. I think the urge to buy big with dollar signs in the eyes was there when bitcoin was recently double what is is now. It also helps settle me as to why my robinhood and coinbase accounts are so meager.... I only invest what I can afford to. I humbly keep my day job!
  11. Mine is in the "original" Saiga position and it is still good for me. I also currently have a traditional stock on it (which also came with it) because the pistol grip was part of the adjustable stock. I didnt want to get the adjustable pinned because I plan to move back to Pennsylvania real real real soon.
  12. It is difficult to get that specific information from the media in free states, let alone New Jersey. Sadly, one does not need options 1, 2, or 3 to become a felon in the garden state.
  13. Someone else can probably add more detail here, but I heard that some of the WASR10s originally were made for single stack magazines and were converted to double stack, sometimes making the magazines "wobble" a bit due to the adjustment.
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