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  1. This is pretty informative. It was mentioned on another forum that it is almost identical to the Executive order Obama signed after Sandy Hook.
  2. I'm pretty sure New Jersey law makes no exception for temporary residences. Some other states define "abode" more widely (hotel, RV, etc)but New Jersey does not. The Firearms owners protection act doesn't really cover stops of that length, at least i wouldn't chance a stop like that in a state like this one.
  3. It's no surprise that 2023 gains have mostly zeroed out this week. I also wasn't happy seeing Binance's interest for staking take a significant drop as well. They are about the same as coinbase at the moment, at least for coins I have staked.
  4. I know it's not 600, but there are some 300 yard spots at a few state gameland ranges in Pennsylvania, that will cost you around $31 for a yearly range permit.
  5. I naturally close my left eye often and have to make the conscious effort to keep them both open. It doesn't affect my accuracy too much though.
  6. New Jersey puts in extra questions and criteria that other states do not have, but New Jersey also considers it a"privilege" to own firearms. I know that involuntary commitments are on record in the county solicitor's office. I do not know if that is the only place that is checked for records. From a criteria standpoint, it may depend on what "wasn't handling this well at the time" means, as far as inpatient care being recommended as opposed to outpatient care. Let's have others chime in...
  7. I think it's a dementia thing. If you don't understand it, your brain is still in good shape!!
  8. My wife recently got a Nespresso machine, so I drink what she drinks.
  9. I agree that anyone can be here, but I find it hard to believe that even a minority of the left, especially in New Jersey, can avoid virtue signaling and avoid getting the last comment in to try to character assassinate a post that they disagree with. If they trained half as hard and read more about how their gun statistics look when they are broken down into factual raw data, they would either be new allies, or bigger fools of illogical thinking.
  10. ...after it floated across the country...and then some....if you start with the Aleutian Islands...
  11. Sadly, I think democrats are more emboldened to vote against 2A legislation. New Jersey is perfect example of this. Yes, the chances of some if not most of this legislation will be found to be unconstitutional, but that won't stop them from trying, and knowing they will at least purposefully slow down the system in the process.
  12. Was the guy a prohibited person before the discharge, or was the weapon discharge the crime that justified the attempted 1st degree charge?
  13. Ahh.... Finally some upward movement. May it steadily continue...
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