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  1. Yep. There was no sign of the used-to-be-common drudge debate poll for Thursday. I think the change was intentional.
  2. Well that was an antagonistic executive order to read, but that is what our governor is about.
  3. Yeah... I heard we are now on New Hampshire's and Massachusetts' "bad" state list. /fake sarcastc sad face/ I enjoyed a nice vacation in the "bad" states of Mississippi and Tennessee this past summer, and they had reasonable precautions in both states, but were open for business. Oh well.... I'm sure we will be told the state has to borrow another 4 billion dollars and they will blame it on Trump. /second sad sarcastic sad face/
  4. Nice! And then when I tapped the screen, I thought.. "Oooh! And it's 12 minutes long!
  5. I got one of those cheap Velcro ones for a hipoint .45 that I glued to size. It actually covers the trigger guard! And I used that gorilla glue because that thing is super heavy! It's just a range holster, but that's all I was looking for. I was afraid it would break anything unglued because of its size and weight.
  6. The $650 price caught my eye. Maybe in the near future....
  7. That's a lot of nonresidents. I am surprised that the state income tax agreement they have with Pennsylvania hasn't been removed yet.
  8. Nice thread topic! I tend to carry a pocket pistol, which usually ends up being 380. Simple, easy, and no printing! Recoil handling can be remedied by lots of practice. On a funny note, I have found that one way to increase comfortably with a 380 pocket pistol, is to first practice with a 9mm pocket pistol. If you can handle the 9mm, the 380 is a walk in the park! In addition to calibers and bullet weights, I find myself considering the size of the gun for better accuracy over a longer distance. A pocket pistol gives me about a 10 yard range. I do find more security in a larger pistol that can give me a 20 to 25 yard range. Granted, it has been said many times that the shorter distance is the one that a person is more likely to experience.
  9. Interesting quote: "There's a lot of non-covid violence everywhere, seems like everywhere in the country." What about pro-covid19 violence?! I wonder of he thinks that kind is more prevalent. Just doing a logic rant. Thanks for listening!
  10. This would be a scenario where Zeke's amazing Remington 11-87 shotgun would be the weapon of choice, assuming I was lucky enough to target it when it was first launched. Otherwise, practicing at dodge ball may be the best plan B for this.
  11. That price is reasonable. Don't look at Cheaper than Dirt unless you want to get really angry and possibly develop blood pressure problems!
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