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  1. Full middle name and feet/inches for me too.
  2. I have been shooting a little less than usual recently. I typically shoot on Pennsylvania gameland ranges, as I used to live 20 minutes from one ( I miss living in Pennsylvania....even shooting outdoors on top of a mountain in sub-freezing weather!). I am still "close" to a few of those ranges, but sometimes getting out there on weekends (go figure!) can be difficult, unless I am in those areas for a different reason.
  3. Be careful in understanding that New Jersey is one of the most un-friendly states in the nation when it comes to firearms. Learn what you can and can't do and who you want to involve or have knowledge of your interest in firearms.
  4. If Biden didn't have double standards, he wouldn't have any standards at all.
  5. Yep. Guitar cases have an excellent alternate use in the garden state.
  6. Then I will make sure that I keep my "carcano powder" dry and my clips loaded!
  7. Yep. The zombie war will probably NOT be won with 6.5 carcano!!!
  8. Then we can that the 380acp for starting the war that the 9mm couldn't win!!! ;-)
  9. Hmm.... that's nine calibers for me, and you can never have too much ammo, as the saying goes. I even have some surplus nagant revolver ammo in cool little boxes with Russian print, but when the $99 nagant revolvers "disappeared," I gave up on them and entered the world of tokarev.
  10. I forget the make and model, but i have seen the same procedure (slipping the thin piece of metal through the door to reset the combination) used to open a different brand of safe.
  11. The Pennsylvania constitution has a statement that is at least as strong as the second amendment. Do what I will be doing in the next 1 to 2 years: Find an area you like and you can afford and enjoy freedom not found in the garden state. Aside from some limitations in some areas on not being able to shoot on one's property for purposes other than self defense, enjoy your future freedom! I lived in a private Pennsylvania community that only allowed for self defense use, and I would move back to that same community in a heartbeat.
  12. Yeah.... Stallone apparently hates guns, except for the ones that give him his paycheck.
  13. Do you go to church and if so, is there a pastor you are both comfortable with? You may still have the same concerns, but with familiarity can come better context. Are the diffemces able to be worked out between the two of you without the intervention of another? Not knowing the details, I will assume that a marriage and family therapist will be exploring ways to compromise with the possible differences that are occurring. If the marital issues do not involve firearms, you may want to consider not mentioning them at all.
  14. I sense great potential similarity...
  15. Sadly, I think people are finding out the hard way that the first amendment no longer applies equally to them if they own firearms, with regards to making statements that can be taken out of context. This appears to be more common now, based on how unreasonably scared the accuser is. I am by no means condoning offensive speech by saying this, just that equal treatment under the law is being further destroyed by so called "extreme risk protection orders."
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