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  1. Sad but probably true. My wife thought I was sighing yesterday because I was with her shopping for clothes....But no! I told her that I was sighing because I was reading about all the bills they are trying to pass.
  2. I believe the wording in the bill is that the 4 year period will start when the bill is signed into law.
  3. I find handgunlaw.us to be pretty accurate. If there are inaccuracies or possible contradictions, they point them out.
  4. I do grow a bit tired of the comparisons the left makes with Australia (and New Zealand). It is deceptive in that for starters they have a higher "mass shooting" definition than the States, not to mention how some shootings, like the recent one, were ignored by the US media. Also, if they want to be balanced (which they dont) they can add 300 million people to their percentages (which would give them almost the same population as us) and then see how the numbers of Australia really match up.
  5. I'll be contacting my reps, who are usually pro 2A (they voted to abstain on the duty to warn law revision last year, which in my opinion is worse than the 10 round limit). However, the Democrat supermajority we have here is pretty hard to beat, so it is my plan to be moved back to the land of the free (or free-er if we are feeling really critical today) before my purchaser ID card expires in 4 years.
  6. Much like Pennsylvania, the potential for loss of 2A rights is always there and we need to be as vigilant as possible to stop it. Like Pennsylvania, the media loves to back the democrat governor and disregard the republican legislature, giving people a false or at least unbalanced sense of where aurhority lies. I, too, remember when the Virginia governor and atty general tried to break reciprocity agreements and failed. Sadly, the PA atty general still got his way with ending the Virginia agreement.
  7. Probably the best subaru head gasket I have owned!! ;-)
  8. Yeah... I was hoping to get an online cash quote that high!
  9. The downside is that the ac does not work and the vdc option does not work and makes the check engine light stay on, hence an automatic fail later this year for inspection . I am not hoping for much $ as it doesn't owe me anything. The brakes are new and the tires passed PA inspection standards. Ahh... but i do need new wiper blades!!
  10. My magazine came in the mail today. I think the New Jersey bureaucracy will eventually block sales like this because they think it will stop gang violence in Trenton, but it hasnt happened yet.
  11. I lived in a community in the poconos that allowed golf carts and atvs. I liked the option. It was great for my then-younger kids to get around. The batteries took a little extra wear and tear with the cold winter weather, but Florida would not have that problem.
  12. Not much. I just figured I would ask the question to see where my not much might get me a slightly better deal.
  13. I am looking to try to sell my 2002 Subaru outback H6 with 337000 miles for a "quick" cash offer. I have seen a few online options, but I have no experience with This. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  14. I just bought a handgun magazine on ebay this morning and it is listed as being shipped.
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