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  1. Interesting article. Thanks for posting it. Let's see what the summer brings.
  2. Im sure he will pressure the Senate president to vote on the ones from earlier this year. Question: How far left is Scutari? What are the chances of him not having the January bills come to a vote like Sweeney did?
  3. Basically we have "on road diesel" for trucks on the roads with a lower sulfur content i believe. It is blue in color. The "heating oil" diesel is also diesel used for equipment on farms. It is red in color. There's a few gas stations in Pennsylvania near where I used to live where one can get heating oil at a pump. The last time I got it....about a month ago, it was $5. 39 a gallon.
  4. It seems like a lot would have to happen before New Jersey becomes a shall issue state. However, Washington D.C. is now shall issue, but all of their restrictions still have a may issue/anti gun feel.
  5. That I recognized several of the bills, but not how they were described on the site.
  6. I agree, that at best, Kean's a RINO, but the realtomkean site could have worded things much better. I'm pretty familiar with the recent gun control bills, but I had to research them myself to find out what the site was vaguely saying about Kean's voting record on 2A issues.
  7. Im not surprised at the tone of the article, which is more link related. I do wonder if may crypto investors are as new as me, but invest far more money with far more blind optimism. Buying in the dip last July, still leads to losses today. Sure, I hope the market will recover, but to assume the market will continue to go up is shortsighted.
  8. How much of a ripple effect will there likely be on other areas of the market due to the crash of tech stocks? They're doing quite a number on crypto currencies.
  9. It's a little farther west, but I like Tennessee. There's Gatlinburg on the TN/NC border.
  10. It's actually "carry" that's used, not "transport." My mistake ilwith using the New Jersey "exception" terminology.
  11. Exception 11 of PA 6106 does allow you transport a firearm in your car with a valid permit from any state, but only that. Open carry in Philadelphia requires a Pennsylvania license to carry.
  12. It sure seems like bitcoin is racing back to that $29,000 number from last July. I sure hope this isn't a Biden Market Correction.
  13. -1256 now. My accounts started looking nicer....yesterday.
  14. +900 one day....-1100 the next. I'm getting a little dizzy!
  15. Appeals are long and expensive processes. In states like Pennsylvania, the chance of winning the appeal is still slim. I will assume that New Jersey will be much more stringent than Pennsylvania.
  16. I am patiently waiting for that Ammo Inc "takeoff," but their stock is just dipping lower.
  17. Yeah. I started dabbling in stocks in January 2021. And my first firearm purchase was November 2008. My choices were not based on Presidents, but it sure looks like it.
  18. The market, or at least my stocks, appear to be struggling this week.
  19. So it's basically a slightly leaner 7.62 NATO round.
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