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  1. Haha definitely somewhere I gotta check out! If I’m ever in that area you’ll be the first person I call
  2. Thank you I would be very much interested in taking a look around, can I message sometime later this week and we can setup a good time to meet?
  3. 2011 also lol damn that’s crazy, I’ll message you
  4. @Lambo2936 my hometown haha, still living their as well.
  5. @Lakota seriously considering rtsp membership isn’t to steep even with adding the rife and shotgun package. And the membership hours and priority are definitely something that I would want when purchasing a membership. Thank you for the heads up much appreciated!
  6. @Bklynracer I was just reading about the expansion actually. Thinking about waiting on the expansion and checking out the membership then, still waiting on guns to be delivered anyways.
  7. @GunsnFreedom In it for the long term my friend.
  8. @Lakota Great thank you! How is RTSP by the way? Have just heard recently about it. Was thinking about making the drive up their one day to check it out
  9. Hello everyone! Just wanted to drop by to introduce Myself. Name is andrew, from Middlesex county. Just got my long gun license and a couple handgun permits. Been shooting for a few years now and wanted to get ahead before the next season starts. I was looking around and found that two organizations around me the old bridge rifle and pistol club and scfgpa were two great organizations that I was very much interested in. I know that scfgpa is a closed organization but I wanted to get some knowledge on both organizations from actual members of the associations. Thank you all in advance
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