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  1. It’s every part of the supply chain. Raw material costs are way up, trucking/freight costs are up, Covid decreased worker availability for a while, military/LE contracts still need to be met, huge consumer demand, etc. All adds up to higher prices at every point.
  2. Sportsman’s Guide had 250 round packs of 115gr Magtech the other day for $57 (.23/round). 1. I couldn’t believe they listed it at that and 2. it was actually in stock. Supposedly arriving to me tomorrow...
  3. ****SOLD**** Getting out of .45, so this is up for sale. Take the whole lot for $470, which is about .36/round for FMJ and .55/round for JHP. Cheapest I currently see on Ammoseek is .44/round (with a one box limit). I do not want to break this up at this time. I am located in Monmouth County and buyer must have matching NJ DL and FID. No shipping. Thanks for looking.
  4. TSUSA also currently has Wolf Gold 5.56 and .223 boxes of 20 in stock at .46 round w/ Prime.
  5. I just checked my last TSUSA receipt for 9mm from early 2019...sixteen cents a round. Those were the days. Now my wife understands why all those heavy boxes were delivered way back when...
  6. I’ve tried ordering ammo from Sportsman’s Guide three times since March fully knowing they were back ordered and an “expected availability” date way down the road. First it was April, then June, then August, then November, and then they just canceled my orders. I give up with them.
  7. Keyport PD. Applied for permits on 4/13, references were submitted that day. Was initially told I needed to come in for the mental health request form but when I went two days later the municipal building was closed due to the pandemic. After contacting the admin again, I was told I now didn’t need to come in and NJSP was “accepting FARS only” but there may be delays due to the current situation. Background check came back this morning (5/6). My employer has not been contacted yet (which they always are). The person I deal with at the PD has always been very helpful and responsive over the years, so no complaints here.
  8. Nice to see this old thread that I didn’t know existed. Birch Hill was essentially my backyard growing up. Fear Factory, Korn, God Lives Underwater, Biohazard, COC, Life of Agony (when Keith was still a dude), so many others...man I miss those days.
  9. Sure. I got both of mine direct and they took about 4-6 weeks each.
  10. Are they still sending reference checks to employers under this new system? That’s seriously the one thing that has stopped me from applying for new permits. I started a new job not so long ago and I really don’t want to have that conversation yet.
    I’ve purchased several firearms from Steve and he’s the only FFL I’ll deal with if he can get what I want. Great prices and he doesn’t even charge for the entertainment when you pick it up. His compliance work is also flawless.
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