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  1. Keyport PD. Applied for permits on 4/13, references were submitted that day. Was initially told I needed to come in for the mental health request form but when I went two days later the municipal building was closed due to the pandemic. After contacting the admin again, I was told I now didn’t need to come in and NJSP was “accepting FARS only” but there may be delays due to the current situation. Background check came back this morning (5/6). My employer has not been contacted yet (which they always are). The person I deal with at the PD has always been very helpful and responsive over the years, so no complaints here.
  2. Nice to see this old thread that I didn’t know existed. Birch Hill was essentially my backyard growing up. Fear Factory, Korn, God Lives Underwater, Biohazard, COC, Life of Agony (when Keith was still a dude), so many others...man I miss those days.
  3. Sure. I got both of mine direct and they took about 4-6 weeks each.
  4. Are they still sending reference checks to employers under this new system? That’s seriously the one thing that has stopped me from applying for new permits. I started a new job not so long ago and I really don’t want to have that conversation yet.
    I’ve purchased several firearms from Steve and he’s the only FFL I’ll deal with if he can get what I want. Great prices and he doesn’t even charge for the entertainment when you pick it up. His compliance work is also flawless.
  5. I guess the bigger question is why does the state feel that employment have anything to do with firearm ownership? Why do employed people have an extra part of the background check as compared to those unemployed, self-employed, or retired? If the goal was simply to confirm employment, which shouldn’t matter anyway, then why shouldn’t a paystub serve the purpose?
  6. The employer question is the single thing that holds me back from applying for additional permits, which is probably exactly what it is designed for. I work in NYC in higher education and it’s hard to find a more liberal environment. I’ve applied for permits twice and both times my job was contacted. Each time I was as asked questions by HR and they were generally very awkward conversations. I don’t want to go through it again, as I like my job and don’t want to cause unnecessary problems. My wife also works in higher education and she hasn’t gotten her FID yet since she doesn’t want her institution to know. It’s not right and the question shouldn’t be on there. It’s NONE of my employer’s business what I do in my spare time, particularly when it’s a constitutional right.
  7. Added a couple of accessories.
  8. Two other excellent prepping/SHTF series of books are the “Going Home” series by Angery American (Chris Weatherman) and “The Borrowed World” series by Franklin Horton. Both deal with grid down scenarios from either an EMP or terrorist attack. So far there are ten books in the former and six in the latter. These guys aren’t professional writers by any means, but they are pretty good at it. In addition to being excellent stories, there’s a lot of knowledge in prepping and gear to be gained as well. They read a bit less like a “manual” like the Rawles series, which I like.
  9. Thanks. I reached out and the 2019 schedule will be available towards the end of the month.
  10. I’m also interested in their carbine program, but as mentioned all I see on the site and link is the 2018 schedule.
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