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  1. I have a full size P320 with the older Sig Romeo dot (different mounting then the Pro and Leupold) and I have a M18 and Walther PDP with Holosun 507c x2 with the acss reticle. For me hands down the Holosun was the way to go. You just need the right adapter plate.
  2. I got a service grade from them about a year ago and it was great. It does have a replacement stock with the CMP cartouche. I would absoluetly get another on but I'm on the list for the 1911's.
  3. What others have said and: Garand Thumb Warrior Poet Society Fieldcraft Survival/Mike Glover TRex Arms Tactical Rifleman Vigilance Elite Black Scout Survival Iraqveteran8888 Miltary Arms channel
  4. Any gun that hasn't been fired yet by the owner is not a good SHTF weapon. Instead of buying another rifle, spend some money on training. In the long run you will be better off.
  5. I like the P320's and have a couple of them and also an M18. I recently got a Walther PDP and I love the trigger on it. One of the best striker fired triggers out there. It can be hard to find though as it is relatively new.
  6. I read your report and it was helpful. I'm at UHGC almost every weekend.
  7. I don't mind tough talk. Politics has morphed into street fight. Ifyou can't take bad words and real conflict stay on the sidelines. For all thay say civility should return, most of the people are hooked on reality TV and want to see a train wreck. As I have stated before I will vote for Jack but NJ really needs a revolutionary leadershiip change that is willing to go against the established norms (like Trump). Assuming Jack can win, which will be tough because he doesn't motivate anyone but the "machine" of the Republican party, NJ is still going to be a shit state. I won't donate any $$ to him. He seems to have that lined up with the new GOP Chairman Hugin. Amazing the patronage that goes on.
  8. You cannot vote in the primary as undeclared. If you want to vote, they will ask you which party you want to be affiliated with and that will formally make you declared to the party. I know this because it happened to my wife yesterday. She was undeclared and she had to declare as republican to vote.
  9. Are you talking about the RINO republicans in the Legislature? Most people just run down the republican column a pick the establishment candidate. Let's face it, most voters don't have a clue what they're doing. A democrat can only vote in the democrat primary so why would anyone expect a change in the primary result? The key is were there quality republican challengers that will run in the general. If there were any districts that were held by dems and there wasn't republicans on the ballot that would be bad.
  10. Just like Romney beat Obama.
  11. I voted for Singh but I will now hold my nose and vote for Jack. Anything is better than Murphy. Chris Christie part deux and that's not a good thing.
  12. Guadagno didn't have a chance because she was too tightly tied to Christie. One of the problems the NJGOP has is they still look at Christie as the standard bearer in NJ. He was a shit Governor and a bully. The Republicans will continue to fail as long as the rank and file Republicans look up to him.
  13. I plan on going to Colliers Mills WMA for the first time. I have a target stand that uses 2x4's or 1x2's to attach the target to. What is recommended/maximum hight to use for the wood side poles? TIA
  14. If the NJ GOP failed to fund any of the campaign (or either of the other two for that matter) after a primary win that it will absolutely show it's true RINO colors. In the general election if the Republicans (both the party appartus and the voters) can't get behind who ever wins the primary then they are just as much the problem as the Democrats are in this state. It's like the people who voted for third party candidates in the Presidential election. They are just as much responsible for Biden as the Democrats are.
  15. I listened to the debate. It seemed to me that Hirsh articulated more specific policy plans than Jack. Hirsh also stated he would support whoever the eventual Republican winner and Jack came with answer that didn't address the specific question and answered with some nonsense he knows he's the most capable candidate and was purposely vague.
  16. As I said this will be decided by SCOTUS, if they say say carry is shall issue (maybe raise scrutiny but likely too much too ask) we need a Governor who is "unequivocal" in his position since they will be responsible for enforcement.
  17. I would rather that he be unequivocal on it frankly. Too many times we are told things to "manage our expectations". The reality is the only way we will see carry is if SCOTUS lands on our side and at that point the conversation about going from under 1000 to some other number is moot. I understand that he's walking a tight rope because there are plenty of people in NJ that don't support it. I see it as a constitutional issue not subject to ebb and flow of what a segment of the population feels at any given moment in time. That is the whole point of a Constitutional Republic. I will absolutely vote for the Republican winner of the primary whoever it is. The most important thing is for people to actually vote. Republicans stayed at home during the last Gubernatorial election.
  18. Republican's are not divided. 92% nationally fully support Trump. The establishment Republican RINO's don't like it but the party has passed them.
  19. This election, like most, will be about turnout. I would vote for Mickey Mouse against Murphy but I will vote my conscience in the primary, which is Singh, as I always do. If it turns out to be one of the other two RINO's I will hold my nose and vote for whoever is in the Republican column in the general election.
  20. By not electing leaders who allow the bureaucrats to run roughshod over our rights. Too many people haven't cared enough to really understand what these politicians stand for. They make their decision in the voting machine like buying lotto quick picks.
  21. This time around this is definitely for show. With a Democrat controlled House, Senate and Presidency this doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell in ghetting passsed.
  22. I got the call today that my NICS check is done.
  23. I bought something on 4/9 and I am hoping I will be able to pick up on Saturday 4/17. Fingers crossed.
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