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  1. I was looking a a PSA AR-15 type upper. It has a flash suppressor. Could I transport the AR 15 type upper with the flash suppressor in my car (no lower anywhere in the car)? Can I have that upper shipped to me? As I read the rules, An AR-15 type rifle is something that is completely assembled, upper and lower. The Upper only should only be considered a "part"
  2. I ended up in PA. purchased from walmart. no questions asked.
  3. the seller has the title "look-a-like flash hider" So, my original posting title may be off in this case. The manufacurers description says what I have is a "Recoil Compensator" I have two gunsmiths saying this in NJ legal. One says this is NOT NJ legal. Who can actually make the call as to legality?
  4. Are there any issues with ordering ammo over the web and having it delivered to a NJ address? One site required ID and seeing a NJ firearms purchasers ID card. Another site had no requirement.
  5. As I read the NJ rules, I can have one of the evil features but not two of them, so I can have a flash hider. Interesting that the product description says recoil compensator. I just called a gunsmith - he said in NJ you CAN NOT have a flash hider. So -conflicting info. But if the manufacturer calls it a compensator, then it's a compensator. Back to the original question - what do I need to look out for adjustment wise after machining and installation? take it to the range and adjust the rear sights to the new front sight?
  6. I just purchased a Mini 14 ranch rifle model 5802 stainless. My 1st rifle purchase. I want to add a M14 style flash suppressor in stainless. I havent found a supplier of the M14 style suppressor for the 580 series Mini14s. I did find M14 style flash suppressors w/integrated sight for the older 180 series Mini14's. To use those flash suppressors, i'd have to have my barrel turned down then the suppressor pressed on, and held in place via a roll pin. My question is - would removing the factory front sight and adding a flash suppressor with an integrated sight cause a change in front sight location & accuracy? Would I (or actually the gunsmith) need to adjust the rear sights to work with the newly installed front sight? Seems to me that something would need to be adjusted as I wouldnt expect that everything would be set up the same with the new sight & suppressor. I'm near atlantic city and looking for a gunsmith that could do the job! thanks.
  7. Maybe I'm not well informed. Are 15 round mags illegal in NJ within the next 6 months?
  8. I just picked up my mini 14 in stainless. I have a 10 round nickel magazine, but it just doesnt give the look I'm after. there doesnt seem to be a supplier of 15 round magazines (nickel finish or black) for the mini 14. Is there anyone out there that could modify a 20 round nickel magazine to be a jersey legal 15 round?
  9. I just picked one up via gun broker auction at 6:30am this morning. Just needed to hear from you just a day earlier PK90! thanks for contacting me.
  10. thanks for the list - every site has it as unavailable. Need the wood/stainless 5802 model!
  11. sure is a tough model to find. really interested in the 5802 new..
  12. I've call just about every gun shop in the phila area looking for a mini 14 stainless ranch rifle model 5802. no one has seen one lateley and no ideas as to when they'd become available. Know of any shop in Southern NJ that has one for sale? I'd have to have it transferred to a FFL in PA. thanks.
  13. I'm considering buying a rifle online. I'll buy it from a dealer in North Carolina and have it shipped to a FFL holder in PA I've never done a purchase like this before. I'm a PA resident living in NJ for work. I'll be bringing the rifle to my home in NJ after purchase (proper transport per NJ rules). so, how does this transaction exactly work? Obviously I have to contact a gun shop FFL holder in PA, let them know I'm having the rifle sent to them. Then I'd have to pay them a fee? What is the typical fee or does it vary by gun shop? What coordination do I need to do between the seller and the PA gun shop? or does the PA gun shop handle it all? Do I need to fill out any paperwork when picking up the rifle - I guess per PA regulations ? thanks.
  14. I called a local shooting range here in south jersey to get a family membership for the parents and two kids under 12. I explained that I had a PA license, but have a home and address in NJ as well. I have dual residency - house in PA and house in NJ. My wife has a NJ license. The range said that I cannot rent a rifle because I dont have a NJ FID card or a PA license to carry. My wife cannot rent a rifle there either as she doesnt have a FID card. The person on the phone also said that it was illegal for me to bring my own ruger 10/22 to my home in the state and transport it to the range because I dont have a NJ FID, and that I cant use my own rifle at the range since I dont have a FID. Is all that true? may it just be the range policy? I'm going to call a different range tomorrow and see what they say.
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