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  1. Hello All, Our power went out for a good long time this winter and I saw how residents of towns around me (Maplewood, Milburn, The Oranges) were not prepared. I have a 4x4 vehicle with good tires on it, food, water, fuel, clothing, etc... Many of our neighbors, despite warnings were scrambling for items as simple as flashlights. My 67yr old uncle lives in South Orange, near Newark and says that they had several car break-ins in one night during the dark hours, with all the lights out. He can handle himself, well and is in good shape, but he is getting older and I worried enough about him that I went to check on him. I wasn't in NJ for Hurricane Sandy, and I know that was pretty bad... but I do worry that if a simple winter storm caught so many people unprepared, what will happen if a big one hits. The first plan of action for my GF and I is to hunker down in the apartment if something like that happens, but... I feel like there is a potential here for things to get worse than other places I have lived in more rural areas. Someday, I'd like to build a small little off the grid (but still comfortable) cabin on a piece of land in NY, NJ, or PA which could function as a weekend get away, hunting spot, or even a place to go in an emergency. I don't have that yet. There are some nice rural places west of Morristown and about an hour south on the GS Parkway, but I expect traffic would be slammed in an emergency and there are bridges to cross. I guess I am just looking for a spot to hunker down and pitch camp to plan our next move, or wait out trouble. So... if a second Sandy hits, if NYC has a catastrophe, etc... and things get really bad around here (Newark area) where do I go, and what do I take? -Dave
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