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  1. Maybe if we ban high capacity magazines eventually they will be used up because the bullets will all be shot out. After all, magazines are disposable, aren't they?
  2. Just about anything can happen in NJ in terms of people's gun rights being violated. Especially with the current governor the magazine ban in NJ came as no surprise to me. You're right about people needing the same attitude in NJ as those that overturned the magazine ban in CA but the fact of the matter is most people don't like guns in NJ.
  3. Well as of now the high capacity mag ban in CA has been overturned so supposedly you can now get magazines that hold over 10 rounds in CA. This ruling was partially due to a woman who defended herself from home intruders and she had a "high capacity magazine" in her weapon. She couldn't reload because she had her phone in her other hand. Here is the article. https://www.foxnews.com/us/judge-blocks-californias-high-capacity-ammunition-ban
  4. #1 That's how it already is in NJ, at least in terms of gun rights. #2 Considering we've got a very conservative SCOTUS especially with the two appointees by Trump, I would count on the ladder. So lets say that this doesn't get to the SCOTUS. Is there any way the NJ magazine ban can be challenged and brought to the 9th circuit the same way its being challenged in CA?
  5. Any way to get it to SCOTUS without it being overturned by the 9th circuit?
  6. So this happened at the federal level, does this mean that NJ's "high capacity" magazine ban is also struck down?
  7. But the Democrat crowd, or at least the gun control crowd doesn't like violence. It doesn't make sense they would resort to death threats and bodily harm.
  8. Well now supposedly they're working on making a 5 round limit on magazines.
  9. To the best of my knowledge they never did go door to door when they imposed the 15 round limit in NJ rather if you were caught with a magazine that could hold 15+ rounds you would be in trouble.
  10. I wish people wouldn't meekly turn over their guns if and when the police conduct a door to door seizure, but explain Katrina.
  11. Based on previous instances, nobody is going to say 'fu' and start shooting, after all, that's not what happened when people were having their guns seized in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
  12. I do know lots of people who believe in gun rights are against gun registration. One of the arguments in favor of gun registration is that it cuts down on straw purchases. For instance, in NJ to buy a handgun you need a special handgun purchasing permit and, one permit per handgun and when you go to purchase the handgun a copy including the make, model, serial number, caliber, and so forth is sent to both your state and local headquarters. One of the arguments in favor of this is that lets say you buy a handgun and then sell it to a criminal and the criminal uses it to kill somebody, with the handgun being registered they could trace it back to you and you could be charged with illegally selling a handgun to a criminal and with accessory to murder in the case the criminal does use it to kill somebody. Now, as for me Im against registration for other reasons but this is one of the arguments that those who are in favor of registration use. Thoughts?
  13. Yes Sports Authority was a good chain and they even sold handguns in NJ at one time. Too bad they've closed down. Now we've got Dick's in its place which Im avoiding right now.
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