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  1. winmag45, Well, I didn't pull my 590A1 apart to check, but I just happen to have an aftermarket pistol grip stock for a Mossberg lying around here and it has a short attaching bolt that is a 5/16-18 thread. Hope that helps. -Longranger
  2. If those shorter cases are good except for the length of 1.138", I'd use them. SAAMI spec on 38 SPL case length is 1.135" to 1.155". Just check after firing that they haven't shrunk below the lower limit. Not sure what you're measuring with, but you're really splitting hairs here. I'd use a 1"-2" micrometer that had been set with gauges if I thought the length was that critical. -Longranger
  3. Dead on precise for COAL? Shorter tends to increase pressure, which you'd need to watch closely at maximum or near maximum loads. Longer - problems fitting into mag if way too long or maybe chambering in a revolver. SAAMI spec for max 38 SPL length is 1.550". What COAL are you getting? -Longranger
  4. Crimps look ok from what I can see. 1 or 2 thou over on COAL should work. -Longranger
  5. Torkk, Wipe the funnel and powder measure hopper inside and out with a Bounce dryer sheet. Ground the powder measure. Throw a charge, weigh it, record the weight, throw that powder back into the hopper, repeat ten times. See if you're getting consistent the weights. You need to do the same motion everytime you throw a charge. Slow or fast or tap 3 times - whatever. Just make sure you throw charges the same way each time. Report back with your progress please. - -Longranger
  6. I'm interested. Where are you located? -Longranger
  7. Kansas City Firearms and Cornerstone Arms are showing 1 pound cans available for online orders. -Longranger
  8. PK90, I've had a standalone Snap-On borescope for a long time. It came with a small tip, a large tip, and 90-degree adapters for looking sideways instead of straight ahead. It records video or photos onto an SD-card. I think there's been lots of progress in the tech since I bought that and there are now some pretty fancy USB borescopes available. Prices vary all over the board. -Longranger
  9. Hodgdon website says COL for the 115gr LRN loaded with Titegroup is 1.100. You're pretty much right there at 1.103. -Longranger
  10. Do you have load data for the ibjiheads bullets and titegroup? It's generally not a good idea to just change bullets and expect the same recipe to apply. Sounds like the coated bullets have a much more round profile than the FMJs. -Longranger
  11. If the Tool Craft and PSA are both full auto spec, they're probably the same weight. Oh well. If the SPR gas rings test ok, no leaks in the gas system, gas block is properly aligned to the gas port, and the gas port is not undersize or partially clogged, I think you're down to lightening the buffer or running the 55gr ammo with a heavier charge than the recommended max. I'm curious to hear what you decide to settle on. -Longranger
  12. MartyZ, You did say in your original post that you had checked the gun. Did you test or check the gas rings? Are the BCGs in all your ARs the same weight? I wonder if the SPR BCG is a touch heavier than the others and maybe a little swapping around will get you all guns working with all ammo. -Longranger
  13. I agree 100%. I'm only saying that a 55gr @ 3224fps has the same kinetic energy as a 68gr at 2900fps. Same amount of work was done on the bullet. Different powders, different burn rates, different length of time in the barrel (before and after the gas port), and different pressure/time curves. -Longranger
  14. Well, it sounds like you need to decide if you want to lighten the rifle buffer weight a little and have a bit more recoil on all your other loads just to have consistent locking with the 55gr at the lower charge or run the 55gr above the recommended max charge or just save the 55gr ammo for the carbines. Your call. I'd use the 55gr ammo in the carbines. -Longranger
  15. Barrel nut ID maybe 1.190"? Even better. Do you need to be a gunsmith in NJ to open up a barrel nut ID on a lathe? -Longranger
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