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  1. Selling some 40 S&W factory ammo & bullets: 100 rds Winchester 165gr FMJ Target 40 S&W - $30 50 rds Speer Lawman 180gr TMJ 40 S&W - $20 ~900 Berry's Bullets, #72953, Double Struck, 40 S&W/10mm, 155gr Flat Point - $75 for the 900 that are left in the box ~375 Better Bullets, Super Hard Cast Alloy Bullets, .40/10mm, lubed & sized .401, 175gr, Semi-Wadcutter - $30 for the 375 or thereabouts that are left in the box Must be able to meet in Colts Neck area (Rt34 & 537) to pick up factory ammo. Must have FID, matching DL, and cash when picking up factory ammo, no exceptions. I can split the bullets into smaller amounts, take PayPal F&F for the bullets, and ship if the buyer will cover the additional cost of shipping. The first to post "I'll take it" in reponse to this post wins the sale. Then follow that with a PM that includes your name, what you're looking to buy, and a date/time you'd be able to pick up. Will respond to messages in the order they're received.
  2. Blackjack988, Berger 6.5mm 140gr Hybrids are Target, right? If so, I’ll take all 500. Let me know. THX!
  3. I found GRT while searching for an alternative to QL. Actually, I was thinking of doing my own program from scratch, but I like to snoop around and see if anyone else has been there done that before I reinvent the wheel. I was so impressed with GRT that I become a patron that supports their efforts. GRT runs on Windows and Linux. Wide support for Windows, only one distribution of Linux has been thoroughly tested. GRT is available for free, but it is not open source. Public release updates are provided in Windows and Linux versions. Interim (or beta) updates are made available to patrons and only for Windows. I think the model that provides the basis for the data is better (as in more accurate) than that used in QL and GRT includes a plug-in that allows any user to upload their load, chrony, component measurements, and pressure data (if they have Pressure Trace) to a database that is used to continually refine the powder burn characteristics. The whole project seems exceptionally well thought out to me. Now for some of the inner workings of GRT. The program includes an OBT feature that supplies full and half node values and a target analysis module. Accurate results REQUIRE inputting exacting measurements of your fired case capacity and measurements, barrel details, and bullet weight and measurements. Default values for almost everything are preloaded in the database and wildcat cartridges and new bullets are added to the database as fast as users upload new info. Do I sound like a salesman for GRT? Sorry about that, I just think it’s an amazing tool that has resulted from the combined efforts of a great reloading community. The GRT community forum is hosted on Discord, which I had never even heard of prior to stumbling across GRT. Then I found that NJGF is also on Discord. No cost to join the forum, but patrons get a few perks like direct support and communication with the development team. I haven’t found anything about GRT yet that I don’t like, so that’s also a plus.
  4. Forgot to answer your question. Lower powder charges for heavier bullets are typically due to the pressure increase associated with getting the heavier bullet underway. Lighter bullets are easier to get moving and the pressure rises more slowly.
  5. kc17, I just ran what I think you're looking at in GRT load simulation software. Looks like 3.4gr of Titegroup is bumping up against the max recommended pressure. This is just a simulation, like QuickLoad software. So, all normal warnings regarding working up a load apply.
  6. winmag45, Well, I didn't pull my 590A1 apart to check, but I just happen to have an aftermarket pistol grip stock for a Mossberg lying around here and it has a short attaching bolt that is a 5/16-18 thread. Hope that helps. -Longranger
  7. If those shorter cases are good except for the length of 1.138", I'd use them. SAAMI spec on 38 SPL case length is 1.135" to 1.155". Just check after firing that they haven't shrunk below the lower limit. Not sure what you're measuring with, but you're really splitting hairs here. I'd use a 1"-2" micrometer that had been set with gauges if I thought the length was that critical. -Longranger
  8. Dead on precise for COAL? Shorter tends to increase pressure, which you'd need to watch closely at maximum or near maximum loads. Longer - problems fitting into mag if way too long or maybe chambering in a revolver. SAAMI spec for max 38 SPL length is 1.550". What COAL are you getting? -Longranger
  9. Crimps look ok from what I can see. 1 or 2 thou over on COAL should work. -Longranger
  10. Torkk, Wipe the funnel and powder measure hopper inside and out with a Bounce dryer sheet. Ground the powder measure. Throw a charge, weigh it, record the weight, throw that powder back into the hopper, repeat ten times. See if you're getting consistent the weights. You need to do the same motion everytime you throw a charge. Slow or fast or tap 3 times - whatever. Just make sure you throw charges the same way each time. Report back with your progress please. - -Longranger
  11. I'm interested. Where are you located? -Longranger
  12. Kansas City Firearms and Cornerstone Arms are showing 1 pound cans available for online orders. -Longranger
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