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  1. I'm not saying NJ would. I'm just wondering how people would feel if that was the use of the money. Jesus you're angry. Roids? Not loved enough as a child?
  2. Hm, tax it more to stop people. I guess that's why no one smokes anymore, right? Reading the one senate bill on taxing ammo, that include primer, cases, bullets, powder... Speaking with the wife, she brought up the point, "Where does that tax money go to?" And reading the bills, it's not stated. What if we got it to be used to hire more personnel for the state to do background checks, speeding up FID checks, handgun permit processing, NICS checks? Would people here be okay with that swap paying a little bit extra for ammo for all that to be sped up? Because let's face it, letting people get guns is super low on the list of priorities for the state so it's not like they will take funding from elsewhere to speed up gun purchasing processes.
  3. I'm sure they'll figure a way out to do it. You don't know who I vote for. Should I say your team is pedophiles like Roy Moore and you still vote for guys like him every time you mention something conservative? No, that'd be ridiculous.
  4. My first car was a Chevy Cavalier 5 years old. 35k miles on it. Paid $4k in cash for it. Glad I didn't waste money on a brand new car. Everyone gets scratches and dings in their first car. And they will be in parking lots at school with lots of dumb drivers. I'd never advise getting a nice car for a 17 year old. But if the kid's paying for it, that's on them.
  5. So four laws that don't target crime and two laws that are money grabs that don't target crime. Yippee...
  6. Got the ABC's of Reloading by the way. Came today in the mail. Already read a good portion of it. Quite interesting stuff. I actually enjoyed the first chapter on safety. Those kinds of things that he talked about are things that can easily happen to anyone regardless of experience level. Shit happens. I've learned from other hobbies that quality makes a long-term difference. And I think a lot of what I do in my lab gives me good experience on the safety aspect, QC aspect, and precision work. It's totally the kind of thing I could nerd out doing. And I already separate my brass. My Wolf brass stays in Wolf boxed and AE rounds in AE boxes. Anyone have the Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic? Currently, Hornady is offering 500 free bullets with purchase of one of their presses or kits. $294 for the kit (Doesn't include dies, calipers, tumbler).
  7. Wait a second. So you're telling me I'll have even better reasons to justify getting better equipment?
  8. I have no issues with killing a few hours processing rounds. Picking some lazy weekends is fine with me.
  9. I have 400-500 empty rounds in my locker so far.
  10. Target Sports has Hornady Superformance Match 223 Remington Ammo 73 Grain ELD Match for $0.87/rd.
  11. Figured this thread is useless without pictures. First picture is 6 shots with the reloads. Second picture was second 5, AE. First picture was my first 5 at 100 yards with AE.
  12. Finally got to try some reloads my friend gave me to try out. He gave me rounds he loads for his Ruger American Predator to see how the loads would do for my Ruger American Ranch. His Predator has a 22" barrel, 1:8 twist, chambered in .223 rem. My Ranch has a 16.12" barrel, 1:8 twist, chambered in 5.56 NATO. Basically, he wanted to see the effect of the shorter barrel on his round. Went to the range last night, brought 20 rounds of my Wolf Gold, 40 rounds of my American Eagle 62gr BT, and the 6 rounds he gave me. Some nice Sierra Matchking bullets in the reloads. Used my Wolf to warm up at 50 yards. Was shooting off a rest instead of prone, but unfortunately, couldn't find the rear rest in my car so I needed to adjust. Used the AE at 50 and 100 yards. Let my rifle cool down, then finished with the reloads. It's amazing how much of a difference it all is. I already notice a fair difference between the Wolf and AE rounds even shooting inside. But these rounds were a serious step up. The precision with these rounds was just damn good. Even my flier wasn't far off by any means. Definitely felt some more heat come off from those rounds but I'm focusing more on quality of quantity of shots. I really, really need to get into this. I'm not looking to save money (Though I was eyeing all that brass they were sweeping up at the end of the night. Might try to ask about grabbing some next time I go though I doubt I'll get a positive response.). But it's definitely the kind of thing I could learn to super enjoy. Being a chemist, that kind of precision preparing of getting the right amount of grains, perfect seating of the bullet, testing them. It sounds so fun and rewarding.
  13. FYI, if any app has malware, turning off your phone might not be enough. There's malware out there that can turn on your phone, turn on your camera, record sound through your speaker without a single visual difference.
  14. Right...Honestly, I'd say it's more likely they record everything than not. Just like all those apps we download on our phone. Apps for flashlights that need permissions to phone calls, video, photos, etc.
  15. Loved Mark Wahlberg in that. A lot of the other cast I just found annoying. Big fan of Kate Mara.
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