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  1. Davis Instruments Vantage Vue. We’ve had one for years. Very accurate including wind chill and heat index. We bought ours to track wind speeds for rc helicopter flying. Yes, we that sort of couple. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Neptune Twp. Duplicate FOID w/name & address change. Lost original and had subsequently gotten married. Application submitted - 3/15 Fingerprinted - 3/22 References - returned w/i a couple wks Original issuing PD report - ordered 5/14; rec’d 5/25 Background report ordered FOID & three P2P picked up - 6/18 Last note: ordered my CZ Shadow 2 today! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Tweaked the letter a bit and sent. One auto reply received from DeAngelo's office.
  4. Done!
  5. Great advice - thanks!
  6. In Neptune - 8 weeks so far. I’ve requested three permits. Once they’re issued I figure to be busy for those 90 days. I’ll definitely come see you when they’re in hand.
  7. Sounds like I’m going to have a new best friend. Now where’s that darned FID?!?
  8. Thanks to all for the smiles and guidance today. Looking forward to future discussions and some friendly shooting!
  9. Sorry for the scare but thanks for the advice!
  10. Maybe, but a girl’s gotta have a dream. I’ve enjoyed one friend’s .357 (6” barrel though) and her husband’s .44 (4” barrel). I do like a challenge.
  11. Oops - did I say Colt? I meant S&W. Gotta get that 1911 out of my head!
  12. Thanks, everyone, for the warm welcome. I’m in Neptune - the ID bureau has been pleasant, but . . . References have been in for a while and as of last week they’re waiting for “other documentation”. Originally I was thinking about a Sig 320 but after shooting a friend’s steel Tanfoglio I fell in love with the weight. Long story short - either a CZ Shadow 2 or a Colt model 29 (if I can find either one!). Wish me luck! PS - always wanted to shoot skeet so I think a shotgun may be in my future!
  13. New (again) to shooting. I used to shoot revolvers with my brother more than 30 years ago. Really dating myself here! Now my husband and I are taking up the sport. I forgot how enjoyable it was. Once my FID is issued (8 wks and counting) I hope to be spending quite a bit of time on a range. That is, after I buy a sweet pistol I have my eyes on!