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  1. Under FOPA (Firearms Owners Protection Act) you are legally allowed to transport your firearms across state lines as long as you're legally able to possess them at the point of origination and the point of destination (you're allowed to have them at your home and you're allowed to possess them at the range in PA). Make sure you're transporting them according to law (cased, in the trunk, unloaded, etc etc).
  2. I live nearby, might see you there!
  3. Hi and welcome to the titillating world of shooting sports in a very anti-2A state! Had you decided to move just a few miles west you could have had so many more fun things! I shot at Heritage Guild a few times, it's a nice place! I'm from Morris County, so a bit far from you but hope to see you on the range one day!
  4. I don't have an "other" but I do have a couple of standard AR style rifles. They are really easy to shoot and they have pistol grips. I like to hold mine by the mag well with my left hand. I just don't feel as comfortable with my arm extended down the hand guard. You should try a few out before you "pull the trigger" to find what features you like in actual use. Then you might even be interested in building your own so it can truly fit you like a glove!
  5. Hi! Awesome that you're getting back into shooting! I'm sure if you have questions there's plenty of brilliant minds here that can help answer them, so don't be shy and post those too! I saw your other post, and you said you were interested in an "other". What's drawing you towards that instead of a traditional AR style rifle? What's on your pros/ cons list?
  6. Ms. 12 Gauge


    I feel like it's not as many stands as Clinton, but it's also not really as busy. I usually go on weekdays (I have my hunting license, and l just renewed it) so I'm not sure how busy a weekend morning is normally (probably not as busy during the winter months) I've seen largish groups shooting of like 6-8 on a single thrower at a single stand. So I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem if it's not packed. I can swing past this weekend to do some recon if there's interest.
  7. Ms. 12 Gauge


    I live around the corner
  8. Ms. 12 Gauge


    Everyone has suggested I check out Fairfield, but I haven't yet. CR has some 5 stand I think but if I'm going to make a whole day of clays I like taking the drive out to Lehigh. I really should make some time to see Fairfield for myself
  9. Ms. 12 Gauge


    Oh hey!! Welcome! I also live in Morris County (I'm from Morris Township) and recently bought my first home! I'm not so new to shooting/ guns as I've been shooting for almost 20 years and a gun owner for almost 15. Local public ranges have turned me off with such long wait times lately so I joined a private one (Cherry Ridge in Vernon. It's a drive, but scenic and worth it to me) Locally, I'm about 10-15 minutes from the shotgun practice range at the Chester WMA, Black River. And I head there for some quick clay busting when the mood strikes. Feel free to reach out to me if you wanna chat about local spots! Rhi
  10. Hey! I live near by in Morristown! I sometimes shoot at Black River and I went hunting in there a few times. I've heard you can do your change of address online for the DMV and while they won't send you a new license, they will send you documentation confirming your new address. https://emvc.state.nj.us/MVC_SAC/AVSStart.jsp . You'll also want to do this kinda soon (remember your P2P expires in 90 days without an extension). Finding a firearm and ammo you'll want to purchase take some research (do you know what you like, or where you're going to go to buy it?) So now is a good time to start reading! (I do a lot of my research online, reading reviews to help narrow down potential purchases) As for ammo, I use ammoseek to keep an eye on fluctuating prices. If you need any more pointers, don't be afraid to ask! Welcome to the virtual (and physical neighborhood!)
  11. I definitely love the bore snakes! I just went out and got a cheap ultra sonic cleaner from harbor freight.....I think I like it! I also got a cheap air compressor to help dry parts once it comes out of the tank. I had some grit and gunk in the trigger group of my favorite shotgun. Tossed the whole thing in the tank and ran it for a cycle. Came out looking brand new! A quick and light lube and I'm all done.
  12. I always clean a new firearm partly because of extra thick packing grease and partly because it's a good way for me to learn all of the working parts better. I usually learn my firearm best by taking it apart and putting it back together. It's like I can picture in my head the "guts" of the thing when I'm using it.
  13. Hi! You should keep an eye out for @Krdshrk. He likes to post open invites to shotgun shoots at WMAs. A few of us like to get together once a week or so.
  14. [emoji1787][emoji1787] I might try to swing by and "donate" some shells Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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