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  1. The hunting license is all online right now, with exception to the live fire part. It's pretty easy and self-paced. I had no prior knowledge or experience with hunting and I was able to complete it easily. I used to live in Parsippany on Baldwin Rd! I also signed up for Cherry Ridge online, and their mandatory safety meeting is currently online as well. If you have any questions or need help, don't be afraid to reach out.
  2. I live in Morristown. I got my hunting license just to use the range at Black River. I also joined Cherry Ridge with the stimulus money last year. It's a bit of a drive but I really enjoy the range there. If you're near me and want to check out Black River, we should try to connect.
  3. What area are you from? Do you have a hunting license?
  4. I mentioned it. It gets quicker as you get more confident. Until you get an ultrasonic cleaner!
  5. Don't be nervous! Cleaning your firearm for the first time is great! It'll help you learn the relationship between all of the parts and you'll have a better understanding of what they all do. It should have come with a user manual which would have a schematic for the official name of all of the pieces. Have that accessible while you're watching a couple YouTube videos. Prepare a clutter free work area, and have a tray or dish handy that you can put the pieces on like the guide rod and spring that might want to roll away otherwise. If you're nervous about just handling your firearm, don't be. Without the ammo in the same room, it's just a hunk of metal and maybe polymer. If you're nervous about doing it wrong, just don't try to force anything that doesn't want to be pulled apart or put together. Other than that, it's pretty easy. If you're exceptionally concerned about doing it yourself, there are gun cleaning classes offered at most ranges, but you can learn just as much if not more from the internet. If you just want the moral support, ask around at the range you might find a friend that's willing to show you how. I once thought it was super complicated and scary but it gives you much more hands on knowledge of your tools.
  6. I mean.... I'm 5'4"
  7. Hi! I'm a girl! I have an 870 Wingmaster I used to use to shoot clays. It was a bit heavy to swing all day, so I switched out the wood furniture for some synthetic. It made it a little easier to point and swing for a full day of clays but I soon bought a Beretta A400 Lite. It's light, and easy to carry and the Kickoff system helps mitigate recoil. It's just over 6 1/2 lbs. She's more than welcome to try mine. For new shooters in general, I'd suggest trying to find a 12ga that fits as you do make hitting clays more difficult when you change gauges. A lot of the newer semi autos have some sort of recoil system which might take just enough off of the kick to be manageable for her. Let me know when we're all meeting up at Clinton and I'll bring mine! Best, Rhi
  8. Under FOPA (Firearms Owners Protection Act) you are legally allowed to transport your firearms across state lines as long as you're legally able to possess them at the point of origination and the point of destination (you're allowed to have them at your home and you're allowed to possess them at the range in PA). Make sure you're transporting them according to law (cased, in the trunk, unloaded, etc etc).
  9. I live nearby, might see you there!
  10. Hi and welcome to the titillating world of shooting sports in a very anti-2A state! Had you decided to move just a few miles west you could have had so many more fun things! I shot at Heritage Guild a few times, it's a nice place! I'm from Morris County, so a bit far from you but hope to see you on the range one day!
  11. I don't have an "other" but I do have a couple of standard AR style rifles. They are really easy to shoot and they have pistol grips. I like to hold mine by the mag well with my left hand. I just don't feel as comfortable with my arm extended down the hand guard. You should try a few out before you "pull the trigger" to find what features you like in actual use. Then you might even be interested in building your own so it can truly fit you like a glove!
  12. Hi! Awesome that you're getting back into shooting! I'm sure if you have questions there's plenty of brilliant minds here that can help answer them, so don't be shy and post those too! I saw your other post, and you said you were interested in an "other". What's drawing you towards that instead of a traditional AR style rifle? What's on your pros/ cons list?
  13. Ms. 12 Gauge


    I feel like it's not as many stands as Clinton, but it's also not really as busy. I usually go on weekdays (I have my hunting license, and l just renewed it) so I'm not sure how busy a weekend morning is normally (probably not as busy during the winter months) I've seen largish groups shooting of like 6-8 on a single thrower at a single stand. So I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem if it's not packed. I can swing past this weekend to do some recon if there's interest.
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