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  1. Deerslayer, I will put you on my list - thanks for the invite. Interestingly, the guys at RTSP said they can only sell me ammo if I rent, but because I had a carry license, they could sell me ammo if I brought my own gun. I wonder if it has something to do with needing a FID? Can I legally bring my own ammo in from out of state? Regardless, I can always reimburse you. Thanks again,
  2. Yes, good advice I think. We went to RTSP in Randolph yesterday. Great range with lots of nice people. Open invitation to anyone on this forum if you ever get to Texas.
  3. Hi Glen, thanks for the input. Reading the laws is daunting. I understand NJ transport requirements under federal law. What I don't understand is my status as a non-resident. My daughter, a NJ resident, can certainly have a handgun on her private property without a license or FID. But am I, a non-resident, legally allowed to possess a handgun on her private property? And how do I transport it into NJ to get it to her private property? Anecdotal stories have warned non-residents that NJ will arrest and prosecute you and make you use the laws as a defense to conviction.
  4. Nice to see that at least folks can still go to range and have some fun up here. All we hear in Texas is horror stories. I appreciate the invite, unfortunately I'm at the mercy of my family's schedule this weekend (this is our first visit). Also didn't bring any gear, but will put it on the list for next time. Actually, I'm also a BP guy. I load my own 45LC and shotshells in BP. I have a Stoeger Coach, couple of Piettas with cartridge conversions, and a Rossi 92 in 45LC (keeps it simple). I am Trickster Dick in SASS.. Have fun!
  5. Thanks, I'll tell my daughter. I think as a non-resident I have to find a State Police office? Can it be any of them?
  6. Thanks, will miss both of those in July, but will make a note for the return visit.
  7. Good info, Thanks. I'll pass this along to my daughter. So, as a non-resident, I can get an FPID. Does this then allow me to transport a long gun or shotgun in my vehicle (unloaded and locked case, I presume?)? And also buy ammo?
  8. I just want to be able to say I shot a gun in NJ
  9. Wow, the horror stories are true. I truly feel for you guys. No, my daughter moved from Chicago (out of the frying pan and into the fire ), however since IL became a shall issue state, I did get a non-resident IL CCL. And then - she up and gets transferred to NJ! We don't have any guns here, we're just planning on renting, but appreciate the advice. Maybe y'all could try the federal challenge that forced IL to become a shall issue. I'll look at the CNJFO. Thanks
  10. well, I guess I can just show up in my outfit and visit. can I at least bring ammo to help out? I load my own BP 45LC. Thanks for the info.
  11. Howdy from Texas. I do BP and cowboy shooting. I'm visiting my daughter in Succasunna and didn't bring any guns, but I will be back. Just wondering if y'all have SASS or cowboy action shooting matches in NJ, and what the laws are on cap & ball revolvers, and period lever action rifles and shotguns.
  12. I am visiting my daughter and family in Succasunna, so I thought I would check in with New Jersey folks who appreciate 2A rights. Needless to say, I'm disappointed I drove all this way from Waco, Texas, and could not bring my EDC because I'm not allowed to transport if my destination is NJ. Perhaps y'all can educate me on the current status of NJ gun laws and enforcement, because all we hear are horror stories. I did find a gun range nearby that rents, but only allows 2 or more in a lane (what's up with that?). So, I will probably take my daughter (also a former Marine) and check it out. I expect to be visiting often, and I assume it is near impossible to get a carry license here, but I applaud your mission to increase your gun rights. You have my total support. If there is someway to financially support your forum, I'll look for that. As for me, I am a retired Marine officer (flew A-6 Intruders), and a retired Aeronautical Engineer and engineering professor. I also have a private fixed wing and helicopter pilot license, and do not plan to move from Texas anytime soon. And, if any of you ever find yourself passing through Waco, I will buy you a beer and take you to my range. Texas honors NJ carry permits, but you can also carry concealed in your vehicle without a license. Cheers
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