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  1. I think ultimately both NY and NJ are going to face a new round of litigation for a number of reasons. One, the overly broad definition of "restricted places" is just that and unenforceable period. The second front? Both of these states are pricing poor people out of self defense altogether. NY had something like a $400 fee for the carry permit out of the gate. That's ignoring fingerprinting costs, storage requirements (good safes aren't cheap) and the time it takes to chase down all the paperwork. If you're on a low/fixed income and just happen to live in a high crime area, what do you do then? NJ isn't far behind, as most states have a five year expiration on permits whereas NJ says two. Not to mention you have to resubmit all the same information every time you renew--including fingerprints, which last I checked don't "expire." You'd think after Heller, McDonald, and now Bruen they'd give it a rest, but they refuse. I think the only recourse here will be prosecution for infringing upon the rights of citizens as defined by the Constitution.
  2. This was the part that I always found nonsensical. There are literally dozens of states that rule the same places "off limits" such as courthouses, police stations, schools, polling places, etc. An exhaustive expansion of "sensitive places" is just as unconstitutional as "justifiable need."
  3. Not to mention the fact that even if you're in a town/county where the police chief or sheriff actually agrees with you, your permit will likely get denied once it reaches superior court.
  4. Sears stores are going the way of the dinosaur now, but this is the one I have. It charges bikes, cars, and boats. It works fairly well for trickle charging which seems like what you're looking for here.
  5. Being a glass half full kind of guy I'm thinking that the NY "law" falls. That means the rest of the nanny states are left scrambling to try and figure out another scheme, be it licensing costs, training requirements, or some such nonsense. Either way, they already see the writing on the wall which is why Feinstein is cooking up another " assault weapons ban."
  6. Absolutely not. I just went through this (and the online process) last week. You pay first and if the PD remembers to submit to the state police, you get the E-mail later. Granted, the process only took about two weeks but it still seems that there's just enough human interaction to gum up the works.
  7. Deminksy & Doyle were talking about the radio today. The wild part that everyone forgets is that most of these "fees" are unconstitutional on their face. When they were $2 here and $5 there, I don't think many people (outside of a few here) cared. I'd love to see SCOTUS strike down the entire evil schedule of fees.
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