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  1. I’ve bought from Midway and they required a copy of my FID. TargetSportsUSA said they didn’t need it for NJ. This may all change. What’s more idiotic about these gun laws is a buddy of mine in IL has a CCW, but he can’t buy ammo online. In NJ I’ll never be able to CCW, but I’ve been able to buy ammo online.
  2. It seems like they don’t wake up in NJ. Listen to 101.5 once in awhile if you want to hear the most ridiculous nonsense from people calling in and giving their opinion. I have to turn it off sometimes.
  3. I buy ammo at Wal-Mart in PA. They recently started asking for my DL. The clerk told me that’s a Wal-Mart policy. Not a PA state requirement.
  4. [emoji849] well that would be an issue. Sad state of affairs in NJ [emoji22]
  5. You can always reload
  6. Good luck in NJ. They just all voted for blatantly crooked Menendez.
  7. Democratic collusion
  8. True
  9. Most of what I heard on 101.5 is they voted for Menendez because they hated Trump. People are ridiculous. It explains a lot about the assholes in this state.
  10. So now this idiot goes and shoots up a dance with a Glock. That doesn’t help our cause.
  11. So we lost our NRA supporting representative Tom MacArthur to a Democrat . How are you all feeling about the state of gun ownership in NJ?
  12. A buddy of mine told me he did this back in the day. Buy a couple of cheap shot guns. Saw the barrel off and cash it in at gun buy back.
  13. Oh damn, I’ll have to look that up. Heading into work now.