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  1. I’m looking for a S&W 500 revolver in the $1300 range. Do any local NJ gun shops have any in stock and for sale without price gouging?
  2. Lol it worked that way in the past, but not now. I paid no money in person unless the young statie make a mistake in collecting the $4.00.
  3. I received confirmation that my references responded the same day I applied. 5 days later I got confirmation that my criminal check cleared. I paid for everything online. $25.00 for two permits. I got screwed somehow.
  4. Well there is light at the end of the tunnel. I finally received my pistol permits tonight. 4 months to the day, although, the issue date on the permit is 1/8. Today is 1/22. I guess it was sitting on someone’s desk for awhile. Regardless, happy they finally came through.
  5. I got my 30 cans of Progresso soup. Great time to stock up.
  6. I’m well over 90 days and getting close to 120. I received the same back and nothing since. What town?
  7. Lol my change of address took 6 months amd it was only after I contacted a Republican assemblyman that it came through.
  8. I live in The Pines. We deal with the state police. They are usually pretty quick. They are in slow down now it seems.
  9. I applied for 2 pistol permits on 9/18. My references immediately responded. On 9/23 my criminal background check went through. Here I sit on 12/29 still playing with my pud. Back in January 2020 I had papers in hand in 6 weeks.
  10. Burlington County, South Jersey. We deal with State Police. 30 days pre covid. I'm 6 weeks in now and waiting. I did a change of address on my FID 3 years ago when Murphy first got in. That took 6 months just for change of address. I wrote Senator MacArthur and 3 days after emailing him they called me to tell me my card was in. Coincidence, maybe.
  11. I just randomly searched for a NJ gun forum and came across this one. I’m a fairly new gun owner in his 50s and wanted to find like minded people.
  12. I agree. Until he flips also. Thanks for your reply.
  13. I get regular updates from the NRA-ILA. They just notified me to write or call my representative about some bill going to congress. My representative in my area is that Kim that bumped out MacArthur. I see no sense in contacting him and I sure as hell don’t want to put my address out there. What do you all think?
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