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  1. A buddy of mine told me he did this back in the day. Buy a couple of cheap shot guns. Saw the barrel off and cash it in at gun buy back.
  2. Oh damn, I’ll have to look that up. Heading into work now.
  3. Well in the world we live in NJ there is legal and illegal. Well if you read the story about Glock they release them back on the street.
  4. For illegal guns good. Not for mine.
  5. You aren’t the guy for the job then [emoji6] 🤮
  6. That’s effed up. I would definitely be planning a beat down.
  7. Thank you for the reply.
  8. Thank you again! Great info!
  9. Awesome! Thank you for the info! I did read in the manual that dry firing the GP 100 is fine. I did buy some dummy rounds but haven’t used them yet. I am a very slow shot because I try to perfect my trigger pull. I did a Glock competition once with a 9mm. I didn’t expect to do well. I was happy to be there and experience the whole atmosphere. I was told my shots were very precise and accurate but I scored low for time. I didn’t sweat it. I figured my speed will come in time. I just like to shoot targets. I’m not a hunter. I just love the beauty and power of the big revolver. I have to pick up some 38s. Thank you again for your useful advice!
  10. Thank you. That did dawn on me once I read it over 🤪. A little slow here lol.
  11. I’m pulling through the whole stroke. I want to get better with the heavier trigger. Thank you for the clarification [emoji6]
  12. I don’t understand what you’re asking. Thank you!
  13. I just recently bought a S&W MP15 .223/556 NJ compliant (because I’m in NJ [emoji22]) for $550