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  1. I fucking hate this state. Well, looks like this isn't worth it for me given the length of time I plan on being there (as short as possible). Thanks for the feedback everyone.
  2. It took me this long to realize I made a typo in the thread title.
  3. I've been out of the state for 49 years in dog years, using the standard 7:1 dog:human ratio.
  4. Thank you, and I hope so too. It was a real eye opener living in states not run by insane kleptomaniacs. I'm dreading moving back but I do believe it is temporary. This was very helpful, thanks. I read through that whole thread and from what I gather, handguns are a no-go, but rifles are okay. Or did I miss something? I suppose it is also worth asking, can an out of state 01 FLL sell me a C&R rifle (assuming I have an 03) and have it shipped to me without further state paperwork or red tape or anything else? Or is this just from 03 to 03 transfers?
  5. Hello everyone, As I mentioned in my intro thread, I have been living outside of NJ for several years, and I have a question about ID cards and permits and whatever else NJ wants to heap on top of me as it pertains to C&R firearms. For a time I did have an 03 FFL (not while in NJ). It expired and I decided not to renew it. With an 03 FFL, you can act as your own FFL for firearms that meet the curio and relic guidelines (basically anything older than 50 years, or had some sort of historical significance, and so on). So things can be shipped directly to you, no background checks, and all that like you were a regular dealer. My question is if I get another 03 FFL while in NJ, can I have a curio and relic firearm shipped to me directly in NJ as I would normally, or does NJ still impose further licencing, ID, and permit requirements on me? For example, as far as I can tell, a Dragunov meets all the requirements for "not an 'assault weapon'" in NJ, and it is classified as a C&R weapon by the ATF. Is NJ still going to require me to do anything more than the feds want in order for me to get that shipped to me? Is there a difference between rifles and handguns here? For example, could I acquire a Nagant revolver or a Tokarov pistol this way? Thank you.
  6. Hello. Born and raised in NJ, but I have been living in other states for the past several years, and due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to move back, at least temporarily. I had to give away or sell all my firearms (not NJ compliant and I wasn't going to make them be so) and standard capacity magazines. Anyway, I have what I think is an uncommon question about firearms laws in NJ, so I'm making a thread in the "current gun law" section. Thank you.
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