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  1. Marty Z, Member, spouse, all children (under 21 I believe) and living at home I believe it also includes parents if living under your roof. You just simply list them on your application. Jerry
  2. 302w, Not sure what number you class as affordable, but the answer to your question is yes and no. I live in Ventnor, just south of AC, (full time) 8 blocks from the beach and 1 block from the back bays. I was able to pick up a 3 bed/2 bath rancher for $240k which in my mind was a great deal. There are currently at least a dozen properties listed for under 200k with a number of foreclosures being listed in the area of 100k. On the other side of the coin, If you want to live in the beach block, that is a whole other matter. Generally speaking,you are going to need as an absolute minimum $1,000,000 just to have the real estate agent even show you a property with most beach block properties selling between 1.75 and 3.25 million. Jerry
  3. Dino, I believe the sale ended Sunday 22 July. I would try calling the store @ 603-610-3000 to double check.
  4. Great Club. Shooting 0900 till sunset xcept Sundays 10. Steel allowed at 25yds. plus. RO's Are good people and rarely if ever there except weekends. No time limits on range use other than simple courtesy. The $15.00 per guest is way to high IMHO $5-8 would be more reasonable, but it is what it is. Your guest limit complaint I really don't have an issue with. I personally only bring (1) guest at a time and generally they are new shooters which you have to watch carefully. A ND from a guest shooter; the axe falls on your neck. I could never split my attention three ways and be comfortable, but that is just me. I have been a member there for quite awhile now and have never had to wait, but then I only shoot during weekdays.
  5. Your absolutely right. That is why I signed the petition!
  6. I have to agree with JohnnyB. Getting 25% of the registered voters to sign a petition is a pipe dream. Counting the number of registered voters (5,759,295 as of 30 Nov. 2017) that would require almost 1.44 million signatures. Sorry as much as I would like to spread around some Magic Pixie Dust and make it happen; it won't.
  7. Good news! I here his mother signed the recall petition as well. Salty Signed with everlasting love.
  8. Sig Sauer NSig Sauer NJ Compliant 10 Round Magazines Sale 55% off. https://www.sigsauer.com/store/
  9. louu, Thanks for the invite. I sent you a PM. Jerry
  10. louu, Sounds like they have really expanded the place. What are your favorite disciplines to shoot?
  11. Ms. 12, Appreciate the welcome. Jerry
  12. Mrs. Peel, Thanks for the welcome. I will try to do my part. Jerry
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