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  1. Did you stop by the cafe while you were there today? If you did I served you haha
  2. Jesse is the best, the mood always lightens when he comes in the door
  3. We only have the 5.56 version at the moment, but it is still selling like hotcakes. It wouldn't surprise me if we started carrying the 9mm version as well.
  4. These things have been selling like crazy at RTSP where I work, If I had the money I would consider getting one. No pistol permit necessary, and because the "stock" is a wrist brace, it is still adjustable ( no pinning required) Build quality seems to be really solid as well, only thing Im not a fan of are the mags it ships with.
  5. When you say fitted what exactly do you mean? Reshaping of the claw itself? or...
  6. No, the extractor dropped in just fine. The extractor on the BM is external, and drops into the slot with a single pin (position in red) and a spring in the back (position circled in green) . My only thought with it to make sure it's getting proper engagement would be to shim the hole the spring sits in so that it is compressed further and is putting more pressure on the extractor itself. Thoughts? Its a possibility that it may be contributing to the issues I have been having. Ill need to look closely at mine compared to others just to be sure it isn't in need of replacement as well.
  7. I'm definitely not limp wristing. I agree on the 124 grain ammo bit, gonna get a couple boxes and run them. The mag spring shouldn't be an issue as it hasn't had a single feeding problem. I haven't checked the ejector closely, that's a good idea!
  8. Hello folks! So I just bought a surplus Star BM 9mm from J&G Sales a few weeks ago and I have been having some issues that I can't seem to take care of. Mostly upon extraction, spent cases are left in front of the bolt and jam the slide open. I was also experiencing some stovepipes. See the attached pictures. (Note: This is a torn up casing and a snap cap used to re-create the look of the jam, I wasn't shooting in my house) When I first got the pistol, I had an average of 7 to 8 malfunctions out of every 100 rounds that I put through it, with 3 different brands (Winchester white box, Fiochi, and SIG Elite Performance) of 115 grain FMJ target ammo. Of these malfunctions 3 to 4 were the jam described above, 1 to 2 were stovepipes, and the others were failures to extract where the casing was still partially in the chamber. After discovering these issues I have replaced the recoil spring assembly, barrel bushing, and extractor and spring. Replacing these parts has cut the number of malfunctions down to 3 to 4 per 100 rounds, 2 to 3 being the failures pictured above, and 1 being a stovepipe. The failure to extract malfunction seems to have been taken care of though. I'm at my wits end at this point. I want this pistol to run reliably but I don't know what else I can do to fix it. Does anyone have any ideas?
  9. Glad to hear that your experience was so positive!
  10. Whoops! I forgot that I posted this actually. At first I didn't disassemble the bolt because it didn't seem like any of the pieces of bolt itself were malfunctioning. After speaking with a few people and more closely inspecting some of the bolt parts, It appears the cocking piece itself is the problem. I hadn't closely compared them with parts from another bolt, so I didn't notice or realize how much the end of that surface had worn down. Its supposed to be much pointer so to speak and I think that is what is keeping the safety from being able to be engaged. I ordered a new cocking piece that should be here in a couple days, and this time things should work. ^ The cocking piece from my Mauser as opposed to one in better condition
  11. Just letting folks know that I work at the RTSP union location now Come by and say hi! Just wanted to mention that there are wider ports both on the rifle and pistol side. If you prefer one just ask and if they are available a clerk will put you on one.
  12. Hello folks, I've got a bit of a conundrum here. I bought a 1938 Turkish Mauser from gunbroker recently, and after receiving it I discovered that the safety is stuck in the Fire position and will not engage, even with the rifle cocked. to get it to function I have to take the bolt out of the rifle and manually push the firing pin backwards to allow me to rotate the safety into the disassembly position. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5d7cQ4QM76s I talked with another friend who suggested the problem might be the sear on the trigger not engaging correctly so I purchased another trigger assembly and replaced the old one. Unfortunately the problem still persists, is there anyone who might be able to help? safety.mp4
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