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  1. signed... and i hope the sick mf'r burns in hell....
  2. Check out the Reloading Discord channel. Theres a Redding specific forum, and a antique/obselete press forum. Edit; i just posted in the redding forum there seeing if anyone has a digital copy or a link. Ill let you know if anyone comes up with something
  3. Maybe i misundersatood the OP's question. You are correct; as your filling out the form with name, adddress, etc, you do use what is on your drivers license and other personal documents and mail. I was only refering to the ORI number. The municipality you actually reside in will have a different ORI number than the municipality that you use as your mailing address. Now this may be different if the same P.D. services both towns. I would assume the ORI number would be the same then?.
  4. Not Accurate info!!!!! My town does not have a post office. We use a neighboring towns post office, zip code, and town name on documents. That is whats on my drivers license, and all my mail, documents, etc etc... But it is two entirely seperate towns, seperate government, and seperate police! And both have municipalities have their own unque and different ORI numbers! OP needs to know exactly what town he lives in; not his mailing address listed town.
  5. Bought 3 of them for all 3 of my listed guns (when i finally get the call!) and now wont be able to use em?! Fkn bullchit....
  6. Post em' up... Im a remodeling contractor and have a pretty large circle of contractor and wood working friends i can spread the word too...
  7. Once the PTC lawsuits settle down, there really needs to be an effort (lawsuit!) over this insane NICS delay.. No doubt its fully intentional, and sadly people are slowing becoming accustomed and accepting of a 5-7 wait.. Just plain old wrong...
  8. Nice to see prices to continue falling back to somewhat normal prices.. With the cost of primers, it almost doesnt pay to reload 9mm like in the past... How much was shipping on this case?
  9. Ill betch ya they werent deplorable Trump voters!
  10. Antron is a local guy, he grew up a few miles from me in Chesterfield here in Burlington county. The whole family is the most down to earth good people you can meet. His grandma was the Matriarch of the family and just recently passed away. They have been and still are a drag racing family for a longggggg time..
  11. ^^^^^^ Model 60, also found as a Glenfield 60, is an awesome and fun gun! With the right model, you get to have 18 round semi-automatic fun here in the Peoples Republic of NewJeristan... i emjpy shooting mine, and even more so since it was handed down from my father. :-) If your set on a lever gun, hard to beat a Marlin 39. My Golden M is dead nuts accurate...
  12. They handed them to you all right there at that hearing? Seems elsewhere, they are getting mailed back to the PD's for distribution...
  13. i dunno; every RPO i know carries when ever and where ever they feel like it... Maybe its just not enforced and not a concern for them... and #10, 'under the influence"... is that a single beer, or is that intoxicated?
  14. Im not a lawyer, so dont take this as legal advice! But,,, heres my take. FIRST, you need to figure out the exact actual details! When you say 'she filed for a RO'; its confusing. Were the police called to your residence? Were you arrested there and charged with DV? What underlying charge for the DV? Assault? If so, and there was evidence of physical injury or harm, then that would have been 'State vs. You' charge, and your kids mother would not have any say in your charges or dropping charges. If this is/was the case, theres no way you would have charges dropped, and you would have a criminal record of DV. And thus, you wouldnt have a FID, PtPP, or pass a NICS... Sooooo, safe to assume she just made a claim of some sort of DV; verbal abuse name calling, threw her phone, kicked the door, etc,etc... She would be granted a TRO (temporary) and then you would HAVE to have had a hearing a short time later (14 days i think). At that hearing, the TRO would have ended, and either no more RO, or it would have become a permenant restraining order. So its confusing when you say 2 years later she dropped it. It was either over in two weeks, or it was a permanant order. If it was permanant, you wouldnt have a FID and you wouldnt pass any background check for firearms. So it can only be concluded you had a minor DV CHARGE; that was dropped or dismissed. you had a TRO that ended without becoming permanant. Thus you do not have a criminal record with a DV CONVICTION, and you do not have a Permant RO. Then assuming, the expungement was for the ARREST record... If all this is true, then you really have nothing to worry about. No conviction of DV, no active RO, so you are not a prohibited person as per statute. If this is not entirely accurate, and your choosing not to share specific details here, thats totally understandable too! But again, you need to positively know what your arrest charges were, what type of RO you had, what the disposition of that RO was, what (if any) charges you were convicted of and have on a criminal record, and what exactly you had expunged. JMO, and not a lawyer!
  15. If it ended in a dismissal and there was only a TRO (temporary restraining order) then it shouldnt matter or count against you! If there was a convitiction of DV, then that would be a different story as that is now a criminal record.. But i doubt you would have a FID or purchase permits if that was the case. I believe ANY conviction of DV disqualifies you.
  16. eyeinstine

    Stevens 520

    Cool old gun! Whats a suicide safety?? First time ive heard reference to that...
  17. Sportmans center is no more; gone.. About 2014-ish it started going down hill fast. Late 2017 it was nearly empty with almost nothing on display to sell. Closed up shortly after that, probably end of 2017. Its a thrift shop now. So sad to see it die like that. It was such a busy and happening place back when i got into hunting and guns in the early 90's. The annual Whitetail Jamboree was a huge attraction and event.. The right end of the building still has the safe business, as that was a seperate stand alone business. And N&B marine is still on the left side of the building.
  18. Dont laugh, but ive had a pair of these for about 6 years now. the on/off switch finally broke on one, still using the other.. BRIGHT as hell! Beam adjusts from flood to spot. Crazy bright for the price.. If you just need a general around the house and yard headlamp, these are hard to beat. Even if you get a name brand one, grab one of these for a back up or beater... https://www.ebay.com/itm/363868295066?_trkparms=amclksrc%3DITM%26aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D241918%26meid%3D957fc8e07eea4aa2a356116cd8315eb9%26pid%3D101195%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D134070941948%26itm%3D363868295066%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3DSimplAMLv11WebTrimmedV3MskuAspectsV202110NoVariantSeedKnnRecallV1%26brand%3DUnbranded%2FGeneric&_trksid=p2047675.c101195.m1851&amdata=cksum%3A363868295066957fc8e07eea4aa2a356116cd8315eb9|enc%3AAQAHAAABMMFr2e4EmAnM%2ByHZkULYKDIJ4L66fOjNL0iupgt%2BzO1%2F3AE1t3mNirUYB96NktMCicMagiS6mbeTl0xquGODv9lN4IeZE9EoY5S%2Bxe7op%2FDAXKdGxCngnAdCox4USVUHFhF1Rw3iGYzZF8N8uiRT%2FcA%2FRa5Umb39w9%2BkMbhgmQA7JaHUCV2isrBZO5pGYbyejgq2rPyQpWNCwI3JgUsLwH41sJm9QWyzSc8pq8Pi5sW0oew5YpkC2ZxdK%2FGFU5AttfPWkfYAVFN53s%2BcppBdi5DJjuvJgWXDxDQepyeZzxZuCfLOa2MrANmcBFyCR9qsdzj1%2BvoVxj1hhvT7Jl3548hI3maWe2Fpfijack5dxBbAsWfNKB1TnFSlD%2BKbfEIJtAFZOhp5gSEGVXJTPpwiI%2BA%3D|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2047675
  19. Absolutely, positively, 100% sarcasm.... Just poking humor at the convoluted and erratic requirements and solutions (or lack of) that we have to indure....
  20. So i guess this should also satisfy the training/qualification portion of you PTC appliciation! Dont forget the word "OR" in the 3 listed options for qualifications.....
  21. Welcome from a fellow CJRPC member.. And PORK ROLL it is damn it!
  22. Free air show too boot! And what appears to be a UFO sighting of some sort... Video (1).mov
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