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  1. Applied for my Pennsylvania non resident carry permit on the Delaware County sheriff website on 2-20 was notified this past Friday that I was approved and to come pick it up went there today and got my picture taken and then handed an already laminated permit in less than 5 minutes really nice people over there in Delco sheriff office . I think as of now you have to come apply in person so it will be on extra trip but you will still get your permit provided you already have the Jersey PTC.
  2. Yes they bury the fact that they issue non resident permits just fill out the online application you have to take a picture front and back of your drivers license as well as your NJ carry permit you'll be able to upload those pics while your completing application and you only need two references at the end you pay 20.00 plus 5.00 online convenience fee and tax comes to 26.13 then you be able to print out competed application as you need to take it along with you when your contacted to make your appointment. Just take your time going through it maybe 30 minutes it's basically one page just a couple things on the back if I remember correctly don't have it in front of me now .
  3. I applied online at Delco on 2-20 hadn't heard anything so i called Delco Sheriff office on 2-28 spoke to a very nice lady who said there processing fast as they can and they were up to people who had submitted on 2-12 she said hang in there it woud just be a couple of weeks I'll post when i hear back from them.
  4. Picked up my permit today at the Gloucester County court 141 days total.
  5. Submitted completed App 9-26-22 References contacted 10-21-22 I contacted my PD they called me back on 11-7-22 and said i was Approved and sent it to Gloucester county court the court recieved my application on 11-14-22 the clerk informed me of the current months long backlog at the time. Received email from Court clerk that i may come and pick up my PTC on 2-16-23 almost Five months.
  6. I've seen two emails from the Gloucester county Judges clerk that states in light of the recent law changes you are no longer restricted to the gun you qualified with just as long as you are the owner of the handgun your carrying ay the time and thats exactly what i plan to do i should be getting my permit anytime now as it was submitted September 26 to PD Approved and received by the court on 11-14.
  7. Your App should have already been at the court i submitted 9-26 it went to Gloucester county court on 11-7 they received it the 14 th the clerk said they are handling all the apps they have prior to Murphy's law there just not excepting any new ones since then you mean your PD couldn't get it to the court from 9-26 to i believe December 22 when Murphy signed the Anti carry bill WTF.
  8. When your Money order was cashed has no bearing on when you get your permit my MO was cashed back in Early November court clerk says I should be getting my PTC by Mid February as there working through there backlog.
  9. This is ludicrous yours should be at the court and dealt with by them .I submitted my app to PD 9-26-22 it was vetted and approved on 11-7-22 Gloucester county court recieved on 11-14-22 I've been in contact with the clerk s couple times yes there is a backlog but there handling everyone that they got prior to Murphy's signing of A4769 ,anything after that is local PD how . Clerk says i should be up for my PTC in February.
  10. I submitted 9-26-22 in Gloucester county money oder cashed references contacted PD Approved me and court recieved my App on 11-14-22 i hope I'm right behind you we'll see.
  11. There blowing smoke up you know where, you get the Application from them Schedule your Qualification get your prints and photos done references fill out in triplicate notarized turn in with your certificate that says you passed Qualification they have to approve or deny you wthin 60 days i believe. The court is out of the process now .I turned my app in on September 26 My Pd called me on November 7th said I'm approved and sent to Gloucester county Superior court i recently spoke to clerk who told me I'm probably getting my permit mid February ,you my friend should be skipping that step once you've fullfillled the application process.
  12. If i recall correctly back in November she did say I'd be contacted end of December or January for a February date she ask me to just be patient but yes it's frustrating for all of us in all these county's .
  13. I spoke to Gloucester county superior court clerk this afternoon she was very nice she received my application on November 14th and said I'm in the next batch for Feburary and added that since the law change the Judge is just reviewing applications and then we're notified to come pick up permit no more hearings and no more are going to the courts it's all done through your local PD or NSPB.
  14. I have US Lawshield for years now ever since i got my Utah ,Florida and New Hampshire permits they pay all my fees if i ever have to defend myself even including expert witnesses . In fact the range i did my qualifications at reccomended them to all the participants i told the instructor I've been a member for like 5 years now.
  15. I'm on day 73 PD said they sent my app to court beginning of November i left a voicemail foe for the court clerk on Tuesday the 23 didn't think I'd hear back either but she called back very next day and said she received my app on November 14 but due to backlog she probably wouldn't be contacting me again until end of January which sucks she was very polite and courteous and said i could check back anytime this is Gloucester county BTW sorry to hear they haven't atleast called you back I'd reach out again if i were you.
  16. I'm in Gloucester county i submitted my completed app to my PD on September 26 .The PD contacted me November 8th and ssid i was Approved and it was sent to the superior court in Woodbury i was able to leave a voicemail with the Judges secretary last week and she called back the next day she then informed me that she received my app on the 14th but due to current backlog she wouldn't be contacting me till probably end of January was her estimation for a February or Early March hearing also said it would be by email and she verified my correct email i must add she was very nice and courteous with me .
  17. Brilliant this is exactly what should be done against this tyrant hats off to you.
  18. Think about all the money were pumping in to the NJ economy all those 50.00 money orders, photos, extra ammo to train,Qualifications ,fingerprinting and I'm probably forgetting a few things along the journey.
  19. Gloucester county update submitted Completed app on 9-26 references contacted on 10-31 Police called me 11-8 and told me i was approved and they sent app to court checked last night and confirmed money yhas been cashed. Now i await court date and i here Gloucester county has been really good at getting them done.
  20. I second that i remember reading that they wanted immediate relief from the process.
  21. Yep good to know also every PD seems to be different mine has always been good pistol permit three weeks at most I've heard of people having way more wait times than that on this forum
  22. I submitted my completed app on September 26 this past Friday all three of my references got letter in mail all three went directly to PD Department on Monday morning and handed in completed form so I'm wondering how much longer I've got to go think it has to go to Gloucester county court next ?
  23. I really like your post makes me encouraged and that i did the right thing by going through the process . I turned in my packet September 26 so I'm in the waiting game like you, but as you stated we've waited many years to even have a crack at so whats a few more months at this point.
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