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  1. “ghost guns” made from receiver blanks that you build that have no serial number are not the same as purchased receivers from a manufacturer You’re losing me fast here.
  2. So proof of a receiver purchase is somehow going to lead to proof of ownership of a newly classified NFA weapon? I understand everything’s traceable, but how is an 4473 with receiver being sold and a 4473 with an OTHER being sold the same. One is proof of ownership of newly classified NFA weapon. One is proof you own a receiver that you could of configured in any legal way. Am I missing something?
  3. Part of the plan. Force everyone into foreclosure. Have your buddies buy everything up cheap.
  4. Yeah never heard of any NJ FFL releasing a weapon before nics check came back, even before that.
  5. Since Murphy gun law package, No NJ FFL is allowed to transfer any weapon without the STN the state provides after they complete a NICS.
  6. -1,000 Rds loose. Will come with metal ammo can. $800 or B/O Willing to spilt if needed (2) 500rds for $400 each. First I’ll take it “wins” please PM after commenting. Located In Monmouth County
  7. Don’t they have a website ? Do people even try googling? Or is that Murphy, Or Callahan ?
  8. Put us all in jail, make us instant felons, that’s the short list.
  9. 0Jeep4

    What are NICS

    No NJ FFL is transferring a weapon without the nics transaction number. I just waited a full 7 days for nics. Wasn’t delayed or anything. There’s something like 5,000 pending checks they are working a complete week out
  10. Don’t have a lead on one but some advice be sure to check the frame once you find one. Especially toward the rear on the down slope. Those frames hold water mud etc a lot of people don’t know to get into the frame holes and give it a good cleaning they tend to rust inside out, so be sure to stick fingers in feel around maybe use a bore scope or something to look in there.
  11. Build it from a lower, now no one knows you have an “other” When and if laws change handle that as you see fit. If you have to buy a completed one. I know Howell gun works just posted one or two a couple days ago. Shore shot also gets them and RSTP. Watch their facebooks or instagrams they post them once they arrive.
  12. @silverado427 Hooked me up with a couple of these, back when I bought a rifle off him. This things are nice, and have been holding up to steady abuse, attached to my keys I toss everywhere.
  13. I’ll take the wolf gold both cases. PM inbound
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