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  1. 1 hour ago, Shortfuse said:

    So to be clear can I  AOW  an 8.5" 556 upper on a Lower with a sb3 Brace No pinning anything correct ? NO Minimum length or Weight

    Still need VFG. If I’m not mistaken. 

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  2. The stock stop. I just drilled a hole the size of the pin, in it, in the position I wanted and it works fine.
    My buddy also just cut it where it lined up with where he wanted the stock and it worked fine. You just have to make sure you cut it cleanly and only leave enough space for the pin or you will get slight movement in the stock, which in my opinion even though not adjustable is bad. 

  3. 45 minutes ago, Sniper said:

    Like I said... stupid... so they leave the fob inside, so the car isn't locked, and anyone can just push the start button, and drive away.... brilliant.... and these people breed....

    That’s Homdel, the police station has a giant sign that reads lock your doors take your keys.
    The youngsters from the urban areas were taking the last train into town and leaving with Audi’s BMW etc just by walking around those million dollar neighborhoods and jumping in them. Fobs always inside. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, b47356 said:

    I can't find the penalty for failure to follow the law as written, maybe a reason that many departments have made up their own "laws" for years to get a FPID or PPP.

    Are you talking about holding government employees accountable? Let alone law enforcement ......

     Hahahahhahahahah what’s the temperature in hell ? I don’t think it froze over yet. 

    but to help, the mental health check, I believe, goes back ten years. So if you lived anywhere else in those ten years. They want to check that states records also. 

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  5. 5 hours ago, Bomber said:

    What if you had a hunting license but it expired? Do you still have to take the class?

    Your CID number doesn’t expire. It’s a lifetime identification that you have completed the required courses. 

    If you go into any location or the web site you’ll just have to buy a new license. 

  6. 22 hours ago, SMOKIE901 said:
    On 8/28/2013 at 7:59 PM, djg0770 said:


    Passed my online exam, but no field sessions available yet. And can I bring a 12-gauge shotgun only, or do I have to use a muzzleloader too?   When do they resume?     

    All this information is easily found on the NJ Fish and Game Web site, a quick google search would yield you the same results, most likely a lot faster.  


    Archery Students Need to Bring:


    • Face mask (and maintain social distance)


    • Student’s own bow (Crossbow students must be able to draw their own crossbow manually or with a cocking device.)
          Is My Bow Ready for Hunter Education?


    • Five (5) matched arrows


    • Ability to shoot 3 out of 5 arrows into a vital zone of a 3-D deer target at 15-20 yards
    Firearms Students Need to Bring


    • Face mask (and maintain social distance)


    • Cased shotgun (Division will provide one if needed/preferred)


    • Eye and ear protection


    • Also see Firearms Course FAQs

      NOTE: Division will supply all ammunition - do NOT bring ammunition to the session

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