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  1. Hold on the Federal Government is recognizing “Non-Binary” as a sex ?
  2. I’d Also watch https://www.reddit.com/r/gundeals/ne For ammo sales
  3. This is so they can say that nj residents are still able to gain access to these evil items via online sales. Thus rolling out the complete ban of ordering ammo gun parts from online retailers.
  4. Gov Murphy already set the system up to automatically enroll people at DMV. https://www.njtvonline.org/news/video/murphy-signs-automatic-voter-registration-bill/ Who wants to make a bet the new system “automatically” enrolls these illegals. Oops
  5. I’ll check the port size tomorrow, I’m not sure Colt ever made a mid gas on a short barrel. The KAC barrel I have isn’t too common of a configuration. (12.5 mid length gas) I’m just experimenting on this build hoping for the best, figured adjustable gas block was a good idea. I’v built ARs before but am definitely still a novice.
  6. I’m more worried about reliable function in the 12.5 mid length. That’s why I’m throwing a SA adj gas block on it. I do agree that balance definitely means way more, but controlling unnecessary gases and movement definitely helps.
  7. Second @JohnnyB I shoot 5.56 all day out of my .223 Wylde, probably over 1,000 rounds. Never had an issue. I do find that .223 tends to be slightly more accurate out of it though.
  8. I use one, not really close to manasquan. Guys located in Middletown. Quick turn around time, normally day or two after you drop it off. He works with another company for taxidermy stuff so it’s kind of one stop shopping. http://huntemuptaxidermy.com/make-the-shot-butcher-shop/
  9. I thought Oregon does a “mileages” tax. Last I read they wanted to install monitors into the car and you get taxed on the miles you drive.
  10. @fatty will do once I get it together. Will probably post build sheet etc..
  11. I just picked up a kak 12.5 middy for the same type of build. I’m waiting for Black Friday to gather the rest of the parts. I’ll let you know how it works out and or I’m always down to meet up for a range day. From what I’m gathering from third party info is that the carbine gas system is more reliable, the 12.5 mid was allegedly built to run completely suppressed. I have read people have had no issues with a normal gasblock, but I’m probably going to throw an adjustable on just in case.
  12. They don’t exist in the eyes of the law, but the law will look at them and use it against you. I’m no lawyer but, how is that even a possibility.
  13. My initial FID and P2P took over 6 months ..... just forgot about it and keep stashing money for the other stuff. Ammo, accessories, training, targets. Ears and eyes etc....
  14. Discount only shows up in cart total. @PK90
  15. Constitutional rights ? More like “NATURAL BORN INALIENABLE RIGHTS”
  16. Not sure exactly, but I’ve lost my original also, and haven’t had any issues buying ammo, firearms etc.. with the one marked duplicate. Not sure anyone noticed to be honest.
  17. Yes, but only if you epoxy, rivet, blind pin etc... the baseplate shut, so becomes permanent.
  18. I’ve used Monmouth Arms cheapest transfer fee around excellent compliance work. Had a barrel pinned welded, took me a min to find it how cleanly it was done
  19. @CapGuns&SnapsKid yes pinned welded with standard buffer tube and 10.5 or 11.5 barrels I went with a 11.5 and the vltor re10a5sr it’s the six position tube. My thought process for this was id like to take advantage of all the benefits this type of weapon offers in our restrictive state. I wanted to be able to change muzzle devices at will.
  20. I agree if you’re going to change anything be ready to install the new equipment ASAP especially if it changes the classification of the weapon such as vfg or brace. Technically speaking while changing the parts you will be have an illegal weapon. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it or aren’t sure what you’re doing I suggest buying the parts and letting a local FFL do it
  21. You can modify it how ever you want as long as you keep the brace and vertical hand grip and the overall length from buffer tube to barrel is 26”
  22. With a 10.5 barrel and no pinned welded muzzle device you won’t hit the 26” overall length requirement.
  23. The firearm you have named is a .22caliber rifle. You won’t need a p2p(permit to purchase). They are only used when buying handguns. Yes will only need FID. No matter how you’re obtaining the rifle. You’ll need to go through a FFL(federal firearms dealer), and pay a transfer fee. The FFL will conduct the mandatory background check through NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System ). Side note: That rifle in normal configuration isn’t NJ Legal. It has an adjustable stock and threaded barrel, “Two evil” features not allowed on a pistol gripped rifle. It would best for you to reach out to an NJ FFL to see if it can be modified to be legal here. Also read this, will help you greatly: https://www.njsp.org/firearms/pdf/062408_title13ch54.pdf
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