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  1. They going to drop a bomb on these row houses too ?
  2. Listen I agree with the points being made that air on the side of caution, especially dealing with NJ, but everything that has been hashed out in these multiple threads in my opinion these are green lighted. More and more dealers are shipping them into NJ. They are good to go either built or bought.
  3. There won’t be a “test case” because there is no laws being broken.
  4. A completed lower wouldn’t be a good idea in my opinion. It would of either been sold with a rifle stock meaning that lower was sold as a rifle, or a pistol stock meaning it was sold as a pistol. I would assemble a striped lower sold as a receiver into a non-NFA firearm but I would not use a completed lower.
  5. In my personal opinion, you’re g2g as long as the guideline is followed to the T as far as overall length etc. (don’t build an AWO or SBR) also, a non compliant upper is just an upper and is legal till it’s assemble into a firearm, I’d personally build the upper first attach VFG and than build and assemble. No one has ever been charged with “constructive possession” I believe for a reason. Build away.
  6. Just curious while on this topic, AGIAN Does anyone have any knowledge of anyone being charged with 2C 39:1 w (5) the constructive possession or parts to assemble? I’m just wondering if some of these laws have ever been actually challenged inside a court room, and the outcomes.
  7. Technically what you have described would indicate you’d have to answer yes, but before you do that are you able to get a hold of the doctor who treated you? If yes I’d see if they would see you again and verify you have a clean bill of metal health, see if they would write a letter indicating that you aren’t a danger to yourself or others by owning firearms. This could potentially be a difficult venture. I’m sure someone else with personal experience will chime in.
  8. https://www.army.mil/article/176579/ardec_engineers_develop_solid_state_active_denial_technology_for_non_lethal_crowd_control
  9. from my personal experience anytime someone attempts to make a reassuring statement before saying something is attmepting to justify their own cognitive dissonance. Example “I'm not an anti gun man, “ Than proceeds to make anti gun statements.
  10. "Free Men Do Not Ask Permission To Bear Arms." - Thomas Jefferson They don't need to. And any government that believes in a free citizenry would never infringe on their right to do so, but here we are....
  11. They want to be able to track them for when step 3 kicks in. How many post on the same topic, the world may never know?
  12. All I was getting at was the vette was leaving that lot without any legal worries correct me if I’m wrong ? So why, when the object changes the legality of the same scenario does? Last I check, vehicles cause more death in this country than firearms.
  13. I’m sorry, I’m really not trying to bust chops or anything. I just like to try to understand people’s different opinions on things. But you still answered my hypothetical with more questions? I understand your points I just want to know the answer though not end everything with question marks ? Given the situation played out the sales man and dealer are well aware of the statements and remarks this person made, are they going to stop the deal because or liability concerns ? Or will the kid be doing burnouts outta the parking lot ?
  14. Idk I guess I’m silly, but is the salesman criminally liable when this 18yr old in the vette kills someone? Because you still haven’t answered that. How about Chevy. I don’t no any legal time it’s okay to accelerate that fast on a public roadway or anywhere you can legally push well over 100mph. They produced the product.
  15. So is Chevy liable in my hypothetical or are you dodging? We aren’t discussing minors here. Curz was and is considered an adult under the law and will be prosecuted as such.
  16. “You’re innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of your peers” That is one of the back bone principles of our republic, if that goes to the wayside what next? Holding others accountable for someone else’s actions? Sounds like a dangerous slippery slope, why Chevy make the new vette do 0-60 in 4sec with a top speed of 200+. Better hold those engineers, the manufacturer, sales guys accountable when they sell it to a young kid and he causes damage with it. They knew he was young and reckless, he made statements about doing burn outs, racing his friends etc, all the signs were there, it could of prevented. We should hold them criminally liable too.
  17. So hypothetically here. Purchase one from MM. State comes down with ban hammer. Now what happens? does MM get forced to disclose where they all went? Once that happens will they send LEOs to round them up? I just really don’t want to open a can of worms especially paying retail close to (1,400) for one. Obviously the weapon would be out of state once banned, but I really don’t want to deal with a search looking for it still.
  18. Law folder will still allow one round to be fired folded. I believe there was another thread, that stated NJSP said no go because it’s capable to fire while folded unlike the sub2k etc.
  19. So if one is purchased and this happens, does proof of purchase, justify a search warrant, obviously if they became illegal I’d move it to PA where my mags currently live. I just like to know what kind of issues I may run into before dropping the money for one.
  20. I say Support a local NJ company making a similar product. https://modernmateriel.com/product/modmat-sbf/
  21. I’m in for an MM built one.Rather support a local company that went above and beyond offering us a taste of freedom. Plus who doesn’t want a receiver engraved with a local Nj town on it.
  22. If anyone has a PDF version of the letter can they please post it or a link that I can actually download or print the letter from. Thanks in advance for whoever helps me out.
  23. I believe you, but I’m not a rich man. I rather be like here NJSP approval of this weapon. Than I made it it’s legal because of XYZ.
  24. Idk man this shit gets deep real quick especially with our vague laws. I really want to build one, but rather not be the test case. Waiting on MM to release it rather support a NJ company close to home.
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