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  1. One of the reasons I brought this up is that I had a PA gun shop tell me they can't sell me a shotgun because 'I'm a NJ resident' because I carry a NJ Driver's License. I have had the same PA address for 35 years, but my driver's license is from NJ and shows my NJ address. My original DL was from NJ many years ago so I've always just kept renewing the NJ DL. They mail the renewal to my PA address every four years.
  2. I currently work for a company based in PA, they supply me with a home in NJ where I spend about 2 1/2 months per year at, (this can vary but never longer than the length of the summer season), I do not rent, nor own the house supplied to me in NJ, but I do get mail there. I do personally own homes in western and north eastern PA, and one in south Florida. I spend a few months a year at each, and travel quite a bit for work. I spent the past month in Texas for work. My driver's license says NJ, but only because that's were I first got a license 40 years ago. I own vehicles which are registered in PA, NJ, and FL although they sometimes end up in the wrong state by chance. Right now my FL car is in PA, and both PA registered vehicles are in NJ, and my one NJ car is in FL and the other in PA. My company cars are registered all over the country, usually where ever they were bought or leased. Most are from Maine, PA, Wyoming, or Wisconsin. I pay property taxes for four houses, two in PA, one in FL, and one in NJ. I rarely stay at my place in NJ, I stay at the work supplied house when I'm in NJ. My question is, when it comes to NJ gun laws, what makes me a resident of NJ? I more or less think of myself mainly as a PA resident, because I spend the most time here. When it comes to buying guns, in PA, I've always been a buyer at estate sales and local auctions, both are basically a person to person transaction in PA. I rarely buy any handguns, the few I have I inherited. I keep a good number of my collection of guns in NJ, which will be my last company supplied location before I retire in a few years. I will not be staying in NJ after that. Where do I stand on gun purchases as far as residency in the eyes of NJ? I do not have an FID card, I gave up trying after two failed attempts and after what was supposed to be a full time move to NJ turned into NJ being a second work location I'm not sure what NJ considers me? I own the most property in PA, but pay the most taxes in NJ by quite a bit, but the rate in NJ is 20 times higher than in PA, and 5 times higher than FL. When it comes time to retire, depending on a few things that may or may not change in PA, I'll likely retire to either PA, WV, or KY and at that point sell off my FL, NJ and NE PA house.
  3. I applied for an FPID, no permits, two years ago, I heard nothing, kept calling, got nowhere then finally was told that one of my references didn't respond. (He died). They denied the application and I had to start all over as if I had never applied. All the fees all over again, new fingerprints, etc. The second time around, I applied, this time with two handgun permits, and I made sure both references filled out their forms and mailed them. I finally got 'told' that my references didn't respond, so my application was again denied. I personally made sure both references mailed their forms back right away. One reference was an officer at the same PD at that time. He has since retired and moved out of NJ. I basically gave up, maybe I'll try the online deal but it won't change the town or PD it has to go through.
  4. Not to change the subject here but as someone who is about to move to NJ, I've been reading all over these forums and I was told that my M1 carbine tribute 10-22's are banned by being significantly identical to a banned firearm? I even went to several NJ gun shops to see if I could buy one and was told the same thing? If the M1 Carbine tribute stocked 10-22 is banned, then how is an AK looking version allowed? Am I missing something? I was pretty much told to either leave the Ruger's here in PA or dump them before I make my move to Jersey. This is basically what I have but mine were bought as fully assembled guns brand new: https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/5123 Mine has a dummy look a like magazine that conceals a stock 10 round Ruger 10/22 mag in the tip. Its nothing but a stock 10-22 in costume to look like an M1 Carbine.
  5. I wasn't going to remark on this but I figured I should make it clear that as far as benefits, the company I work for, by contract agreement, supplies me with my residence and a suitable vehicle to drive. I have some say in what they are but not the final word. However, they have never refused any of my requests. I own a car and a truck of my own, an 18ft aluminum boat which I paid $500 for used 15 years ago, and I don't get health insurance, the company doesn't employ enough people to make it mandatory at any one location. My personal car is 18 years old, its got 11,400 miles on it, and my truck is 17 years old and has 600 miles on it. I bought the truck new, and the car was inherited. Obviously they don't get used much, I probably haven't put more than 20 miles on either one so far this year. I've been lucky and every place I've been so far has had garage space for my toys. The way I see it, if you can't have your toys, it wouldn't make sense to do this job at all. For years I traveled around a lot, they had me overseeing construction of hotels and restaurants which were part of a chain, It was okay but believe it or not you can get tired living out of an airplane and a duffel bag. I took a stationary position 19 years ago and have moved twice in that time. This next move should be my last till I retire. Where I will retire to is yet to be determined but it won't be NJ, or anyplace with cold weather. I don't make big money, I just don't have many personal expenses. The nature of the business means I don't pay for meals, I don't pay for housing, so no property taxes, no homeowners insurance, no utilities to worry about. Its the only real perk about the job. The car wasn't originally part of the deal but they didn't like me showing up at work in an old car or pickup, so they started giving me a car to drive. The cars are registered to the home office and get swapped around a lot, so I rarely drive the same car for very long. The boat was something I bought on CL, since I live on a lake here. The owner of the company has an offshore boat, I can usually help myself to that when its in the water and not being used. Which in the past few years has been quite often as the owner is in his late 70's these days. He owns several boats in various locations around the country, as well as dozens of houses which he keeps for himself and his kids. When I leave this house, it'll likely be rented out. The house I'm looking to move into is currently rented and the delay in my move is caused by the renter not being able to vacate right away. I started here as a summer employee in my early 20's and little by little made my self more valuable. I left in the late 80's which is when the deal I have now was made to get me to stay. I do own a house, but its a 750 square foot house on a lot the size of a postage stamp in FL that was built in the 40's. The garage there is larger than the house. I haven't been there in 3 years due to work but I do have someone who checks on it every few days. Its cheap and my fall back place if the need every arises. I grew up there in the 60's before FL was such an overpopulated mess.
  6. I never heard of such a place, so I looked into it. I can firmly say I don't like anything about that idea. I don't think I'd ever bee comfortable placing any of these in the hands of a stranger. Besides, how would I ever know which gun I feel like taking out and looking at or using at any given time. Plus, those places aren't anywhere near me here or the place in NJ. I think its already been established that everything I've got is likely not going to be a problem in NJ, other maybe moving them to NJ. The logistics of the move itself is going to take a lot of time and that will have to be done by me. I will not let some moving company just pack and haul them. I can just see some low paid mover saying to his buddy, "He'll never miss just one or two". I have wooden crates meant for holding rifles, but only enough to hold about 1/3 of what is here. I'm working on getting a few more boxes made. Many of my rifles are stored full time in these boxes, which have a padded liner and padded rests for each rifle. There are several rubber straps that secure each one in place. Some boxes hold 4, others hold 8. I think they were military boxes that were retro fitted to hold wood stock hunting rifles or shotguns. The part I'm leery about is the drive there, its a choice between letting a mover load the boxes and deliver them, or do it myself in a borrowed truck.
  7. All I will say on here is that I'm an upper manager for a resort chain. The benefits are great, and yes, the hours are terrible sometimes but its very seasonal in most locations. Sorry, they're not hiring anyone other than servers and housekeepers. I'm not sure what the issue is with a guy who has firearms just for hunting? I feel very much the same way, my guns are mainly for hunting first, target practice second. If all I was out for were guns for home defense, my collection of guns would be very different, and likely a lot smaller. For me, a good pump shotgun or three would do fine around the house for protection.
  8. Why would I ever know or need any sort of FFL license in PA??? I admit it sounds tempting but everything I see requires a Place of Business on the application? Doesn't that sort of rule out a guy with a bunch of guns in a house?
  9. Would such a license do me any good considering most of the firearms I own are hunting rifles and shotguns in the 20's to 70's era? Just by the sound of it my take would be that its only good for the purchase of antiques or war relics? Is such a license even doable in NJ? I'm also not really looking to buy a lot these days, I have most everything I want. Not that I won't add something in the future, it won't be that often. Most of what I've got now were inherited from various other family members, only maybe 25 or so were actually acquired by me over the years from other sources. I also wanted to ad, that I never even thought about having any sort of 'license' living in PA here, its just not needed. I don't buy new guns, I don't intend to sell any of my guns, and up till now, crossing state lines with anything was never a concern.
  10. My current storage room is what used to be a walk in closet, I had it shortened with a semi hidden door. It measures roughly 8ft wide by 14 ft long. What I have in mind at the next house is more or less just splitting one of the bedrooms into a computer room with a hidden entrance behind a hall closet much like I've got now, but I won't have the security of having masonry walls vs. just studs and drywall. The owner, my boss, doesn't really mind the modifications, in fact he's copied a few for his own house. The bottom line is that if they want me there, they have to accommodate me and all my stuff. Since I've been with them for the better part of 30 years, I get away with a lot. I highly doubt I'm anywhere near the top when it comes to quantity of guns here, I know of several who easily have far more than me. Mine are mostly all just hunting rifles, while theirs is mostly AR and AK type guns and other various guns. I know of one neighbor who has more than 1000 pieces from just the 19th century. For me, if I can't somehow justify owning it to either hunt with or target shoot here with, it doesn't interest me. (I have a steel 'bullet trap' in the basement here, it will follow me to the new place when the time comes, if not a new one will be built, but I've got my concerns about containing the noise in a wood home vs this being all stone and concrete. I can fire a 30/30 rifle into the trap and it cannot be heard at the road 220 ft away. The foundation and walls are just that thick. The bad part here though is that the basement is very damp and requires several dehumidifiers and pumps to keep it dry. The house is close to a deep lake and there's a seepage issue. Therefore no guns or ammo can be stored in the basement. Things like this are just some of the things I'll have to sort out after moving I guess). The lawyer I spoke to is a corporate attorney, not a gun lawyer but he's got a rather large collection himself in NJ. He and another from the same office pretty much said don't tell anyone and its all good. I don't agree with that, I don't intend to just lock my collection away for the next 8 or so years. I just wanted to hear some other opinions from those who may have dealt with this before. I can't possibly be the only guy with more than a few guns who had to deal with a move to NJ? I don't believe anything should be banned, the 2A gives us that right. I absolutely am hating the idea of moving to NJ but I really don't have a choice, I'm 30 years into this job, with 8 to go before I'm old enough to retire and take a pension. I also have a profit sharing plan and a partial ownership deal. Leaving would cost me a bundle in the end and jeopardize my retiring in a way I wish too down the road. In 8 years, the plan is to move somewhere warm, I've lived in FL, but I don't think I'd retire there. I've been here in PA long enough to know I don't want to stay and deal with the cold winters as I get older, the same with NJ, plus all the other issue I'm seeing with NJ. In fact, I'm surprised anyone lives there at all from what I'm hearing. What is a C&R license?
  11. How about bayonettes? I've got a collection of at least 80 or so bayonettes from all sort of rifles, both US and foreign. While many are likely for banned guns, I only have the bayonettes. I have roughly 15 variations of the M4 alone. How about pellet pistols? I've got a few really old ones from the 40's and 50's. Do they get registered as a hand gun or are they just illegal flat out? I spoke to a few lawyers, two from NJ, both said they wouldn't worry much about what's legal or not, just don't let anyone know what you have. I don't think I'm comfortable with that since I'll be living in a house owned by the company with someone other than myself doing the cleaning and cooking. It would be several sets of eyes I may or may not know or trust running about the house. I have that now here but I've got a 'gun room' that's off limits to everyone but me and a few buddies who I trust. The house keeper doesn't go anywhere near that room. Its got a double door, from the outside it looks like a closet with shelves on both sides, but the back of the closet is a steel door with a four way dead bolt. The outer door has a remote control lock, and the inner door has a safe type combo lock with a key over ride. I'll be putting the same thing in when I move but it'll take a few months to make it all happen. I already made it very clear it has to be done before I move in. My guns, good booze will be behind such a door when I move. I'm told its going to be accessed only from a staircase in the new house from a landing which is fine for me. What I don't like is that the new house is wood construction and my current house is all stone and concrete. No matter what though its better than just a gun safe.
  12. Am I clear on the fact that the Marlin 60 and all its variants (Such as Revelation, Glenfield, Ranger, etc.) that hold 17 to 21 rounds is legal to bring with me? I have both an early and later model of these. Is there any limit to how many rounds any non semi auto rifle can hold? I think I can get 21 shorts in my Remington 121 Fieldmaster from the 1930's. Something I wasn't thinking about before, how about single shot pellet pistols? I see they consider them a firearm in NJ? I guess I have to dump the Ruger 10/22, but it don't make much sense, I can buy the same gun with a black plastic stock in NJ but the wood stock model that looks like an old M1 carbine is illegal? I'm not a particular fan of a semi-auto anything, but I do own a few since they were handed down to me over the years here. I don't have anything against a semi-auto gun, I simply prefer the simplicity of a bolt action or single shot when it comes to cleaning them. I was reading the current hunting regulation guide book online, I see that only 12 and 20ga guns are legal for most hunting, is there any issues with an old 8 ga? It fires a brass black powder cartridge. I don't intend to hunt with it, but I really don't want to part with it. It belonged to my great grandfather when they lived in West Virginia.
  13. I don't have any relatives that are gun friendly here, I'd also be taking a chance of losing them if something happened to that relative or friend. I looked into renting storage space but between security issues and cost that's not an option.
  14. From what I was told, he couldn't take possession of the handguns until he got his FPID card, they were placed with the local PD. From what I understand, whomever was executing the will, (not him), was being instructed by a lawyer. I didn't get into it in depth but it sounded like a real mess.
  15. Right now, phone calls are my only option, I'm 3 hours away. I was trying to get an idea of what this move was going to cost. I wanted to warn the owner of the company, since they'll be paying for it. As far as i'm concerned, they'll be paying for any FPID card as well. The way I see it, its a cost incurred by the move. It appears that the fee is charged online by the fingerprint people, no where does it give an amount. I guess I won't know that amount till I see my Credit card bill when the time comes. The PD is M/O or certified check only, no Cash, It was one of the first things they made clear on the phone. I guess they don't trust their employees with cash? They have no online payment option either. I went to the PD today, was told I'd have to come back during business hours to pickup forms, then another person said they don't give out forms, I'd have to download them online. Which forms do I need to fill out? Do my references on the main form have to be from NJ? I don't really know anyone who's a NJ resident besides a few employees who I'd rather not involve. Two of the online forms require a witness signature? Does this mean I just wait and sign them at the PD and they become the signing witness or do I need to find a third party and have the forms signed when I get there? I talked to a contact I deal with in NJ and he said he just went through the whole process of getting his FPID card after inheriting a few guns from his dad. He said it cost him $5 for the FID card, plus $2 for each hangun, (times nine in his case), plus $35 for the background check at the PD, then he paid $65 for the fingerprinting, and another $55 for some mental health check. Then he said it didn't go through the first time because they refused the multiple handgun application for some reason so he had to start over. Then one of his references didn't respond so they refused the FID. He finally got it after his third try and several sets of fees. It didn't sound like he really knew what went on, just that he had to refile for the thing three times. While all that went on, he had to hand all the handguns over to the PD until he got his FID card and handgun permits for each one, which in the end took several months. There was also an issue in that on of the handguns had "Property of some PD" engraved on it, apparently is has either bought used that way or handed down to him by someone who retired. Either way he had all sorts of issues getting that gun back. I won't have those issues as I don't have any handguns but if I have to go through all this for an FPID card, I may just buy a few to justify the process. There is no way to avoid the move, leaving this job now would throw away years and my retirement. I'll have to be in NJ for 8 years and a few months. Then I'm heading south.
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