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  1. I got my answer lol. That even in the gun community there is still a bunch of assholes stuck up other assholes, assholes for sure. Like I said in the beginning I was looking for a realistic amount to ask for and listed what I paid for each said piece last year. Also when I cut the barrel back and welded the VG6 epsilon on it was done by a gunsmith with NJ compliance letter. So I think it’s legitimate. NOT what 2008 prices were not trying to sell it here not starting a dumbass debate over something that really I don’t have to sell. just want to make room so my son is safer in my home. ( which I’ve covered now )
  2. Honestly I don’t know, but I’m not a liberal pansie so I don’t care either. I have acquired many of items that NJ might think are questionable but that’s what private ranges are for.
  3. I never once asked anyone to buy anything.. I stated I wanted a number that would be realistic. So that would be opinions. Relax, it’s not your money or rifle.
  4. I’m so glad you feel that way, made my Friday! <3
  5. I actually listened to a couple people and decided to keep it. I went out and and bought a second safe since I acquired a Cmmg Mk47 this weekend. Just waiting for the safe to get to the house. I’ve only ever shot 1 round through that specific AR since I like doing long range shooting a bit more. So if I do decide to sell it I will come back to this post and message you. I flagged it in my email so I wouldn’t lose it.
  6. I guess it’ll be a fairy tale haha. I don’t know how to upload a photo less then 520kb. Regardless, I know what I have and have worked hard for what I do. If you ever see a 30yr old with a Green Iraq Vet hat and a battlefield cross on the forearm and probably have a shemagh. on shooting on lane 1 or 2 only ( not aloud to shoot .50 on any other due to the backstop being lower ) at Range 14 ask if he’s the Tuna. I’ll let you shoot whatever I am that day if you want....
  7. I have 2 more a Barrett REC7 piston driven 5.56 and a Savage MSR-15 .224 Val. I want to keep it but I need to make room for a M82a1 I bought last week and don’t have the room in my safe. I have a 5 yr old and the wife will lose it if it doesn’t get locked up
  8. Yea I never made a forum post before probably should have been more descriptive in my text and state ( which I have now ) the listing of prices is what I paid not what I’m expecting. But like others have said probably the best idea is to part it out. I’ll figure out what people want to pay for the parts or maybe find that 1 person to actually buy it out. I had a couple kids in there 20s offer 1800-2200 but I didn’t sell because I had no idea what to expect. A buddy from Mass. wants me to wait until the new year for his bonus and offering 1900. Maybe that’s the best bet I don’t know. I have my ruger precision 6.5, savage 110 .338 lapua, tikka Tac A1 and this AR. The rest I’ll keep for now. I’m just trying to make room for the m82 and keep acquiring and not letting any go mainly because I don’t really know how, But thanks for the insight. I’m not really sure what a consignment is I’ll have to look into that.
  9. Sorry I don’t really know how to work forums all that well but the prices I listed are what I’ve paid and just looking for a realistic price point to be at considering all things to be considered I thought about parting it out. Any ideas where to do that online? My friend circle is rather small and smaller when it comes to gun owners within that circle
  10. Looking to see what a real asking price would be on my rifle? Any help would be greatly appreciated Edit - I listed prices of what I have invested (not what I’m asking for each) BCM gunfighter lower $395 BCM gunfighter mod 3 grip $50 Gisselle Super 42 buffer and spring $65 Timney skeltonized 3lb drop in trigger $242 KNS hammer and trigger non rotating pins $25 Magpul B.A.D lever $20 Odin works gen 3 extended mag release $20 ACE Skelton ARFX-E stock $113 Upper Receiver BCM RECCE 16 Upper Bcm 15” KMR ALPHA rail $690 Bcm gunfighter medium charging handle $85 Lantac Enhanced BCG $270 VG6 Epsilon muzzlebrake $70 Sights Eotech 512.65A $375 Eotech G33 3x magnifier $533 Backup sights MBUS PRO sight Rear $105 MBUS PRO sight Front $85 13- Hexmags 15/30 $130 Barrel cut and muzzle brake pinned and weld $160 Pelican 1720 case $212
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