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  1. Just really interested in something that is unique would prefer a surplus pistol and something that I don't have. The ones mentioned above are what I am really interested in but open to others.
  2. Then i should be good because they never were in semi auto guns. Thanks.
  3. Ok so the Swiss 1889 is technically an antique in most of the country but NJ is complex for no reason. It has a 12 round magazine which was on uncommon for the time and it is detachable so you can clean it and replace damaged magazines. It's a bolt action and versions of the magazine were used in the 1896 which was an improvement to the 1889 and a small 6 round magazine similar to the 12 round magazines were used in 1900 and 1905 short rifles. Also if it matters you can't get 7.5x53.5 ammo unless you reload for it. Some people have modified the 1911 series of Swiss guns (also bolt actions just new guns using the new ammo 7.5x55) to use these magazines cause they wanted 12 rounds instead of the standard 6 round magazines. Now is it legal? Like I am not getting one if I have to pin a magazine that is worth like $150 cause of 2 rounds
  4. Posted in the wrong place my bad.
  5. @AlDente67 sounds like a good car but unfortunately has to get approval by my old man who is extremely against german vehicles believing that they have a high maintenance cost which I can't get that through his thick skull. I'm a college student and I'm somewhat dependent on my parents at the moment even though the car is for me with my money they kind of help me with some of the service fees and so forth so it has to get a deal of approval and the minute I mention it he was almost instantly against it. I've been trying to push him to see the car but it's looking like it's not really going to happen. Thank you for the extremely quickly reply and offer but I'm not sure if I'll be able to even look at it with him and I don't want to waste your time if he's pretty much going to be against it.
  6. Looking for a used car preferably a Honda Accord 2003 model or newer. Also a Camry 2007 model or newer. Basically just something stock with a 4 cylinder (inline 4 or whatever) since basically it will be a commuter car. It would be nice if it's not a base model so some additions like a sunroof, alloy-wheel, etc would be nice. Normal wear and tear especially for the age is fine so some small dings, scratches and small dents fine for the most part. No major rust or damage please and if it has 125k or less that would be great (if it's a round that's also fine). If you have service paperwork and orignal documentation that helps. No projects if it need a little work then fine but if its does not run I am not really interested. If I were to be picky about it then I am trying to stay a way from white and somewhat black as color because they get dirty easily. Silver or grey would be the best color but won't be crazy pick about. If you have a car similar to what I'm looking for I'll be interested and looking at it at least. Nothing from the 90s I prefer to lean to about 10-15 year old since they usually fit in the budget and something very reliable, efficient and cost-effective. I can drive both standard (manual) or automatic so it doesn't matter. My budget is about $5k but that would be for a very good car that basically hit all my preferences. For sure it is challenging what I'm asking for but if you know of anyone selling a car that means pretty much could be described as what I mentioned above it'd be great that you gave me some contact information. I am located in central Jersey.
  7. The 50 yard zero is said to be the best for all around but it really depends on his application and purpose for the rifle. I like 50 yards.
  8. So for the 92fs I'd say give it a good clean and check the parts maybe a bad spring or something else. It also could be bad ammo at times. For the AR that one is easy to answer zero moves with distance. If you have ever seen an old military surplus gun they have sliding ladders for distances like 100m, 200m, 300m, etc. I would recommend to zero it at a distance were it will be ok for what you need it to do. A 25 yard and at 100 yards the zeros are different. Why you might ask. I'll put a picture in this comment and hopefully it makes sense
  9. So it's either accept the laws or become best friends with an atf agent to have a cool collection in NJ. Also your home turns into a business even if you don't intend to sell anything. Ah so you really can't win in NJ.
  10. I mean a visit from the ATF. I know that the paperwork and cost is in general trouble.
  11. Doesn't being a manufacturer come with ATF troubles and possible NJ troubles. Also do I need to have an intent to sell because all I want is to aquire different things for myself.
  12. With an FFL 07 in NJ what can you do? I am going to assume you have one or know someone with it.
  13. Ok thanks. Might get one in the future. I just wanted to see if anyone surpassed these difficult laws.
  14. I like C&R guns (50 years old or older) most of my collection is C&R based. When you say you don't need a pistol permit to buy a handgun I'm assuming because you buy out of state C&R guns or any pistol?
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