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  1. So it's either accept the laws or become best friends with an atf agent to have a cool collection in NJ. Also your home turns into a business even if you don't intend to sell anything. Ah so you really can't win in NJ.
  2. I mean a visit from the ATF. I know that the paperwork and cost is in general trouble.
  3. Doesn't being a manufacturer come with ATF troubles and possible NJ troubles. Also do I need to have an intent to sell because all I want is to aquire different things for myself.
  4. With an FFL 07 in NJ what can you do? I am going to assume you have one or know someone with it.
  5. Ok thanks. Might get one in the future. I just wanted to see if anyone surpassed these difficult laws.
  6. I like C&R guns (50 years old or older) most of my collection is C&R based. When you say you don't need a pistol permit to buy a handgun I'm assuming because you buy out of state C&R guns or any pistol?
  7. This is very true but NJ doesn't believe in that.
  8. Is there any federal license or other license for personal use to ease the pain of some of the laws in the state? I am not a fan of the laws of NJ but I do follow them just see if I could continue to do so but also get more interesting things. I am sure that this has been asked before but I thought I'd take a shot at it.
  9. I know the family so yes it was inherited by aunt and then given to him when he lived out of state and is in the process but practical as already moved back to NJ. The family are good people so I don't fear that his aunt come to claim it just really seeing if I can have them with/without paperwork at 20 from this post but I guess not.
  10. So it sounds like just best to have a will. It also sounds like you can own firearms legally by inherence but it's not on your name (handguns) with an FID but it's seems questionable.
  11. Speaking about acquiring a relatives collection. What if there was no will but you where the heir? What if there was multiple heirs? A son, a spouse, brother, a parent, etc. Is there a hierarchical system for that or just to whomever wants it? In general how can you prove to NJ that you legally acquired it that way without real documentation? Just a lot that I don't understand. I have many relatives with collection's and I definitely don't want to see them pass but it's just questions that came to me from this thread.
  12. Not 21 yet. I'm 20 and those guns are legally his. They were his uncle's and he acquired them from his aunt who didn't want them when he was out of state living with family for few years. She knew he liked to shoot and that he owned guns. He moved back to NJ because his parents live here but plans leave again in a few years. He also just doesn't want to keep all the handguns because he like more modern guns. They are mostly revolvers.
  13. Ok thanks. I'll have to wait until Sept but at least I got the information.
  14. Anyone have a link to this collection paperwork or do I get it at the PD?
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