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  1. Maybe we could do a smoking side and a non smoking side in the future. At least give the option
  2. I hate to bring this up. I am bringing a few women to this tomorrow, yes one is Smiles. After the last time my sis and friend told me that a few people were creeping on them. Please be respectful to them, as with anyone else. As it is there are vert few women let's not give them reasons not to join us. That is a very good point.
  3. I have 200 ish clays and a new thrower plus 300ish ammo
  4. I am bringing a few hundred 12 gauge rounds - can always bring more if needed.
  5. Unfortunately I work on Sundays during football season. Nate
  6. Hey all I am bringing a plus one. Nate
  7. Ok. Slightly confused what is on Friday? I have a 5 1/2 foot bed so I can fill it up and see what is used for Saturday.
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