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  1. One of the FFL’s should be able to answer that.. Doubt it’s in any statute or administrative code, more likely something sent to the FFL’s from the State Police Firearms Unit..
  2. Ok, you’re commended to...
  3. Your wife needs to be commended for the good work she is doing for 2A...
  4. Let’s be realistic about the enforcement of this going door to door.. They would need probable cause for search warrant, approved by the prosecutors office, then signed by a judge.. Then law enforcement has to execute that search warrant.. Executing a search warrant involves multiple officers (safety factor).. Then to search someone’s home can take hours when looking for items.. The time and cost of it would be unimaginable..
  5. They will enforce it the same way they did the 15 round limit..
  6. Does that go for just Hexmags because they have the short spring?
  7. Lawyers... They are the majority profession In politics.. They write the laws, they prosecute those who break the law, then defend those that broke the law & finally they sit in judgement of the law.. Seems like they have all the bases covered.. Power, Control & of coarse $$$$ Now please don’t take this that I have anything against lawyers...
  8. Maybe the members posting see through the BS!
  9. The basic topic of Maksims thread ^^^ The answer appears to be yes based on members posting...
  10. Yup & more brought in after..
  11. He added it in the known lawyers section
  12. This.. Because if the poll didn’t get the intended result, the person paying won’t release the results..
  13. Maybe something with the mag catch spring?
  14. I was waiting for the AR15 to come out at the end...
  15. Reasonable = What they deem is reasonable, until a judge or jury states otherwise.. Same will apply to permanent.. Or maybe Reasonably Permantent...