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  1. BoatGuy

    I'm Just Gonna Leave This Here

    I got the picture from an Asbury Park Press post this morning. I wouldn’t refer to them as prime journalistic material by any means, but I don’t know if they’re into trolling the PR TH debate. Boo boo covers. And I wasn’t aware they still made them in non Disney princess print.
  2. BoatGuy

    Who would you like to actually meet

    Chesty, Patton, the guy who invented Reese’s Peanutbutter Cups, and Mr. Rogers. Cause I’m sure he was a raging maniac who knew how to have a good time.
  3. BoatGuy

    Big Thanks to Pizza Bob

    Just wanted to say thanks again for the invite today. Bob is a wealth of knowledge on all things IDPA. Seems like a good group of guys at the Somerset Club that are nothing short of impressive, especially the guy with the revolver. Had a great time checking it out and look forward to shooting next month.
  4. BoatGuy

    KFC or Popeyes

    Texan, AMAZING!
  5. BoatGuy

    Daily humor thread

    Tried posting this last night but was telling me the file was too large. Also, Chicken is in the brine.
  6. BoatGuy

    KFC or Popeyes

    About that recipe... Talking about Navy chow, I just pictured Buckman from Down Periscope. My last deployment was Kuwait and Iraq, Army DFAC food wasn’t bad. Breakfast was pretty good.
  7. BoatGuy

    KFC or Popeyes

    I'll be sure to put on my eating pants! Hahaha!! Go figure, a bubble head and their fancy surf and turf type meals. Did you guys have champagne with every meal? It's like the Air Force under water.
  8. BoatGuy

    KFC or Popeyes

    Not to hijack the thread, but steaks had Everglades Cactus Dust and the mash potatoes was Everglades Heat in a maple bacon bourbon gravy. I have no ties to the company that I’m plugging it for any purpose other than it’s amzaing!
  9. BoatGuy

    KFC or Popeyes

    Nice! I'll definitely check it out. If you're looking for a good spice blend, Everglades Seasoning. Amazing!
  10. BoatGuy

    KFC or Popeyes

    Never even heard of it. Going to have check it out.
  11. BoatGuy

    KFC or Popeyes

    Popeyes! With that Sweet Heat sauce they have... the best.
  12. BoatGuy

    How many guns in your CCW rotation do you have?

    Here in NJ, I carry hopes that the need never arises. Out of state, mainly Florida, G23 but recently went to the G43.

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