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  1. There you have it, i have a better chance at getting raided by you than by LEO for a gun "capable" of accepting a large capacity mag. Good luck with the purchases - I love my 92, but my go to is my xds. Even with big hands i love that gun.
  2. Im not lexis, westlaw, or promis gavel but my firm handles a decent amount of gun cases and we have a state wide practice. I know many prosecutors, defense attorneys, and cops. I'm not aware of anyone who faces a sole charge of high cap mags. As far as I've consulted with people facing charges and spoken with people in my industry so to speak, the only charges for mags accompany other charges (unlawful purpose, agg assault, att murder, murder, etc.). I'm still waiting for the Glock 19/Beretta 92 raids
  3. @Underdog you seem to be on a real kick to create fear and defy logic about the mag restrictions.
  4. @Tunaman the reason I did it was because I saw people who knew better, creating unrealistic and unnecessary hysteria on that particular topic. Im not a fan of propaganda, but ill leave you to decide if you can accept someone who knowingly misleads people to "instill a little fear." If i see our own doing that, im not one to keep my mouth shut. Ive offered advice and counsel to several people who have reached out to me through this site, and elsewhere, gratis, because i believe its right. I never charge people to consult. If you know someone with an issue that needs to be addressed or is of greater importance than just the one person, have them reach out. @remixer I forgot about that doozy! @wreckless that could not be farther from the truth, at least related to search warrants. The standard for a search warrant will always be probable cause. That goes for telephonic warrants as well, which really since State v. Witt overruled Pena-Flores, have gone by the wayside. They are done, but not with regularity like they were. Also for Domestic violence, those are not search warrants in the traditional use of the term (at least according to our ridiculous legislature and court system), it is called a domestic violence search warrant and is limited in scope and even in ability to prosecute based upon what is found. Im in no way advocating that I believe that they are constitutional, but until the correct test case comes around or the law is changed (and what politician would have the balls to say lets eliminate the ability to remove weapons for those accused of domestic violence), that is the law we have. I dont know anything about you, but I'm not sure what volume of telephonic warrants and DV search warrants you are involved with to hear about them being rejected, or not - usually we (the public) never hear about a warrant that is rejected because nothing happens.
  5. @Tunaman you are right, my bad, I’ll stand by and let people in our community purposely spread misinformation and stoke fears, so we can be united. Certainly better to just go with the flow than speak your mind. Do you think I did it for credibility, if so, you are sadly mistaken. Im still waiting to hear about multi year sentences, raids predicated on firearm ownership or anyone solely charged for a noncompliant magazine without other wrongdoing. I’m the one with the credibility problem? I don’t think so.
  6. @Underdog I think you have missed the point of my post several times over at this point. Im glad you are passionate about our rights, we need more people who are. Many of your questions that are on point with my original post are answered within the original post, should you choose to reread it.
  7. @Underdog, if you go back in time to when this article was written, there were several prominent 2A figures creating a super unrealistic atmosphere of fear, as @Mrs. Peelsaid above. I in no way believe we should be complacent or just sit and take it (as i said in my article), but creating that fear, knowing full well it was unrealistic was unfortunate and unnecessary. I instead sought to give a realistic approach with practical advice for people. As i said above, our rights were violated, more is coming - but i am no fan of scaring people just to scare them, or whatever purpose they had in their outrageous suggestions. While most of your response was polite and appropriate, I take severe issue with your insinuation of me using this to try to drum up business. I was not the one telling people the Gestapo was coming, NJSP was going to go door to door, that murphy will have to do raids because of political pressure for his laws to work, that ownership of a Beretta 92 or Glock 19 was sufficient for police to get a warrant (on an interesting side note, my 92, which i bought used, actually came with 10 round mags from factory oddly enough). The person who did that, is the same guy who speaks from location to location for $10 dollars a head. you would think his fear mongering, knowing full well it was just that, was designed to drum up business and get bodies in the seats. Nothing in my article was about restricting free speech, red flag laws, reasonable detours, or the like. This was about one issue, prominent 2a figures telling people that the police will be raiding them for a variety of reasons related to magazines or that they face decades in jail for them. Out of curiosity, how many search warrants have you heard of solely based upon non-compliant magazines? Heard of any doors kicked in for solely owning a Glock 19 and its ability to accept large capacity magazines? How many people have been sentenced to consecutive 18 month terms for these non-compliant magazines? How many otherwise law abiding gun owners have been charged for solely a non-compliant magazine? Dont mistake me calling out nonsense with me being ok with the trampling of our rights.
  8. Grab a gun has it with a10 round mag for 485
  9. When I lived in Essex county, birth-2012 I never even heard the term pork roll. 2012 on, moved to Middlesex County and get a weird look when I say Taylor ham.
  10. Wow, who knew - literally across the street from my union office on Morris Ave.
  11. Lol no worries. I'm a big guy who rarely gets cold and with 3 layers and wool socks was frozen for at least an hour on the car ride home.
  12. I had a ford fusion energi, which is part gas, part hybrid, part plug in. It was great on gas, 40mpg without plug in, 42-43 with plug in. That is until i got a new set of tires which had more grip and the car went to 33 and 34-35 which is still decent, but if the tires are responsible for several mpg's how great is the car. And I had to lose my trunk. With all of the battery packs, i could barely fit a set of golf clubs and 2 pairs of shoes in the trunk. Dont miss that car much.
  13. Went to the range today. Didn’t see anyone, not sure if we missed crossing paths or we were the only ones willing to freeze. I just finished thawing out. The issue was a weak guide rod/recoil spring. At least I assume it was. Not one malfunction. The new mecgar mag was nice as well (I did use the old mags with no failures). When I swapped the springs, the new one was longer and stiffer (that’s what she said). I’m not sure if it was due to the new spring or just the cold, but it felt like it kicked twice as hard as usual. Thanks for the help and suggestions guys. Now i’ll have to try and figure out why I’m more accurate with my xds than my 92fs.
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