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  1. the reason i need to wait till February is Im not 18 yet so my issue is i dont have a drivers license. I emailed nj state police about this and they said just type in no license on the application so im planning to use my passport as id. another issue is i need two bills in my name for proof of residency. but i dont pay any sort of bills. im really questioning should i wait to apply because i would love to get a firearm but isnt there a policy that you can only apply once and if youre rejected you must go appeal it in court? im afraid if i get rejected and dont appeal it i will run into bigger problems with trying to get an fid in the future. thanks
  2. So im going to be applying in February and so far there's two pieces of paperwork that i know i need. the actual application and the consent to mental health check. What i need to know now is: I go to the police station file paperwork, get the finger print card, then i set up an appointment to get finger printed with IdentoGo and after that i wait probably for a long time till they feel like approving my application. Am I missing anything? And how much will the finger printing cost? Thanks guys. also never seen or had pork roll before. where can i find some?
  3. New here so hi everyone! I've been lurking around on this forum but never really had the time to sign up till now. I'm going to be applying to get my NJFID in a couple months and need some help. I would prefer to post my questions in the appropriate section or in private message so i dont clog up the introduction section. Thanks
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