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  1. You could follow them on Twitter, thus, not needing FB. https://twitter.com/rtsponline
  2. Hi. New to this forum. Been using RTSP - Randolph and Gun 4 Hire. But since RTSP - Union just opened, that will be my primary range. Love it's proximity to me. Was there bright and early on Saturday for Grand Opening. Was pretty empty for Member hours, but filled up real quick once General Public started showing up. Guess I didn't win the Sig raffle. Love the 50 yd range.
  3. No, your Membership includes unlimited 1 Hour port rentals.
  4. Great facility and convenient location (even though it is Rt.22). Plenty of ports. The Grand Opening event sure did bring out a lot of people. Guessing I did not win the SIG raffle ;( Very friendly owners and staff, even considering it was very busy and I'm sure opening day there were some bugs to work out. They have a SIG Elite store in house and also carry a lot of 5.11 Tactical clothing, GPS bags, and tons of firearms and accessories. The coffee at their in-house Barista Bar was pretty good too. I'm sure they will have great success in this location
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