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  1. I apologize for riling anyone up over this. It was not my intent to slam anyone. I am not the employee nor was I ever one. I have not seen any unsafe action there. This is the reason I read and don’t post as it was pointed out about my posting habits. I can see where it seems I have an axe to grind but I don’t. I’ve been there and simply don’t agree with how things are set up but that really doesn’t mean anything. I’ll keep to myself as I usually do. Thank you both for your responses.
  2. The constant violations of our citizens with these unnecessary inspections should stop. As stated, they’re not cops...just RSO’s. if it’s done under the guise of safety they are full of nonsense. They are removing firearms and manipulating them in a small room without a proper backstop. Free market agreed....but I’ll venture to say these owners who really don’t know what they’re doing, will be either shut down or bought out. Liens abound on the property.
  3. No inventory. Hope people that signed up for memberships get their money’s worth before they go under.
  4. This topic is surprisingly quiet.
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