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  1. It' not every place it's some of the better known places charge $19.99 for each item, which ones I don't recall, it was months ago. Outdoor had me at $37 and change with hazmat and shipping for 32lbs of powder I randomly threw in my cart as a test run. That is worth it to me. And I skipped over Midways sale for reloading and took advantage of sales on everything else. I picked up, barrels, uppers, lowers, parts kits, muzzle brakes, gas tubes, BCG's, mags, and optics and sights for 4 builds. Been trying not to spend money since. Black Friday was painful.
  2. I did check them out, as well as Midsouth Shooters, Natchesz, and Graf&Sons and a few other places. One of them does offer a deal on 12K Fiocchi primers, twice a year. That's when it would be worth the $20+ Hazmat fee. And Hazmat fees are what keep me from ordering anything. But I did look at Outdoor Limited the other night and they charge a flat rate for Hazmat being the whole order, as opposed to Hazmat for each item which other places do. Spending $19.99 for every item in my cart puts fees at like $200 and another $30 for shipping. Need to find that balance.
  3. I did call them over the summer. I spoke to 2 different people at 2 different times just to make sure. They only carry presses, dies, and tools etc for reloading. No primers or powder, I was a bit surprised by that.
  4. Right now it wouldn't be worth the trip. My car would never make it there and back. And driving for that long is physically excruciating for me. GSA and TNT are substantially closer. Thanks though!!!
  5. They're not that far from me. Their website is 7 years outdated and they have horrible reviews. But they're pretty close. And their prices aren't that bad.
  6. I'm in Warren County about 30 min from the PA border. I can be in E. Stroudsburg or Easton within 45min.
  7. Thanks but sadly that's 160 mile round trip for me.
  8. Curious if anyone has purchased or built one. I'm in the process of several builds and one is a .300, last thing I need are hand-guards for my builds. I want to get the .300 in a 16" to cycle both super and subs consistently. I picked up a silly cheap name brand 16" barrel on clearance for $60 during Black Friday. I compared gas ports on the barrel to a 5.56 and it is noticeably larger. It does have pistol length gas. And I ordered 2 Aero Precision buffer kits today with 3oz. buffers. I'll probably throw an H or H2 in my 5.56 build. Last but not least after watching a vid from Elvis Ammo on YouTube (that the Reich Chancellor of Propaganda hasn't taken down yet) who was lobbing 230gr cast lead PC'd bullets downrange in a 16". His cycling issue was due to his BCG being melonite and not NiB so I ordered a NiB today for $90 on sale. Is there anything I missed? I ask as I will be reloading .300 down the road and I like the science behind reloading, so experimenting with different recipes is a must for me.
  9. Hey all I'm looking for place sin NJ that carry powder and primers? And few actually do. So far the closest place that does appears to be Garden State Armory in Warren, NJ. Which is about 45min or so from me. Does anyone know of any other locations in the Warren, Morris, Sussex that actually carries a variety?
  10. Same place essentially. One side if airsoft the other live fire. There's no official signage for the range though. Other than Cobra One. Same owner. Hey neighbor! And thanks!
  11. I was on here years ago, and rarely at that. I'm older, smarter and more focused. And now I'm also getting into reloading, slowly but surely. My days in NJ are limited. As my goal is to move to AZ in 3 years or sooner once I finish my degree. RTSP-Randolph is where I was shooting, and a trip or 2 to Shongum with friends. But Cobra One Tactical is damn near walking distance for me so that will be my new range.
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