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  1. For your consideration: Staccato C2 duo with RMR in 6.5- 3- 10rd magazines (will ship 16/17rd magazines to states that allow from different address at $90/mag) *Pictures* First owner, extremely good/excellent condition. Gun has 200 rounds. Light scratches on frame where slide stop is positioned as well as on rail due to attempting to mount olight. Scratches mostly superficial, pictures to show details. Prefer to leave RMR with pistol. Gun comes original gun bag and RMR case (not pictured). Price: $2250 including transfer fees. Prefer to transfer at Monmouth Arms. However willing to meet around Bergen / Hudson county. Prefer to keep this in NJ, however will cross post add if there’s no interest within 2 weeks. And as always… The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale
  2. How does someone start the process? Is there a link to the agency? Is this done by town or county?
  3. Today gives me hope there’s a reason I haven’t sold my p365
  4. Just bought for work.. Delivered yesterday, so we’ll see how it goes
  5. Following for any recommendations in Bergen/Hudson county. My guy retired.
  6. -EWR is a mess, but it’s better than LaGuardia and JFK. -Don’t leave your car unattended. If you want to take someone inside, you need short term parking. -Departures shouldn’t be that bad. Arrivals is typically the pain in the ass. -As long as there’s an open spot you’re fine.
  7. For sale is p365 FCU and frame only. Purchased from Cline Tactical. The color is burnt bronze (frame) and bronze/gold (trigger). less than 150 rounds. FFL to FFL $SOLD Pictures I have an additional mag if interested $35.
  8. River Palm Terrace if you’re looking to splurge.
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