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  1. Hi I am intrested in the lmt can you email me some more pictures at jjnice315@gmail.com
  2. Have for sale no trades just need cash brand new kac legacy mod o in taupe for $2200 or bo never fired Brand new bushmaster acr black 1900$ has magpul buis and hard case Brand new colt 6960 mid length gas system only one colt did and talo exclusive 900$ Core 15 m4 scout 600$ troy quadrail raptor charging handle houge grip magpul rear buis and magpul front grip only 120 rounds through it and lifetime warranty on rifles life Brand new glock 19x 550$ can include 2 glock 17 10 round mags maybe more if i find them Email me at jjnice315@gmail.com for pics or info
  3. Hey @fishnut im sorry for coming at you like that i really just felt like you were trying to be funny only because i know not everyone is not into colt but a regular m4 colt lower is 400 to 500. You dont see to many m4a1 lowers i have 2 one i paid 1100 for thats in the pic i posted of my build and one im selling which i paid 1000 for which is a fair price these are collectors items my point was Google would explaine alot about it when im lookin to buy something i research it sometimes for months to see prices. I also have a kac ambi lower they sell for 800 to 900 all day and they have no collective value and some ppl dont understand what there getting a match giessle like trigger 200$ lmt sopmod stock 200$ ambi bolt saftey and magazine release and built in quick detach points. I apologize for my words like i said. Clone building is very particular there are a list of parts that are acceptable on ar15.com some ppl have to have all of the same parts as the military. And there are only 2 lowers made by colt that fit that bill and they are the two i posted. I know everyone isnt into cloning so i apologize. But the stock in the listing cost more that 80 dollars
  4. This is a clone build just fyi the ris 2 rail cost 400 the barrel 280 the optic 500 the foward grip 80$ the stock 200 the lowe 1050, the charging handle 90 the colt upper 140, the bcg colt 120 some people care more about there fireamrs then others like instead of criticizing my post maybe you could google m4a1 colt lowers thats what i do when i see a listing to see if someone is trying to make money or if im getring a good deal
  5. Striped then you need 200 dollars worth of parts to complete it if u use colt parts this is brand new its never been used. it is so special because this is a 2013 colt le6920 socom and only 150 were made. The stripped ones are mostly ones with bad andonizing or screwed up rollmarks that are factory seconds. This is a one time release and they got for alot more on gunbroker. Anyone on ar15.com would know what its worth. If you dont build clone rifles and buy aero precision lowers and other cheap lowers hey go ahead its your money.,but i paid money to list my property for sale on here not to be criticized if you dont understand clone building research it or keep it to yourself. A kac lower sells for 800 dollars people would probaly ask why its so much money well it has a 200 stock,all ambi controlls,built in qd attachment points, match trigger you add it up. And you can find any colt lower for 80 dollars id love to see that , a basic m4 carbine goes for 400 this is m4a1 like what socom use, like either u know nothing about colt or there value or are just trying to be a smart ass asking is it 80 when it clearly says 800 should i go on any listing u post and criticize your listing and try to degrade them
  6. I have a colt m4a1 socom lower with pinned multicam b5 sopmod stock 850$ email me at jjnice315@gmail.com
  7. Brand new knights armament sr15 mod 0 taupe never fired compliance work done at garden state shooting center griffin armament hammer comp 2300 or bo I have a brand new bushmasrer acr for sale 2100 or bo all compliance work done by garden state shooting center. Griffin armament muzzle break and hard plastic case Brand new colt 6960 mid legth gas system 950 or bo Colt m4 lower 400 Core 15 m4 scout with lots of extras only 120 rounds through rifle troy drop in quad rail 700 or bo
  8. Hi i have a brand new never fired colt 6960 combat unit carbine colts first and only mid length gas rifle has centurion arms rail and all magpul furniture from factory and griffin armament compensator pinned completely legal and compliant paid 1200 plus compliance work from garden State shooting center want 1100 or best offer. Also have a core 15 m4 scout with only 120 rounds through it has a lifetime warranty that is transferable to another owner and is the life of the rifle. It was the od green model have all original parts plus extras I put in like troy quad rail and green a2 fixed stock and magpul flip up buis. Has a2 at my muzzle brake this was bought from. Bangers sport shop asking 800 or best offer Any questions you can email me at jjnice315@gmail.com thank you I am willing to meet at any gun store in nj
  9. Definitely goto garden state shooting center I have 4 le6920s and a le 6960 they transferred them to me so how can they be illegal
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