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  1. Hey Jack, -- thanks. I think I got what I need and appreciate the input very much as I tried to convey. I also read/red/watched/watchededah all the Ruels/Rules posted and etcetera. Apparently you have a bunch of asshole trolls (and per your "Gentry" hear/here/hair, -- * burried is spelled [buried], -- but, I'M OK WITH THAT, I APPRECIATE YOUR EFFORT HERE, "t h o u g h"), -- anyway..., ---- here who don't know how to engage on line (new folks too), past twits tweets (1 thought ata time? only?) -- and may even be "aca-dem-itians" who have allot more time on their hands than I do. I no, I no... just kidd'in, -- toothless redneck Najoisians, -- yee hahh! I'll go back to reading and then in a year or two if I think the "brillance" of the "membahship" here is "kontributory", I'll B back den. Uno? Admin, -- this is what I spoke of in the Binocular Offer; back to lurking... oh, yeah..., and why I didn't respond to the Reloading Items For Sale in Woodbridge, NJ, -- really? Folks like dis com'in to dah house to see ur stuff? Ohhh Kaaayyy, gud ideayahh. Good luck! See my other thread, -- selling on line advice, got any? No thanks.
  2. I didn't think I needed a new thread for this, -- so will put it here, -- unless someone says different? Please let me know otherwise. -- On the above, I'll quickly comment that I found the discussion interesting, and find so many friends and family in neighboring States PA/NY/CT, confused and even afraid to come to NJ and go to a Range-day, due to what "someone" said to them. Anyway, -- my question is: What experience has anyone here had directly with selling "on line"; meaning, a "Listing Sight" of "For Sale", (and need a reference for a good experience), or an "Auction" sight (and need a reference for a good experience). Comment that may help get folks who may know engaged: I have no problem with anyone commenting the FFL laws, scenarios and etc. -- do included the obvious reminders if feel it is useful here for all concerned. No I'm not "new", but, I'd be really ignorant not the read/listen to anyone who may be trying to assist, but not guessing, -- that would not be helpful. I am "aware" of/about, but not an attorney, concerning "Collectors and Relics" (C&R's), and even "Antiques". However imo, -- if it can fire or be made to fire in todays world, I would really just rather pay an FFL his $20 - 35 bucks and not worry about it. I understand some sites, (Auction Sights), charge Premiums on both sides of the transaction, and charge other fees as well; however, and any functional review or warning regarding stuff like that, -- feel free to write a book here, or PM/Email me direct if more appropriate, -- if you care to. I will read it and thank you for it, -- if facts, not just opinion alone, or "I heard...". -- *Thank you all in advance and appreciate any latitude if "doing this wrong here" -- not my intent, just let me know. A PS: -- I'll add here then, knowing the, -- "what's it worth" question can be a useless question, anywhere. However, after reading 20 - 30 hours of world history wrapped around some of the stuff I've engaged lately, let me throw that in, -- places to find out I may do my own research. It's not like one can put this stuff up on Ebay with a too high Reserve to get a "feel". One e.g. a https://americanhistory.si.edu/collections/search/object/nmah_417028 -- I may be inheriting back, and not a collector of even stuff that can't be fired to put on the wall. But, don't want to 1) rip anyone off, or 2) be ripped off either. This other example I am speaking of, has what Dad called "Egyptian" writing carved/engraved in it, -- now told possibly is Ethiopian and likely used there, -- not a closet classic someone saved for future generations to enjoy. I see one "For Sale" example that has been reduced down from a start price of $2700 from a dealer in Florida. -- * Again, thank you, and sorry if initially to long, just trying to make sense of what I want and why to whom may know and take the time to provide advise.
  3. All above: -- Thank you much for that. It may take me 3 - 4 days to get back and respond, but I will always thank folks. FYI on whom you are so kindly advising: -- I've done some 30 hours of reading on this, and seems like may have another 30 or so prior to "doing" anything. This topic on the Net is all over the place, as one may expect, -- so until I start reading "redundant hits" I'll keep looking for the scope of things with fact and personal preference mixed as it goes. This is very helpful though, thank you again. -- I read from Dillon Turret setups to the Lee Loader (hammer and anvil), and the Lyman 310 (which seem overprice as used, imo..., but not sure I *can have an opinion, -- yet! Nice unit though, -- Lee copied hand press?) I do like learning from "widget one" (since teach/train others in other things, -- nothing like this). I like the Lee Loader, (hammer and anvil), -- per video does a Rifle Round in 40 secs on YT. If I do engaged, it will be for the fun of it (yes, I love "science" and ballistics and what really happens versus "opinion" that gets spread so easily ... how that goes. Lots of stuff sold on "mojo" it seems. Knowing ballistics was part of an old, long ago career path I changed tracks from.) So, for me as far as I know at this point, -- if I can load 50 rds an hour while sitting on the floor watching TV, I'm fine (and don't make a mess). My style of shooting, unlike many here who are the real thing I see, like my old long gone Dad, -- we drop maybe 50 -- 22LRs at .03 cents ea hahhh!, then 20 or so of one or two other types (Rentals), and then in an hour of breathing that "wonderful?" indoor range air, -- leave and have lunch. (Is that air really safe? geese.) -- I'll leave it there since I do tend to write to much (I work on-line or "around-on-line", ironically, and forget most really hate TLTR posts, so apologies if this was too long, I'm not a tweeter, I write letters with pen and paper ). Just letting you know, your advising someone who really appreciates it, talks to much about it, and kind of resurrecting an old, long ago LEO passion, -- but don't want to go back to living like a mercenary, days either, -- kidding, but you may get my drift. The wife now, would not like "that".
  4. -- Is this a good on-line supplier, for powder, bullets, primers? https://www.midwayusa.com/reloading-supplies/ -- Other?, please feel free to suggest or generally comment opinion. -- Gotchas to look out for, recommendations of "better for the few cents more" stuff; or, no not worth it use [some-other-clever-way]? [Do I need to start a new thread with this, my question(s), or OK to proceed from here in this one? Let me know the "protocol", preference, "culture" here, -- I would not otherwise know.]
  5. FYI, I read all the feeds and etc., I tend to stay out of online social media other than to stay informed and appreciate the posts, emails/feeds, all the great, *accurate information. -- I tend to write to much and it bothers folks, so, I just don't, or stay to my "writers forums" :)
  6. Me neither, and it's been a couple of days, which I understand if not automated some how; lf you're doing it one by one, manually. They should be here today, shipped a day later than initially commented by Amazon. Thanks for the offer!
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