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  1. UPDATE The state of New Jersey has granted me the ability to exercise my 2A rights!
  2. Much appreciated, thanks for all the advice!
  3. Update: I saw Gianni Pirelli and he was able to support me, he was very thorough and detailed and the police accepted his report! I am now just waiting for the police to process my paperwork but all signs point to my application being accepted!
  4. I have a call with Dr. Pirelli today. I was very honest in what I was looking for in my email so the fact that he didn't turn me away is promising!
  5. Awesome, thanks for the insight. Honestly that's why I answered yes, so as to not lie. I considered getting my record expunged but being that my psychiatrist doesn't practice anymore I figured it would be futile. I have called him a few times and he never returns my calls even though we had a good relationship.
  6. Interestingly enough the detective I met with said that if I can get a letter and I pass the background check (which I know I will) I will be good to go, so we shall see.
  7. Yeah I figured butn I also feel like someone has to know a decent psychiatrist that they used that signed off. I'm not saying I want them to sign off after the first time meeting them, but really moreso someone that is reasonablely supportive of the 2A.
  8. Maxim, sorry I might not have provided enough detail in my post. Because I answered yes to question 26 the detective told me I need to get a letter from a psychiatrist that provides answers to 10 or so questions, a few of which state I am of sound mind to possess a firearm and things of that effect. Since my previous psychiatrist is no longer practicing I am not sure how to handle. Basically I am looking for anyone else that has had a similar experience.
  9. I realize this may be in the wrong sub-forum as I think I misinterpreted what the purpose is, if needed please move accordingly.
  10. Hello all, new here and would love some advice. I just applied for my FID and permit to purchase a pistol in Montair and I answered yes to question 26 due to seeing a psychiatrist about 10 years ago. The detective I spoke to was nice enough to not turn me away but told me I need a note from a psychiatrist, the issue is that my old psychiatrist is no longer practicing. Does anyone have any suggestions of who I can see or what to do? Thanks all!
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