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  1. He was very professional with the transfer and did a very clean job on the rifle. I called him only once a month. Since I know that he is vacation I will not call him. Thank you
  2. I understand vacation but was not in any way made aware of it. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for advice and the ribbing. I appreciate it and will order a new one. I will wait until August until I divulge the name. Because I want the FFL to possibly see this post and maybe follow through.
  4. Yeah yeah I know the difference between a clip and a magazine! I was just venting. The problem is that if I order a bigger magazine it won’t be shipped to NJ
  5. I like the look of a bigger clip, greater than 10 rounds. I would like to keep the magazine that cam with the rifle.
  6. Just a bit of a rant. I had my scar 17 sent to me at my local FFL from PA when I bought it through Gunbroker in March. Everything went fine, made NJ compliant and it was picked up in March. I left behind the the 20 round magazine to be pinned or blocked by the FFL. I have called once a month and texted once a month with no answer but for once in April that he is working on it. Here it is almost August and still no answer. When I passed by this week it was closed. I hate the look of the gun with a 10 round clip. Ok! I am done! Thanks for listening! Bahahaha!
  7. Trrn11500

    Army's New Rifle

    Nice. The optic is super expensive!
  8. I got the scar 17s below msrp. Rollcall in Scranton pa. They were easy to work with, I bid on gunbroker.
  9. Just want to thank the people that recommended Tier 1 defense for my Scar 17 transfer and NJ compliance. This FFL does great work and constantly keeps you informed. Thanks Tier 1.
  10. I thought they were just high end and appointment only. Are they easy to deal with.
  11. Thanx but I have my heart set on fde.
  12. Shane I am looking for fde. What are your extras and round count
  13. I am from Union nj and am willing to drive 1-1.5 hours
  14. First time post. I have been enjoying this site immensely. I am ordering a scar 17 online and want to know which FFL you trust to have your rifle shipped to and do a good job making the rifle Nj compliant. I want the work done so that in the future I may be able to sell it out of state and make it like originally sold. Thanx Tony.
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