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  1. Trrn11500

    Buying Scar17

    I thought they were just high end and appointment only. Are they easy to deal with.
  2. Trrn11500

    Buying Scar17

    Thanx but I have my heart set on fde.
  3. Trrn11500

    Buying Scar17

    Shane I am looking for fde. What are your extras and round count
  4. Trrn11500

    Buying Scar17

    I am from Union nj and am willing to drive 1-1.5 hours
  5. Trrn11500

    Buying Scar17

    First time post. I have been enjoying this site immensely. I am ordering a scar 17 online and want to know which FFL you trust to have your rifle shipped to and do a good job making the rifle Nj compliant. I want the work done so that in the future I may be able to sell it out of state and make it like originally sold. Thanx Tony.

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