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  1. Safety first and Speed kills. Two things to remember on the range...
  2. New Frontier Armory Settles With NJ Over Magazine Sales TRENTON, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- New Frontier Armory has agreed to stop selling standard capacity magazines to residents of New Jersey and pay the state $50,000. New Jersey sued New Frontier Armory after the company sold magazines to two undercover investigators from the Garden State. In 2018 the first undercover agent purchased a 30-round magazine from New Frontier’s website. The rabid anti-gun Attorney General Gurbir Grewal sent the company a cease-and-desist letter over the sale. In 2019 Judge Jodi Lee Alper of the state Superior Court in Essex County issued an order to temporarily suspend New Frontier’s ability to sell the magazines to buyers in New Jersey. The company sold magazines that held 15, 30, and 100 rounds to a second undercover operative. The New Jersey government made the import or possession of magazines holding more than ten rounds illegal. Since the law has passed, no New Jersey residents have turned in their magazines to the state police or other law enforcement agencies. On September 2nd, New Frontier Armory and New Jersey agreed to a settlement. In addition to the money that the company must pay to the state, it also must “clearly and conspicuously” warn customers about the New Jersey laws restricting the size of a magazine that states residents can own. New Frontier Armory has complied with the demand. New Frontier Armory added a warning under its listing of 30 round magazine that states, “Certain U.S. jurisdictions restrict firearm magazines sales.” The company also added a link that explained the New Jersey laws to its customers. The new edition to the website listings is the result of the agreement. Many residents of New Jersey have taken it upon themselves to import magazine kits. The seller ships these kits disassembled magazines. Although the law doesn’t specifically ban the kits, it is a grey area in the law. There are two magazine laws on the books in the state. The first law prohibits the possession of magazines holding more than ten rounds. The second ban the sale and manufacture of magazines holding more than ten rounds. According to New Jersey firearms attorney Evan Nappen, it would be a jury question to whether the resident broke the law by possessing the kit. He said he wouldn’t want to be the test case. If the owner assembled the magazine, then the owner would have broken New Jersey law. When AmmoLand asked Nappen about New Jersey suing New Frontier Armory over the sale of the magazines, he called it a nuisance case. Nappen pointed out that it wasn’t a criminal case and just another example of AG Grewal’s crusade against the Second Amendment. https://www.ammoland.com/2020/09/new-frontier-armory-settles-with-nj-over-magazine-sales/
  3. Lots of times they don’t mail stuff from HQ to the barracks. They hold on to it until a Trooper from that barracks stops by to pick it up. It goes by pony express.
  4. I worked for a County Prosecutor's Office and saw firsthand that the law plainly written means nothing to a lawyer. They are taught as much in law school. Definitions and meanings are elastic in nature to them. To you and I it is black and white but I'm telling you it isn't to them. It is what it is and if you get pushed into the legal system you learn it fast. Without good lawyers and loads of cash you will just be more roadkill under the bus of law. I had a prosecutor tell me that the law meant one thing in section a. and b. but not the same for c. under the same firearm statute. He said it with a straight face and meant it.
  5. The Governor explained it all on TV 'Above my pay grade': New Jersey governor claims Bill of Rights did not factor into his coronavirus executive order Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phillip Murphy said the Bill of Rights was not on his mind when he issued his executive orders mandating his state's response to the coronavirus. Fox News host Tucker Carlson pressed Murphy on the constitutionality of his recent executive orders that deem liquor stores essential and business and churches nonessential, which Murphy said he did not consider. "As I noted before, 15 congregants at a synagogue in New Jersey were arrested and charged for being in a synagogue together. Now, the Bill of Rights, as you well know, protects Americans' right, enshrines their right, to practice their religion as they see fit and to congregate together, to assemble peacefully. By what authority did you nullify the Bill of Rights in issuing this order? How do you have the power to do that?" Carlson asked. "That’s above my pay grade, Tucker," Murphy responded, saying he "wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this." "Well, I can tell," Tucker interjected. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/above-my-pay-grade-new-jersey-governor-claims-bill-of-rights-did-not-factor-into-his-coronavirus-executive-orders
  6. Isn't that a great way to exercise a constitutional right...sigh
  7. Murphy has reversed himself. An amazing feat. Ranges must remain closed but not gun stores. https://www.anjrpc.org/page/MurphyReversesPartsofOrderBlocking2A
  8. i don't believe that anyone said it was iron clad or anything near a sure thing. Nothing is in court. It is always an uphill battle but I think this is a novel approach that may get more support from the bench than others.
  9. Most free state's issue CCP's through a regulatory state agency. They do not require the applicant to appear before a Superior Court judge with their petition as in NJ. By using out of state permitee's that have appeared before similar court hearings you take away one major argument from the state.
  10. The difference is that these were court order permits. They are an order from an out of state court no different than an out of state child custody order or restraining order that are obeyed by NJ courts and police on an every day basis and supported by the case law cited. These are not run of the mill state issued CCP's that equate with out of state driver's licenses. That is the a distinct difference.
  11. The good thing now is that the Third is no longer a liberal "rubber stamp" as it has been transformed by Trump appointees.
  12. Declaratory Judgment Sought in NJ’s Carry Permit Scheme, Violates Full Faith & Credit EATONTOWN, NJ – -(AmmoLand.com)- The U.S. Constitution’s Full Faith and Credit Clause (Article IV, Section 1) requires that states respect the “public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state.” Yet, New Jersey refuses to recognize any other state's licenses to carry a handgun. Charles McDowell of Georgia and Thomas Muller of Delaware possess judicial court Orders granting them licenses to carry weapons. Their Orders were issued by judges in judicial proceedings by state courts, just as New Jersey's licenses to carry are also issued by judges. Based on the above, the law firms of Evan F. Nappen Attorney at Law, P.C. and Giaramita Law Offices, P.C. have brought a Civil Rights Action in the United State District Court, New Jersey, on behalf of McDowell and Muller against NJ Attorney General Gurbir Grewal and every NJ County Prosecutor. Plaintiffs seek a declaratory judgment that McDowell’s and Muller’s judicial Orders granting license to carry weapons be honored in New Jersey pursuant to Full Faith and Credit. https://www.ammoland.com/2020/01/declaratory-judgment-sought-in-njs-carry-permit-scheme-violates-full-faith-credit
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