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  1. Still infringement regardless. There is no inference of “need” in the 2A let alone “justifiable need”. They can cite all the cases they wish but the fact remains that NJ has instituted a de facto ban on carry and should be struck down. I think cert will be granted and Grewal et al will not prevail.
  2. This Friday is the day for NJ to respond. Should be interesting.
  3. I think there is some merit to this. Toss the anti-2A crowd a "bone" to keep them at bay. I watched the recent rally and was happy to hear him restate his 2A position. Hopeful for good things to come for us. Keeping the faith.
  4. I’d have to think that can get what they wish now. If I’ve read the ruling right. If the law was found to be unconstitutional as I am understanding then any limitations are same. Time for NJ to get this case going or updated citing this ruling
  5. Yep. Saw this. Can this be used to help our NJ case? CA Federal court ruling. Does the federal level have more weight in other states that have the same ban or restrictions?
  6. Unfortunately the only way it changes is the power of the vote. Nothing will change otherwise, barring a miracle at the SCOTUS. (Which I try to be optimistic of).
  7. I chose my references based on the application criteria of individuals who can speak to my character and have known me well beyond the time periods required. I told them I was seeking to purchase firearms and needed to supply references. They were more than happy to do so and neither of my references owns firearms. Those are the types of references you want
  8. I certainly can’t argue with you. I know it’s a long shot but I have to believe all this heightened rhetoric is surely being noticed by SCOTUS. Especially the recent threats of declaring a national emergency on firearms as democracts have been spewing in retaliation to the president. I also believe Justice Kavanaugh to be a professional, upstanding justice, but it could be a nice twist to “send notice” to Booker and NJ should they grant cert in the Rogers case. Other states are slowly but surely taking positive legislative steps as well. Think we’re at 16 states now with constitutional carry with more to go. Still a long ways there as well but I’ll take any positives as good towards justice for the 2A.
  9. This is the only way we get our rights back. Good news indeed. Now if RBG would just move on. ;)
  10. That’s a great question. As we saw here with Murphy, they hold these round table meetings but never include the counter parties. They stick only with like-minded yes-men/women. That’s pretty much how tyranny is defined. And then of course, after they pass all these infringing legislative measures, it takes years to fight in court. Along with burden of costs. I’ll keep saying this, it is all on SCOTUS to take these cases and act.
  11. Any links on the 2nd mosque attack where an armed good guy chased them off?
  12. Yes, that is what should occur. All matters of infringement should be stricken and ruled un-constitutional. There are 16 states (last I recall) that are constitutional carry, no permits. Some are newly added like OK and KY. I could only hope the NJ cases attorneys will cite to SCOTUS. The 2A has been through enough political BS and it needs to be restored in full to the entire Union.
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