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  1. Yep! I did a couple in 2017, then life happened and only shot once in 2018
  2. I have extra ammo for now but will start to buy more as the season is starting. I have been seeing the obrpc indoor matches on steelscoring but I have not signed up for it. I would always sign up for the USPSA done outdoors. I will look into it. Thank you
  3. Yep. I connected the dots, my friend. Seems to be that way. I thought I'd ask if maybe there is one. I do not have the expert level skills haha, just want to improve Thank you for the inputs
  4. I saw that and that's why I wanted to start going to Quinton to see the place and maybe become a regular rotation for me. The steel challenge will be the first one I will attend.
  5. I live in Blackwood. Quinton is about 45mins from me. I shoot steel and USPSA at CJ and OB but taking into consideration the travel and tolls, I am looking for other options too
  6. Safe to assume the steel challenge will be on April 6th?
  7. Good day! I am not a member of any of the ranges near me. The indoor ranges limit to shot accuracy but I would like to be able to practice transitions, reloads also. As initially stated, I am not a member of any of the ranges. I do not mind renting the pit for an hour or two just so I can practice. Suggestions and recommendations? Appreciate the help Thank you
  8. can you expound my friend? Im sorry i am really new at this. I only have a handgun and beyond that, AR, PCC, Shotguns, I am at a lost haha BTW, your PCC set-up is bada$$
  9. So a PCC I assume would look like a rifle. 26" total length, mag at 10rds, compensator, fixed buttstock
  10. Hmm, I didnt see that..let me read it some more Is there another discussion here about PCC? or is PCC illegal completely in NJ? I figured I ask here now Thanks!
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