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  1. Maybe you’re right. I just get nervous that some over zealous cop will want to arrest me and I’ll end up spending thousands on legal fees.
  2. Unfortunately I don’t have the documentation and in-fact I bought it while living in NJ before moving to PA and then moving back to NJ. I can get a statement from my brother and his neighbor attesting to the fact that the machining of the 80% blank was done in PA.
  3. I’m looking for some guidance about a 1911 that I made from an 80% blank. I made the gun while living in PA and brought it with me when I moved to NJ. I did put a serial number on the gun in case it was ever lost or stolen. I’m wondering if it is legal to have the gun in NJ. i have a FID card and have also gotten p2p permits for several handguns over the past 3 years. I am a member of the ANJRPC Cherry Ridge range and tried calling one of the attorneys that members can call for questions, but they don’t call back. I now have the gun stored at a relatives house in PA but I would love to bring it home.
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