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  1. Maks, you are correct.  Part-time residents (those that own second homes in PA that aren't rented to tenants) are able to buy NFA items in PA even if they don't have a PA driver's license.  Under the law, part time residents have the same NFA buying rights as full time residents.


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  2. We have dealt with this extensively due to our location right on the border of NJ and PA and selling NFA items to part time residents who do not possess a PA driver's license or state issued ID.

    Though not in writing anywhere that we can find, we have been told the following consistently by different levels of people in the ATF.  We need proof of habitable property ownership (not land ownership - must be a house) in PA and evidence that it is currently lived in part time by the owner.  These documents are typically the most recent property tax bill and current utility statements in the name of the owner.  (This is evidence of not renting the property to a third party but rather it being used by the owner.) A lease document (even if accompanied by utility bills) is not sufficient evidence to facilitate a Title 2 transfer.


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