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  1. If it falls through let me know I'll take both
  2. Got a glock 42 with a grey frame only 50 rounds shot through it comes with 2 mags and 250 rounds of remington umc
  3. I have a glock 42 grey frame its pretty much new only 50 rounds through it I also have 250 rounds of remington umc that I can throw in
  4. They actually have has them in stock at howell gunworks I believe for 699 but they sell out almost instantly
  5. I've got a black stackon 14 gun cabinet that I bout for $140 less than a year ago if your interested. I'm selling for $100 comes with rifle mounts and 2 keys I'm in Jackson let me know if your interested
  6. Radical Firearms is an awesome company with quality and crazy low prices. I have a few uppers from them and they perform well. The have a life time no receipt necessary warranty. I bought a used upper that wasn't cycling right they paid for the shipping to them fixed the gas port sizing and shipped it back to me only took 2 weeks. The only negative thing i have to say is that i dont personally like the coating they use. its not a typical black cerakote finish it is definently different. It's not bad but not as smooth as your typical rifle finish.
  7. Lefebvrenj


    It seems similar to the salt pepersprqy gun https://www.saltsupply.comim just curious on the legality of carrying it in this state
  8. From the beginning I have been 100% about glock the only gun I would shoot. Picked up a beretta in June and I'm not sure if it's the weight or the fact its hammer fired but my shooting has improved significantly. i dont think I can go back to my glock. Next step maybe a 226.
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