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  1. The factory 10rd mags over the neutered ones... reliability reasons?
  2. I was looking online at a Canik, Walther Q5 Match or an H&K VP9. The same applies for rifles as well I assume? Those evil 30 rounders for AR’s can be pinned to a completely docile and safe 10 rounder.... or would it be easier to just buy a 10 round mag to fit an AR, etc?
  3. Awesome, thanks! I thought someone posted on here somewhere that magazines weren’t able to be done now, or maybe it was “illegal high capacity” mags that were already in NJ committing genocide while locked in citizen’s safes because they held 15+1 that couldn’t be pinned to hold 10 rounds.
  4. I haven’t bought online yet, but obviously online retailers that might do business in many states don’t have to deal with the Draconian Gun Laws of the Gulag state of NJ concerning magazine capacity.... how do online retailers deal with us, considering most have 15+1 or more.... do they still allow the purchase just don’t ship any “2A Legal/NJ Illegal” magazines and you have to buy those in state? Or can you have it shipped to an FFL and they can un-Freedom them for us down to 10 rounds, assuming with an extra charge? I believe I read on here if it has a Flash Hider it can be removed and have a Muzzle break/Compensator pinned/welded on, but can’t remember the magazine issue.
  5. I have only gotten back into firearms within the past 1-2 years. I used to shoot as a child/teen with my father and went with a client recently to his range and got me back into it (which is probably the best way to get Anti-2A Commies to turn to the side of Freedom instead of Tyranny)... so I haven’t always owned firearms during our marriage. Not a Brady bunch marriage. We’ve been together for 10+ years. Ideally I would have them in a big ass safe in the garage (wish we had a basement, but only a crawl space), and would likely build it into an enclosed space with a secondary door. Second option would be a Storage Unit (lower cost-wise, but not 100% secure or protected against theft) then a cheap condo (our taxes are already over the $10k cap so I would want to keep these costs down as much as possible)... and last, purchasing land and possibly building a storage unit. I’d likely try to utilize the condo (2br) as an investment property rental, renting out the 2nd room and basically a full apt to themselves minus 1 of the rooms to offset some of the cost. Eventually hoping the wife would get back on board and I could have them at home and utilize it as a rental fully. Not sure of the laws behind that though.
  6. It’s basically middle school around my house. Her and her mother against her father and myself. It’s F’ing insane. Her father and myself are building a 25’ x 26’ deck AZEK deck after ripping up the 20 year old Mahogany deck that was beat to shit and all the stainless steel, Un-coated screws with stripped heads had to be removed... We are busting our ass and she flips out on him over the most insignificant sh*t you can imagine. I joked to him in front of the Mother-in-Law that my wife got upset at me the other day because I breathed some of her air and she got upset about it... I’m sure that comment made it’s way back to my wife. I’m also looking at working versions of an Iron Man Suit with extra armor.
  7. 3500 sq feet but no basement. Just on the edge of a Flood Plane. So just a crawl space. I appreciate the ideas on the safe. I’ll be looking into it. I’m not in a great position right now with the wife trade-in either. High earner with 2 kids and a 3rd on the way, I’d get annihilated with child support and alimony. An investment property or building a fortified bunker would be a cheaper option.
  8. When you’re dealing with a woman... in this case, a pregnant woman. All rationale, logic and reasoning are as realistic as a unicorn being ridden by Helen Keller and while shooting a Phaser Rifle while battling Klingons and Dragons while trying to get to Never Never Land and Mordor so you can sit on the Iron Throne in King’s Landing
  9. I’ll work on her... but what are my options storing them outside of the house?
  10. Kids are involved meaning they’re in the house. Both under 7yo. 3rd child on the way. They don’t shoot yet.
  11. Even that’s not enough for storing them in the house. Because what if they accidentally guess the combination or I leave it unlocked/open, or {insert one of the 1 in a gajillion scenarios of “what if’s”}
  12. The issue when you marry a Liberal Woman.... The wife would rather not have firearms inside the house because we have children and someone she once knew, knew someone who got their hair done with someone’s cousin who went to school with someone who was 3rd cousins twice removed with someone who left their handgun in an unlocked drawer and the one child shot the other child.... She’s extremely sure that we’ll never have a break in, so there’s no need to have them in the house.... Currently the wife’s trade-in value wouldn’t be worth a Hi-Point. So that’s out of the question. I’m currently in SE Jersey. My Options: Gun Range that Stores Firearms Storage Facility (would obviously be in a safe, with a Hardened Lock and some other form of security) Purchasing a cheap AF house nearby (would be mainly to piss my wife off!) and store them there until she comes around and then rent that house out for passive income. I’m not familiar with the NJ Gulag Gun Laws and if any of this is even possible, but any insight would be truly appreciated! Not a happy camper as obviously would never want to be on the wrong end of what happens if my child got their hands on a firearm somehow... but also concerned that multiple intruders with knives would likely wipe my entire family out as my Super Hero Martial Arts skills at fending off multiple intruders ends where reality starts... and would rather not play those odds...
  13. Quick Q... I’m assuming AR Pistols aren’t allowed in NJ? Watching videos on them and they look useful for home defense and just for fun in general.
  14. Thanks! So where would you recommend buying a lower from that will ship to NJ? I could buy a stripped one from a dealer I’m sure, and a kit, but I’m not as familiar with putting it together yet. Could always watch YT videos though. another Q... ordering a pistol from Gun Buyer dot com, or any site for that matter.... will they ship to a local FFL or direct? I’m assuming FFL, which means I’d have to research the FFL fees of the ones around me, which I’m sure will vary.
  15. Just consider these 30 round mags “undocumented” or “refugees” looking for Sanctuary... problem solved. Illegals are protected, but Constitutional Rights are trampled... yeah, makes total sense.
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