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  1. Just an update. So my FID and PPP got approved so now I am waiting for CHPD to contact me to pick it up. It took 22 days (including holidays). I guess that's not too bad.
  2. Thanks! Not sure if it's new to CH as well. I am sure someone must have gone through this process by now with CHPD. I will follow up in person in a week to make sure they are not waiting on something from me.
  3. Has anyone gone through FARS process in Cherry Hill? I am following the CHPD's instructions for FARS. I submitted my online application on Nov 15 and my references received and completed their email survey within a day. I then schedule to have my finger prints taken the following week Nov 22 (that was the first opening that Indentogo had available). By Nov 27 I go an email update stating my criminal background check was completed. So now I am waiting. However, I am a bit confused on when to pay for the FID and PPP. According to the CHPD instructions I need to wait for the paperwork to be completed to go into the HQ and pay the fee. But according to others in this forum you need to pay first before they complete the paper work. From CHPD: "Step 4:. Once your application is complete, a station representative will contact you to retrieve your FID card and/or pistol purchase permit documents. You MUST appear at the Cherry Hill Police Department in person. The applicant will be required to make payment when they respond to retrieve their documents. Permit to purchase a handgun cost $2.00 per permit and initial firearms purchaser identification card cost $5.00." Also, the Health background check form is only needed if you resided outside NJ for the last 10 year. But in other township it seems it must be submitted by all. According to CHPD: "If you have resided out of the State of New Jersey within the last 10 years, you must respond to the Police Records Windows and sign a consent for Mental Health Records Form for your application to proceed." Thanks for any insights on this process.
  4. I already talked with a few of my friends and they seemed receptive so I'll let you guys know how it goes with the online application process. Thanks for all the advice. I'll keep an eye on upcoming event so I can get to meet some of you.
  5. I need a more diverse set of friends
  6. Discussed firearms, politics, religion, foreign policies, sometime into late night, lol. But like I said in my first post, I'll will try to see who is more receptive and let the chips fall where they may. After all, what are friends for.
  7. Thanks! Basically I wanted to see if the questions alluded to the gun purchase, a supposed to a standard background check as if applying for a job. I have had those for security clearance. I just need to confirm if that's still the case for the online version. Yes, I will keep a look out for gathering.
  8. So the references part of the application is turning out to be more dicey than anticipated. I married into the typical liberal family and my side of the family is about the same or I just don't get along with them. My circle of friends are reputable and I am a professional, project engineer and mechanical engineer. However, I am afraid of a backlash if I use any of them as references if they know is for the purpose of buying a gun. So my plan is to convince two of them to do me the favor but before I get into an argument with good friends over this issue, do anyone has any advice or are in a similar situation? What kind of questions do the references have to answer? One last thing. Are there any greet and meet with people in this forum?
  9. lol yep I did :-) Too bad people around me just don't get it. Hopefully I get to meet some of you guys soon.
  10. Thanks SIG.. I was looking at the application online. I didn't realize that references where needed (hmm! who to use). However didn't see anything about spousal permission. Is that just from CHPD? In any case, I'll stop by their HQ to ask some questions.
  11. Thanks for everyone's suggestions and advice. Looking forward to meeting like minded folks. One questions that I had, and SIGman answered, was how easy or hard was CHPD in dealing with the paper work. Especially the waiting time since I heard stories of some townships taking months. In any case, thanks again.
  12. Quick background - I used to live in PA some time ago and was a avid shooter in the Montgomery and Bucks county area. I typically went to to Nockamixon park or Target World. I enjoyed skeet shooting the most. Then I got married and moved to NJ and sold my guns (love is a strange thing). In any case, so now I am interested in going back into the hobby/sport and trying to navigate the NJ rules. This forum has been very helpful, so thank for all the discussion. I still have a few questions but I'll post them somewhere else. By the way, any Cherry Hill gun enthusiast? Let me know, it's kind of lonely in these parts. Cheers to all
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