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  1. I won't :-) Slugs are good, let me know when you are in the area. I'll buy you a drink as well :-)
  2. well I am in the market for 9mm and 12 gauge :-)
  3. I guess in a nut shell, no one buys ammo from the local shops, but rather online.
  4. Thanks Lakota... I am leaning that way too :-)
  5. I am sure this topic has come up in another thread but I can't seem to find it. So far my local stores (near Cherry Hill) seem rather pricey for 9mm of any kind. I am thinking of guying online, e.g. Luckygunner. So wondering if anyone has a suggestions.
  6. Thanks.. I already looked them up but too far away to be practical
  7. Sometimes I get into a situation where I wish I could store (safely) my guns outside the house (temporarily). Do some clubs allow members to store their guns on site?
  8. Nope, but I could get one if it helps.
  9. When I used to live in Quakertown some years ago, I used to go shooting at range in Nockamixion park. The range was free, provided you followed the park rangers rules. I am wondering, if anyone knows of something similar in south jersey.
  10. Thanks I am looking into joining since it cover archery as well.
  11. New to the forum. I live in Cherry Hill and I am looking for nearby range that is shutgun friendly. I looked at a list posted in this forum but I was hopping if someone could make a recommendation. Thanks
  12. Lol, am I the only one in Cherry Hill that has used FARS? or perhaps no one in CH looks at this forum.
  13. yep, you are still waiting for the "approved" email. But it took only a couple do days between those emails.
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